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nice pix, nickchen! I've kept both DT880s stock, other than the recable on one pair. I'm still shopping around for convincing leather pads from an honest provider...
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What about the JMoney Leather pads. Many people have gotten things from JMoney and are really happy.
The Denon pads are even sold on HeadRoom.
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I just ordered the DT880 600ohm from Drew at Moon Audio with Blue dragon wire upgrade, can hardly wait!!!! will report back, amp will be a Ray Samuals Raptor with upgraded tubes. thanks for all the info here that influenced purchase
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I have stock and re-cabled DT880/600. Based on my experience with even humble cable, you should be very pleased with this great phone. Congrats!
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OK, Just received my dt880's (600ohm) from Drew at Moon Audio w/ blue dragon wire. Right out of box sound terrific and can hardly wait til breakin. Pushing it with Ray Samuel Raptor amp (upgraded tubes). Detail and soundstage are terrific. I hope after breakin these get a little more "punch" to bottom and smoother highs? But for day one, very very pleased.
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I got my new Mapletree Ear+ HD on Friday so am finally able to listen to the DT880/600 Manufaktur at its full potential. Wow! That's exactly what they needed was a dedicated tube amp. It's so amazing I'm at a loss for words. Will have to share impressions later.
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OK DT 880 fans, i hope you can make me feel a little better here. My DT 880's with blue dragon wire are only a few days old and they are wonderful in many ways but i am concerned about one thing................

where is the bottom??? these are so thin, compared even to my old Grado sr 225

does it take it time for them to get the lower notes? source is a rotel rcd 991 cd player into a PS audio dIII DAC (with Cullen mod 3 upgrade) into a AR LS-8 tube pre-amp into a Ray Samuel Raptor tube amp (upgraded tubes)

so this is all good source, but right now concerned about the lack of bass

thoughts? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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Mine have phenomenal bass, so much better than expected. However, I'm doing something completely different. PC - foobar2000 - Dolby Headphone 5.1 surround with Subwoofer enabled and customized to my liking - V-Dac - MAD Ear+ HD tube amp.

This may not be the traditional way, but the DT880/600 sound fantastic with this setup, especially the low end.
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Originally Posted by iaamap View Post
where is the bottom??? these are so thin, compared even to my old Grado sr 225

does it take it time for them to get the lower notes? source is a rotel rcd 991 cd player into a PS audio dIII DAC (with Cullen mod 3 upgrade) into a AR LS-8 tube pre-amp into a Ray Samuel Raptor tube amp (upgraded tubes)
Got you PM but I think more opinion here may help you quicker.

I am not familiar with Raptor but it seems to be quite capable OTL. DLIII is great. So your gear looks alright to me.

My stock SE DT880/600 may not compete with my recabled balanced DT880/600 with Phoenix+Ref1. Still, I don't feel any lack of bass comparing to SE HD600 or AKG702. Even the bass from my lesser system sounds a little loose with less impact, but maybe 85% of the bass quality and quantity is still there with stock phone.

TBH, I didn't pay too much attention to bass when I got them new since my focus was more on the soundstage quality and mid/high quality. So the burn-in effect was out of my attention scope.

Sorry didn't really help much here. Maybe you should check with the tube rolling thread of Raptor or check your current tube with other phone to make sure them are alright.
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The DT880 doesn't have a big bottom. That's not what it's all about. The SR225's probably do have more bass weight.

One thing you can do to increase the bass though it so get the JMoney leather pads. The 880's have more bass with those, and even more with the Beyer leather pads, although the only leather pads Beyer sells anymore are the Aviator pads, which I feel wreck the rest of the 880's sound. But the JMoney pads are perfect for increasing the bass without messing up the rest of the sound.
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I had similar issues with this otherwise worldclass headphone, I went the "closed back" path and landed somewhere between DT880'600 and the DT770'600 basswize. Click my sig, or jump some sides backwards.
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I listened to my DT880/600 balanced with Phoenix and Ref-1 again at my office and was convinced again that there is plenty amount of bass (actually more than I care for). The extension, solidness, and positioning of bass are also very satisfying to me. Several things seem to improve my bass experience with it: recable and Ref-1. Recable increases the quantity more and Ref-1 improves the quality (extension, solidness, focusing, and impact)

When my T1 comes, it will give me one more data point regarding to where such recabled DT880/600's bass is at. Will report later.
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yes, I'll second the recable - actually my recabled 250 ohm has more satisfying bass than my stock 600 ohm DT880 (but all other things NOT being equal, I like them both)
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thanks for info, i have the dt880 600ohm recabled with blue dragon, but not broken yet (less than 20 hrs). don't really want to do the mod with "closed", will look into jmoney pads anyone have link?

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Stock DT880/600 vs DT880/250

I just had a chance to briefly compare the stock 600 and 250 ohm with my Stello DA100 + HP100. The HP100 was on filter B (softer) setting and DA100 was on 192 up sampling.

When switching between them, one thing struck me immediately is the completely different soundstage presentation. The 250 version has much intimate presentation, which was to a degree almost feel like those mimic surrounding effect. The center main instrument was close to me and the both lateral instruments were surrounding me. However, the acoustic feeling was a little bit artificial. In addition, the sound "density" was a little bit lower so it sounded "relaxing" but slightly loose.

The soundstage of the 600 version was a bit farther so that the lateral instruments were put back on the platform. The room feeling was more realistic, and the sound density and quality is a little bit higher. The focusing was more accurate. The difference was quite noticeable.

I had these gears for a long time but had never compare them directly. Interesting note (to me at least).
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