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Originally Posted by Bill-P View Post

I have heard at least 8 different DT880... and from what I can recall, at least half of them are 250 Ohm, and the list includes at least 2 different 600 Ohm (the rest I can't quite tell, sorry). In fact, I heard 2 different 250 Ohm just recently at the SF Bay Area meet.


I can tell some differences between them but I have to say... the differences are really not "OMG this is so much better!" They sounded more like manufacturing variations.


In fact, driving my ATH-ES10 (42 Ohm, 100dB/mW sensitivity, so... objectivists, do some calculations tongue.gif) unamped through my iPhone 5 and amped through my Leckerton UHA-6S Mk.II definitely give more of a "difference" to my ears.


It's that small. I don't think anyone would notice it without straining some veins. It should come down to purely what sort of amping you can provide. The 600 Ohm can take beefier amps (Bottle Head Crack w/ 120 Ohm output impedance?) without warping the frequency response, while the 250 Ohm can take some tube amps (w/ lower impedance) and SS amps equally well.


So I hope that's enough subjective and objective info?


I was hoping for a 37 page, peer reviewed scientific proof! 

With copious footnotes!



Seriously, this response can cut and pasted into a reply to all the folks new to DT880s.

No judgement BTW, I must admit that I was very confused DT880 guy until I compared 2 different versions a couple months ago!

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Originally Posted by marone View Post

Originally Posted by devhen View Post

Originally Posted by MrEleventy View Post

When you're feeling like it, the DT880s EQs really well in the bass end w/o distorting as long as you pair it with a strong enough amp.

^ Yup.

To what do you both refer? That the DT880 Premium/Consumer can be EQ'd for more or less bass? Or the Pro version can be EQ'd for more or less bass?


We're referring to any DT880.

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Originally Posted by Chris J View Post

I ain't volunteering for this, I haven't heard enough different DT880s to even attempt to give a truly all encompasing balanced answer.




It's not a question of having heard them, but rather of tabulating the comments/conclusions of those who have to arrive at some sort of consensus.


Which is what I tried to do when I said that with most amps there's little difference between 250 and 600 ohm models but with certain amps there may be. It's unfortunate that those who have such amps are giving the impression that the improvement they're hearing will be apparent to those with lesser amps. The fact is, the 250 ohm model, Premium and Pro, is a great headphone and for most people there's very little reason not to choose it. It's cheap, especially the Pro, widely compatible, superbly comfortable and, once a couple of db are knocked off the top, very well balanced. I've owned HD650, LCD-2 Rev1 and HE500 and still I'm very happy with the DT880 Pro.

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Hey guys.  One question:  Unamped (well, a fiio e6), are these preferable to the hd598s???

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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

Hey guys.  One question:  Unamped (well, a fiio e6), are these preferable to the hd598s???


Ohhhh, man! wink_face.gif


The DT880 fans will always tell you the DT880 is superior.


I've briefly heard the HD598 and HD600 and HD650.

All I can say is that I prefer the DT880.

But the guys who bought the HD598 & HD600 and HD650 bought them because they like those 'phones.

My opinion is that the HD's are all a bit darker than the DT880.

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Yeah I came here hoping to be convinced biggrin.gif
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Hi Trunks, I have both the HD598 and the 250 ohm DT880, and although I have owned the DT880s for only two weeks now I find them to be more engaging, and slightly more comfortable.

I'm using both relatively unamped/underamped as well, with a FiiO E10.
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I have the hd600 & dt880 and I like the 880s more. I just bought the hd600s and I've been forcing myself to listen to them but I always want to go back to the 880s.
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Hmm.. Decisions decisions. The fiio e10 probably has more power than the e6 tongue.gif.
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I don't think they're that different in power. The E10 can power my DT880s on most songs at about 75% volume, on low gain. Sometimes I use 100%, but never had the need for high gain.
The E10 is 150 mW, the E6 100 mW.
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Oh alright. biggrin.gif. I'll get these after some ws99s. You guys should look em up if you want a portable/closed pair.
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Another question: How fast would you rate the headphones(not sure how to phrase this question)? Tons of headphones sound good at moderate to low volumes with slow music, but once you crank it up, not so much. I usually don't just sit down and listen to music for 5 hours, I usually like to keep em on for like 2 hours or less. Plus I'm sort of a treble head.
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I have this sc h680 speaker system and it says it has total output power of 600 watts but when I plug my fidelio l1s, the bass just disappears, and it gets a little brighter. When I connect my fiio e6 to my sansa clip zip, then the e6 to the amp, the bass does increase a little, but it still doesn't have much. Anybody know whats the problem?
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Looking at the Beyerdynamics DT880......can someone explain what flavor to get if my headphone amp has an 8 ohm output, 250 or 600 and why to back up your answer!


Then Premium or Pro?

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I am in Asia and one re-seller has, what appear to be, the older DT-990 version in quantity. Earcup backs look just like my classic 880's from the 1980's.

Could this be remaindered stock? Japanese production? Clones?

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