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Even if you count HP availability, exchange rates, beer & meat prices and sheer maleness in, NZ is definetely a better place to live compared to the AUS baking oven 

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Originally Posted by SpudHarris View Post

Please Help!


Can someone please help me out with a recommendation for an amp for these. I have been using my ibasso Fi-Quest with OPA637AM's and at first I was loving the sound which was probably because they were new and the pairing sounded a little different. I am trying desparately to love them but think that I may need a different amp to make them shine as the Fi-Quest DT880 pairing is becoming fatigueing. I've even tried different OpAmps with a warmer signature but I'm just not feeling it.... I will have to sell them if I can't find something :(


Please can you guys suggest something with synergy that's not going to break the bank. I assume I need something with tubes??


Thanks in advance.




The Darkvoice 336SE does a fine job with the DT880/600, IMHO.  I've been driving my pair with an upgraded version of the 336SE (the WeeeeeeSquirrel "Overhaulin'" version) and have really been enjoying the Beyers, which respond well to tube rolling (e.g. last night I ran the Mullard 6080 and the Amperex ECC33; today I am running the Svetlana 6H13C and a Toshiba 6SN7GTB).


Also, how many hours do you have on your headphones?  Mine have about 100 hours, but are still settling in.  At about 25-30 hours, it seemed like the DT880/600 had a meatier and more pronounced/articulate bass.  Since then, and to my chagrin, the bass seems to have softened a bit (I hope it ultimately recoups).  Also, mids were a little confused until about 75-80 hours, but now are clearer and better differentiated.  Vocals are settling down nicely.  Highs are still smoothing out at +100 hours.



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Thank you Pab, I think that was also a recommendation from Skylab so I have been looking at the 336SE the past couple of days. Is this good in it's stock form? There is a place not far from me that stocks them so I can probably audition one before shelling the cash.


I kind of thought I'd end up with a tube amp :)


Thanks again.



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When I owned the DT880/250 2003 version, I drove them very successfully and enjoyably with the stock Darkvoice 336i.  I'm sure the DT880/600 will pair well with a stock 336 as well.  


Get a Svetlana 6H13C (6AS7G equivalent) or a Mullard 6080, and a Tung-Sol VT-99 (6F8G--you'll need a 6SN7-to-6F8G adapter) for a nice, affordable tube set.  The manufacturer-supplied tubes on the 336 sound terrible.  : )



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Many thanks Pab :)

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Three affordable 6AS7G-type tubes for the 336SE: Svetlana 6H13C, Mullard 6080 and RCA 6AS7G w/gray plates.


Three affordable 6SN7-type tubes for the 336SE: RCA 6SN7GT with staggered, flat black plates, Sylvania 6SN7GTB and Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB.

You'll get 3x3=9 different combinations to suit your DT880/600 listening pleasure.  : )

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Just ordered a Manufactur version almost 2 days ago after reading this and other threads. 

I was wondering, does someone know how long it will take for them to arrive to California?


Actually, I was considering the Shure SHR840 and the Denon D2000, but after reading the post about how this one has a better representation of timbre, and of the closed-back mod for more bass, in case there isn't enough, I was pretty much sold! I am curious how it will compare to my Sony MDR-V6, with the Beyer ear pads, but I'll find out soon enough : ]

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You're in for a treat, sierses!  If you have tubes, you're in for an even bigger treat.  : )

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What mid to lower end tube amp you think would be able to do justice to the 600ohms?


I frankly prefer the sound of my current SS amp over the EF2 I had before but I'm willing to try tubes again (warm up is very annoying).

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Little Dot MKIII? Can't get much cheaper than that.

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I'm really enjoying my DT880/600 with the WeeeeeeSquirrel-upgraded Darkvoice 336SE.  : )


When I owned the DT880/2003, I drove them with the DV336i.  These two were also a terrific match. 

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Originally Posted by pataburd View Post

I'm really enjoying my DT880/600 with the WeeeeeeSquirrel-upgraded Darkvoice 336SE.  : )


When I owned the DT880/2003, I drove them with the DV336i.  These two were also a terrific match. 

Have you ever compared the DT880 between the DV and the LD MKIII...? Any other amp in that or just above that price range?

Thinking about tubes... some day (my music computer blowed-up last night, so funds go there for now).



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I'm not sure if here's the right topic for writing that, but:


does anyone know someone who can sell me DT880 03' housings excluding the drivers? After I put my 600ohm drivers in my beyer, the 250ohm drivers were left to rot in a box. I want to try something interesting, putting the DT880 05' 250 ohm drivers in 2003 DT880 housing, to see if there's an interesting change. I love Moon Audio as they send the spareparts worldwide, but I am not sure if they have the older models. 

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Anybody who lives in Germany can "do the dummy" and order a set of housings on your behalf at the Beyer online store (which is germany only). I think they are 20ish € per piece.


BTW, the 2003 and 2005 drivers themselves are identical, so you won't create something new. You'll get something similar to your DT880'600 (on a lower quality level of course), except that the bass is a bit stronger, but the kickbass share is almost totally absent. Not exactly what you call an allrounder, mine was ambient and downbeat only and collected quite some dust...

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I have a similar question. I want to build some wooden cups for my Beyers and need some housing for that. I want either the DT770 Pro or the DT990 Pro housings because the housings are 'straight' whereas the Premium line housings are kinda bend. Because I will need to glue the wood in a straight housing is preferred.

What's my best option? Some 2nd hand DT770/DT990 Pro, or new housings through Beyer or perhaps the Superlux DT770 clone?

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