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See my first post Fras. And quit wondering as you can try my DT880/600 anytime :P

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With the first pair sent back to Amazon for a refund, I am contemplating getting a replacement pair of the DT880/600, or possibly just "cutting to the chase" and getting the T1.  


Most likely, I will get DT880/600 replacements, let them burn in with the stock cable, then have them re-cabled with UP-OCC wire, Deo volente.  These headphones are too special to circumvent at this time, and deserving of at least a nice, prolonged audition.


The K501 are not going anywhere.  The same might be true of the re-cabled DT880/600. 


Second interview coming up next week!  I've been unemployed for over 14 months now.  

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Done.  The replacement pair should be in next week.  : )

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I've had my DT880 600ohm for a week. I don't have much time on them. But I already appreciate them.   

Been playing PS3 mostly with my free time this last week instead of listening to the DT 880..... but I've popped in some stuff just try them out.


I really like the separation clarity with busy sound albums like Blind Guardian A Night At The Opera and Twist In the Myth really shine on these.I really like the drums on these too.


Compared to other HPs I got AT AD 700 obviously has much more treble and that as times can be a very enjoyable listen.But these 880's have far better clarity and separation they are simply the superior open HP. And that extra treble sometimes can make some stuff seem to sound better but then you'll listen these 880 and you go you know the sound signature on the 880 is the way it should sound.


And the Shure SRH 840 I really like these too I thought the balance on them was really great.

But the balance on these 880's I find superior.The 840 obviously has more bass. But on a few things I've noticed the 880's handling it better and and a few things I noticed it went deeper. But a lot of people I think would probably enjoy the quantity of bass of the 840. But some albums depending on the mix become a little too bassy because of that.

And the 880's then just are awesome with handling it.




Anyways one thing I wondered is these current 880's first came out in 2005. But there was a version in 2003. Why so soon for a new version? I heard about older 880's 1988. So it seems like Beyerdynamic doesn't release new versions that often but did 2 years later. So I was just wondering why if anyone knows.

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Originally Posted by pataburd View Post

Done.  The replacement pair should be in next week.  : )

Hmm... it took you 12 minutes to mull it over and make your purchase.

Why did it take you so long?  


I sure hope your ohm metering yields far better results and that your new arrival is all you've hoped for.


You'll let us know, of course.



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Hey Gang,

Here is Germany's response to my inquiry:


Dear Patrick,
Thanks for your request about DT 880/600 ohm Premium headphones.
When we build the drivers and assemble the headphones here in Heilbronn, we take highest care that nominal SPL  and frequency response are matching between L and R. These factors are much more critical for listening than the impedance.
Of course, we also ensure correct impedance of the drivers as a secondary issue, and a deviation like you have measured is uncritical, since nominal SPL and frequency response are matching. The exact number of coil windings is much more critical, and this is absolutely within control. So please don´t hesitate about the impedance deviation.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards,
Gunter Weidemann
Consumer Products
beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG
Theresienstr. 8
74072 Heilbronn - Germany


Maybe I'm a bit--or more than a bit--naiive, but wouldn't the exact number of coil windings be directly proportional to driver impedance?  


I am still trying to get the tolerance for R and L impedance matching.  Number of coil windings is probably proprietary.


The new DT880/600 should be arriving later this week, the fruit of an intense 12 minutes of deliberation.  : )

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I took this quote from another thread on a different headphone but discussing the same topic.  I hope kwarth won't mind, but I thought it was an excellent post:


Originally Posted by kwkarth View Post

The first order of matched driver pairs is to a predetermined output level for a given input level and on the production line this is typically done programatically.  The drivers are fed a signal under controlled conditions and the measured output either passes or fails the QC criteria.


Some manufacturers simply use a 1kHz tone, some use a full spectrum sweep.  The output shows up on a display and it either falls within acceptable tolerance or not.  If a can or driver fails the test, it is either scrapped or reworked.


This pass/fail test usually happens more than once in the process.  At least once for raw drivers as they are fabricated, and then again for completed headphones as they near the end of the line.  Pass/fail criteria can vary depending on the can, anywhere from +- 0.5dB for single frequency sine to +- 3dB for spectral sweeps.


The DC resistance you measure is not as important as wha the actual output level is in dB.  Do you hear a difference between channels?  Resistance/impedance is only part of the equation in determining the overall output level.  It's the final output level that is important.


