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They do require a beefy amp IMO. They need lots of voltage man ;) *slips on the DT880's and listens to Children of Bodom*

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i'm setting my sights on something like a darkvoice as they would be more accessible to me, but that's a purchase for next year i guess. have to eat too 


that woo in your sig looks delicious though... 

Originally Posted by Zombie_X View Post

They do require a beefy amp IMO. They need lots of voltage man ;) *slips on the DT880's and listens to Children of Bodom*

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It's a nice amp, far better than the DV 336 I tried.

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Love all this DV336, WA6. MKII & III talk.


I've just locked my wallet in the safe and threw out the key.... 


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Never heard the Woo 3+--in fact, have never heard a Woo, period, but would like to someday.  At about 2x the price of the DV336SE it's not unreasonable for me to believe that it probably sounds appreciably better, though.  


Actually, the 336SE that I use with the DT880/600 was heavily upgraded by WeeeeeeSquirrel (with more money invested in the new parts/mods than in the original unit itself) and sounds a lot cleaner, quieter, fuller and more detailed than the stock version, IMHO.


For more critical listening, the (hybrid) Fitz-Max Bada PH-12 drives the DT880/600 extremely well, too.  But I would still give the (all tube) W.S.-336SE the slight edge for tonal hue and overall synergy. 


At any rate, the DT880/600 really open up and sing with tubes, helping to bring about a midrange clarity, tonal synergy/nuance and improved midrange balance that is really special.


My Z_XAC UP-OCC re-cabled DT880/600 are due back this week, and resultantly I am expecting even more peak performance over-and-above their already stellar stock performance (which I ended up preferring to the T1).


Thanks again, Zombie_X, for doing the re-cable!  : )   

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Dammit, as much as I want to do the closed-back mod, I'm not trusting myself lols. Got an electronics engineer I know who I'd rather trust :P

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It's completely reversible, worst thing that can happen is that you have a set of obsolete DT770 pads in case of dislike.

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Thanks all for the welcome to the Beyer club. 


I don't recall where i read it, but I thought i saw that some have said the DT990 600ohm from B&H, Amazon, etc may not have drivers as well matched as straight from the Beyer custom site.   I tested mine and got 603 and 607, which should have little to no impact.   This may have been an issue with the early premiums on the market, but seems to be corrected now.


I played some random songs across many genres and thought the bass was plenty and didn't hit any songs where the music didn't sound improved over my Denon 1001.


I set a Cat Stevens album to play last night and heard several new details come out, which was very exciting.  I stopped listening for new details and switched to an old favorite: Rush, 'A Show of Hands', but fell asleep a couple songs in ;)   Cozy and easy to listen to headphones... 


To keep the wife happy i will probably have to wait a couple years, but after reading much of this thread I plan to build a tube amp and get a DT880 600 eventually.   Seems like the DT880 and DT990 can compliment each other.

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@ Peppe - yup they can compliment each other very well 


... and they can share amps too 



@ the rest - the amp recommendations / impressions are superb! will definitely get an amp next year haha! ... and probably try the closed mod next year too, since right now the sound is just sooo right for my taste 

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Originally Posted by chinesekiwi View Post

Dammit, as much as I want to do the closed-back mod, I'm not trusting myself lols. Got an electronics engineer I know who I'd rather trust :P

It's too easy. Just do it. :-)

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Add me as a new member of the DT880 600 ohm club!  I'm coming from Grado SR60 cans and wow are these different.  I previously thought of the Grados as a detailed phone, but a/b'ing the two shows huge amounts of details resolved in the Beyers compared to the Grados.  I'm driving the Beyers with a LD MKIII and Mullard M8161 driver tubes.  Mids and highs are perfect.  Seriously amazing.  The Grados still seem much more forward and punchy, but the Beyers seem to resolve more detail.  Instrument separation is leagues beyond the Grados.  I also now know what people mean by an "airy" sound from the Beyers.  In my short time with the DT880's, I have sometimes felt that I wanted a bit more punch than airyness, but in the end it seems that the Grados forward sound seems to give me ear fatigue earlier.  I find that I can where these DT880's for much longer.  Maybe this is due to the lack of in-your-face slam.  The Grados may be my rock/metal cans for when I need that, but for everything else I can see grabbing the Beyers. 


I do find that I want more punch to the bass in the DT880, in which I posted about in another thread.  We'll see how this pans out in the days ahead as they break in further.  Has anyone found even better tubes than the Mullards in regards to bass punch?  I'm envisioning many many nights ahead of re-listening to my entire collection.  I've been waiting for this level of sound quality for years, and wow am I a happy camper. 



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ahhh, ef92. very good choice, sir ! Had these for 4 months and loved them


try the m8083's in the future whenever you get the chance. Once you feel the presence of its air, there's no going back to anything else. Enjoy the beyer's corey

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anyone interested in buying mine?

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Hi all,

Received my Beyerdynamic DT880/600's from B&H Photo today. They were indeed the 600 ohm versions.

I have not yet auditioned them. I currently have them hooked up to an amp and running pink noise.

I will post impressions after break-in.

I tested the impedance. One channel measured 597 ohms, the other measured 605 ohms.

Is this acceptable in your opinions?


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That is a less than 1% variation - I would say that is not just acceptable, it's excellent.

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