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Got my DT-880  600 ohms today!

First impressions out of the box let me a bit disappointed, but what was i expecting?

I'm listening ALAC from iMac and connected to iBasso D4, but i feel lack of power...

so much that ATM i prefer my old AT-ESW9 over this ones..

Anyway, i got an amp "just around the corner" to drive this ones, an M^3 that a fellow

head-fier is building for me and i'm sure i will became more satisfied, hopefully..

Struggling to choose a DAC to go with it, any ideas?

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I've been loving my Music Hall DAC25.2 with my DT880/DT990. The tubes lend them some more warmth and that is very much a welcomed addition to the sound!

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The Fitz-modded Bada PH-12 does an excellent job with the DT880/600, too.  Lots of detail, solid impact and three 6SN7s for a tube-roller's delight.  : )

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 Here are some images from my new acquisition!












 I bought it with the idea of upgrading my K701 while mantaining the "same" sound signature. My unit has not even 1 hour of listening but my first impression is that compared to my fully burn K701 it has recessed mids! Even being feed by Millet Starving Student.


 Timbre sounds way off in some part of the spectrum (can't really specify where) but at the same time at the other part it sounds more natural/real. Soundstage is less wide than with my AKG but sounds a little deeper. The extra bass makes it a little more engaging and it sounds a little more detailed and is still a little dry. But I'm liking what I hear, let's see if it gets some warmth and solves this "problems" as it burns.


 Next week my Matrix M-Stage arrives and I'll have something better to use for this comparison.


 Edit after 2 hours: Can't  believe the improvements in sound when you reach higher volumes compared to my K701, it doesn't sound harsh, only better!

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AKG mids as such are hard to beat (even by a DT880'600), but being regarded as a whole, I find the Beyer absolutely on par, and it has a much better musicality and genre bandwidth than the usual K701. The AKG is jazz & classical only and tends to be boring with other stuff IMO...


Question is of course, do you have one of the seldom "good" K701s with bass worth mentioning, or is it just the usual bass-light version. I'd maybe prefer a "good" K701 over a DT880'600, but our meet results were that those are quite rare...

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Congrats Sganzerla on receiving an intact pair of the DT880's!  I received my DT880's from Amazon yesterday.  Unfortunately, 1 of the screws in the headband was barely holding together (significant gap between plastic pieces on the right side.  The screw promptly fell out within the first 5 minutes of wearing them - this was after trying to tighten all the screws myself.  1-2 of the other screws are also kind of loose, but at least not falling out.  I'll likely initiate an exchange once Amazon gets more in stock.  I'm also waiting for my Little Dot MKIII to arrive.


First impressions un-amped:  These are smaller than I imagined from all of the pictures.  Build quality of the headband leaves a lot to be desired (Did I really pay $250 for something that came broken from the factory?).  Concerning audio, I can hear the potential, but highs are definitely sharp and sibilant.  Bass is good, but not outstanding yet.  They likely need to break in more and also need an amp.  Will post more impressions later.

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Originally Posted by apatN View Post

Mod them a la the closeback mod. You'll have a DT880 with the strengths of the HD650.

Where is this mod of which you speak of?  I'm curious. 

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 OT: Nickchen, how can one discover if his K701 headphone is a "good" one or not?


 Lunaticpuma, I feel your pain. When I got my package and picked up the headphones I felt they look cheap except for the top of the headband and pads. They feel sharp on the corners too, unfortunately, and the wire looks cheap. Mine was bought from Moon Audio on eBay, and I had a good transaction, I recommend.


 The difference in bass quantity for now is bigger than I expected to say the truth, but less articulate, hopefully they burn in fast. They sound more musical than K701, and more rounded.


 I'll try to no post anymore about K701 as this is the DT 880 thread.

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Originally Posted by coryloew View Post

Where is this mod of which you speak of?  I'm curious. 

Click on the "closed back" link in my sig


Originally Posted by Sganzerla View Post

 OT: Nickchen, how can one discover if his K701 headphone is a "good" one or not?


I did it that way...


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Holy moly!! Lol!!
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I find that I prefer the DT880/DT990 mid to those of my K702 by quite a bit.  I know the AKG has better mids, but there is something about the DT880/DT990 mids that I enjoy more.

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Originally Posted by nickchen View Post


Of course, I know that model... that's the K2804  

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guys, a little bit OT, but I am so happy because my full-size head-fi system is complete!






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Originally Posted by shane55 View Post

Of course, I know that model... that's the K2804  

Nope, K2704.

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SaiSai, is that the DT880 I did for you? 


What do you think of the DT880? I absolutely love them to death.

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