Bottom line is that what kwarth is saying is very important - what matters is the final output of the headphone - given a certain input voltage, how much sound gets produced?  That has to be carefully matched.  While it would be nice to have everything perfect, if there is no audible channel imbalance, then a relatively small impedance mismatch will indeed be inconsequential.

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Thanks for providing kwkarth's post, Sky.  


Out of curiosity, I would still be interested to find out what sort of deviation between R and L driver impedance would in fact translate into a deviation from acceptable SPL.


Your mention of a "relatively small impedance mismatch" and Beyerdynamic's affirming that a 25-30 ohm mismatch is non-critical has just got me wondering whether my last pair might possibly have been near the borderline of acceptance.  


It might be useful to see a plot of delta Z vs. delta SPL, if the (single) effect of impedance can be isolated that readily.


Thanks again.

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For a 600 ohm headphone to be off by 5% - that seems a little too much for me, just on principle.  I think it's good you asked for a replacement pair.  But if this pair comes back with, say, a 4% mismatch, and if the channels seem in balance - I would consider letting it go as OK.


Just my $.02 smiley

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My DT880/600 are off by .5% in terms of ohms. There is no difference that I can measure in SPL either with a meter or through observation.


My HD600 was off by 3%. Whether related to the resistance or not, these were 'defective' because the L - R difference was huge! It was noticable to my wife, who offered this observation without any prompting: "It's real quiet on the Left".yes


Sounds to me like Beyer is saying there is no correlation between resistance measured and SPL. OK, no argument, but I'd sure like to know of those who have measured both and showed that to be true.



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can i ask a question?

i have ad900..and imo it's very light bass...

if i wanna add a HP (becoz i like the sound of ad900, but not the bass) would dt880 become the right choice?


since i also consider the dt990..is the dt990 can be an allround cans (jazz, pop, rock, metal)?


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Well guys I will be joining these ranks in week 20.... We can't get the 600ohm version in the UK as a stock item so I went down the Manufaktur route instead. I can't wait, I'm like a little kid. I have had (still have) loads of phones but having customised these to my taste makes this a little more special


I haven't read all 27 pages but will do later to find the detail for measuring.

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Originally Posted by fatal_crest View Post



can i ask a question?

i have ad900..and imo it's very light bass...

if i wanna add a HP (becoz i like the sound of ad900, but not the bass) would dt880 become the right choice?


since i also consider the dt990..is the dt990 can be an allround cans (jazz, pop, rock, metal)?


Not familiar with the AD900 - but if you want a headphone with "more" bass, in general, the DT880 is not the answer.  I find it has enough bass, myself, but only just enough.  The DT990/600 is definitely a good all-around headphone IMO, yes.

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i think i'll go to dt990 for the allround headphone since my ad900 cannot give me more bass on some music/genre i hear..

thx 4 the comment skylab.



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Now what??

OK, suffice it to say that I've been bowled-over by the extraordinary clarity and overall near-neutrality of the DT880/600.
I have been listening to them almost every free hour possible, to all the different types of music I have. They are simply brilliant. angry

Now that I've praised them sufficiently, there is just one area where they fall a bit short, and one where they go a bit too far.

1) They go deep. I played a series of tones and they have great bass extension! That said, they could, to my ears, emphasize the bass just a bit more. Things are just a little thin down there.

2) Highs, ah... we love 'em. Love them crisp and present, but these are still just on the edge of being almost too bright.

These beauties have burned in nicely. I probably have 150-200 or so hours on them; everything from pink-noise to classical to punk. They have 'mellowed' quite a bit since I got them, but seem to have reached a plateau. Not much has changed lately.

While they are clearly the best headphones I’ve worn: Certainly the most comfortable and detailed. Where do I go to get a little less in the 6-10khz range and a bit of a bump in the 25-400hz range? I really could live with these… for a long time. But if I wanted to just go a little farther, maybe just one more…
What is going to maintain the overall sound signature, but change those two minor ‘characteristics’ for the better? I have no issue with closed cans, and they might actually yield the better result for me.


DT770/600 or DT990/600?



(Having owned the HD600, and loved them for many reasons. Warmth, richness… they just didn’t have the clarity or brilliance in the highs.)


I'm asking here because you are all DT880/600 experts and appreciators, but if this has already been well-addressed, let me know.





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