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Originally Posted by chinesekiwi View Post

Dammit, as much as I want to do the closed-back mod, I'm not trusting myself lols. Got an electronics engineer I know who I'd rather trust :P

It is really easy, even I could do it without destroying the DT880

And man, was it worthwile.

Best closed headphone I've heard so far, and that is with the 250 ohm version...

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Thanks Skylab!

Thats really reassuring coming from you.

I cannot wait until they are fully broken-in so that I can post impressions of them.

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Seems I must post to this thread to subscribe to it... Tried the Subscribe tool / button to no avail.

Well at least I'd some brief impressions here:


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Yeah, the subscribe button doesn't seem to work. Gotta post in the thread!

Was just listening to my DT880's yesterday before I ship them out to a buyer, and I'm definitely gonna miss them and their soundstage. I hope the Mage does a great job!

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An added bonus....I just found out that B&H Photo also gave me a $20.00 discount from the price listed on their website.

This was great of them.

Still burning the Beyer DT880/600 as we speak.

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Well, i’m really tempted in jump on the DT 880 wagon.. But, I have some concerns, right now I use iMac - iBasso D4 – headphones or Cowon J3 - headphones , and from what i read through the thread, this USB/DAC it’s not really appropriate to drive the 600 ohm version, so, in the 400$ price range, what do you guys recommend? (from a EU reseller preferably) Thanks!

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The consensus seems to be something with tubes.  


Others and myself have had very good success driving the DT880/600 with the DV336SE (~$250USD).


Others have had good things--even better things--to say about the Woos (like the Woo 3 for ~$500) and the Little Dots (MK.IV/SE for ~$300/$400), neither of which I have appreciable experience with.

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Ok, last night was ridiculous.  These cans have really started opening up.  I have seriously never heard music like this before...other than live of course.  I think I have not been blown away yet because I was not driving these things hard enough.  I had this mental barrier with the Little Dot MKIII that I couldn't go past the 12 o'clock position.  I pushed it a notch past this and MY GOODNESS!!  I played Stevie Ray Vaughn - Little Wing at high volume and I was absolutely blown away!  Hearing Stevie playing guitar through tubes, then further pushed through my Little Dot MKIII tubes to the the DT880/600 ohm is musical bliss.  I was hearing lush, but yet crystal clear tones.  I think in order to get good bass from these cans you just have to turn the volume way up.  I'm hoping I don't do any ear damage by doing this.  By slightly increasing the bass EQ in itunes, every single part of the musical spectrum is exactly where it should be.  No flaws, nothing that lacked or stood out too much.  I then went to listen to a live Dervish album (celtic music).  Holy soundstage!  Most songs have about 5 or 6 instruments and you can hear every instrument from left to right exactly where they should be.  Instruments don't blur into each other like a typical 2-dimensional wall.  I'm not sure how this occurs, but I am loving hearing instrument separation.  Cymbals finally sound amazing!  The other thing I noticed is that I am usually annoyed by crowd noise in live recordings.  It just sounds like a really bad noise of screaming that interferes with the music.  Listening to live music with the odd crowd chear on these cans is a totally different experience.  You can actually hear the individual people chearing from different directions and it simply feels like you are there in the room.  Talk about a really satisfying new experience.  I have thousands of hours of music that I now need to re-listen to.  I am way way excited about this.  I could not stop smiling while listening to the music last night...and this is something that I never do.  I highly recommend the combo that I am listening to. 



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that, to me, is the real trick with the beyers.  they are just screaming to be turned up.  but, they will punish you at that volume if your source or amp isn't up to snuff. 


i remember the first time i listened to alice in chains unplugged on my dt990s...  the crowd started clapping and i was just mesmerized.  i was in the concert hall with them.



glad to hear that you reached a little head-fi nirvana last night, coryloew! 


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Originally Posted by coryloew View Post

I think in order to get good bass from these cans you just have to turn the volume way up.  I'm hoping I don't do any ear damage by doing this. 


That is their only real issue, and they share it with the K701. That issue can be a flaw or a feature, dependent from the user's listening habits.

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To mangle the words of Bill Clinton, it depends on what the meaning of the words 'good bass' is. 

And what you using to drive these.  I find the bass quite "good" the way I'm feeding them.

But if by "good bass" you mean "lots of bass", no they do not do this like the Denon Dx000s.  Nor would I want them to.

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Originally Posted by TheWuss View Post

that, to me, is the real trick with the beyers.  they are just screaming to be turned up.



I agree 101%.. The DT990's always tempt me keep cranking the volume pot till my ears bleed out, but i must resist   I never go beyond my comfortable listening levels, but there was that brief 2 minute drool session one rainy night in April(where i simply could not resist cranking the volume pot) - which i will never forget. Most defining moment for me and the beyer's.

@corey. Enjoy man, Mark 3 is really a treat with the right tubes. I recommend Mullard m8161 for warmth and Mullard m8083 for breathtaking soundstage

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Oh, I hate boombass of the Denon or Ultrasone sort, but the 880'600 is positioned a bit in the other extreme IMO...

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The Denon's bass is simply too much for me all the time. To me it all sound like one bass note all the time , and I don't like how the bass is just "boom boom bam thump boom". I want articulate and defined bass without being just a muddy mess of "boom". Argh... officially on the D7000 bass haters club now...


The DT990 is way different and has better bass by a lot. It's very controlled, never too powerful, and extends very very deep. It has about the same impact as the Denon if not a little more. The thing is that the Denon sacrifices bass quality for quantity. As much as the D7000 and D5000 cost, they should sound much much better IMO. They sound like a different flavor of the D2000 to me..


Enough ranting...


In more news I got my NOS RCA 6AS7G tube for my WA3+ today in the mail. Man my gear has never sound warmer than this before!! Really goes with the DT990 very well!


I got some Tung-Sol 7236's and 6AS7G's coming as well and will report on how it makes the beyers sound.

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To me the DT880's (new version 600 ohm) out of the Stacker II as well as the Roc/Ref 5  sound AMAZING, and if the LCD-2 can beat them (when I get them) I will be amazed im sure.  But I may never sell the dt880's because I like them too much.  The bass is perfect in my opinion not too much not too little, just right.  

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