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I have finally come to the conclusion that burning in wasn't able to cure my deep bass issue. The 600 ohm systems just aren't capable to produce as much deep bass as the previously installed 250Ω systems. EQing and padrolling helped a bit, but not sufficiently (and EQing is evil ).

However, I had another Beyer tinker session with my buddy NoXter yesterday, we compared his 600Ω closed back modded DT880 with mine, and I ended up applying that mod (again) - closing of the housing except one very small hole, paired with DT770 pads.

The tonality is unaltered and kept as snappy as stock, except the deep bass layer that gets the authority I missed stock. Only price you have to pay is loss of airyness due to the closed housing principle.

Finally we tinkered our idle old 250Ω systems back into work (obsolete DT880'2003 and Superlux HD660 housings), two outstanding rumbling Ambient & Post Rock machines, but of course dead slow and a bit cold in comparison.

Both worlds in coexistance.
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Originally Posted by ElephantTLK View Post
One question for DT880. Do leather on headband from PRO version fit on non pro version of DT880?
And i need just to take this metal out and leave holes empty just like in photo?

I am asking this again.
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Can the Little Dot MKVII+ drive the DT880/600ohm properly?
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Originally Posted by NumLock View Post
Can the Little Dot MKVII+ drive the DT880/600ohm properly?
needs moar VOLTAGE than that IMO.
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What about 2005 edition

Originally Posted by chinesekiwi View Post
This is the most noticeable improvement over the DT880 '03.
Is the 2005 250 ohm edition better than the 2003 edition? Is it nevertheless below the standard of the 600 ohm one? I would like to run these headphones from my Onkyo R-805X receiver outlet, but I'm afraid that may not be powerful enough for the 600 ohm version. And I don't want to buy the 250 ohm one if it isn't excellent. So I may do nothing.

Anyway, it would be great to see a comparison of the latest 250 and 600 ohm versions, as well as the T1.
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Which of the 2003'250 or the 2005'250 is the better model is in the eye of the beholder. The 2003 is a deep bass machine with cold mids which works astonishing well, whereas they made the 2005 midrange a bit warmer and shifted the bass towards the kickbass region.

Overall, it's a tie IMO, no wonder, the systems themselves remained unaltered.
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well my dt880 600ohms just arrive, and right out of the box, yea the knob on my amp is turned up obviously more on my amp a bit more then my ad700's heh. I guess you can say they are in their burn-in stage. But so far they sound similiar to the AD700 sound signature imo. with Calmer High's & slightly more bass with a smaller not so airy soundstage. The bass doesn't seem to be resolving as accurately as my ad700, or atleast is revealing poor sources of bass where as the ad700 may cover this up more. I just hope they dont take the fun out of listening to music too much by revealing too much detail that might ruin the experience. So well see if they start improving after some more hours.
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And... i'm awaiting mine to arrive, quite curious to see if my setup can even drive them properly. We'll see how this pans out
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Hi all,
I am very interested by these headphones which I can not test before buying. So do you know how this would sound with a Lake People G93 amp ? I am listening mostly to classical music. As a reference, the headphones which I prefered so far where the audio technica A900 (better than Grado 325 and HD650).
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You prefer a A900 over a HD650 for classical???? Then I severely doubt the 880'600 is for you.
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Well yes, on the music I tested I found the A900 had more dynamic, basses were cleaner, and I prefered the sound of violins. But I think the G93 has something to do with it...
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After reading this thread I want to buy a pair of the 880's or the 990's but one question, will my Little Dot I+ be able to drive these phones alright? Sadly I'm thinking no...
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Originally Posted by dmetoz View Post
Hi all,
I am very interested by these headphones which I can not test before buying. So do you know how this would sound with a Lake People G93 amp ? I am listening mostly to classical music. As a reference, the headphones which I prefered so far where the audio technica A900 (better than Grado 325 and HD650).
If this is anything to go by...Do eit!!!!

this impression is from a classically trained person, that being the DT880/600 is has the best and most accurate timbre he's heard:


That being said, I have to confess that recently I am in awe with my 600 Ohm DT880. For acoustically recorded music (as opposed to music we usually listen to with amplification, such as jazz, pop-rock etc) ,
I think the 600 ohm DT880s ( I don't like the lower impedance versions) are the most timbre accurate (I choose my words very carefully, I didn't say most revealing) headphones I have ever heard.
They take time to get to their best, but it's the first time I hear this kind of instrument timbre accuracy on a pair of headphones.

I have far less experience in the headphone domain than the speaker domain, so I have never heard the K1000, the Qualia, the Omega, the Orpheus, or the R10.
Nor the newest HD800 and T1.
But I've listened to my best recorded CDs and SACDs with many of the expensive Denon, Audio Technica, Mb Quart/Maestro, and of course Grado.
I never thought I'd feel like this, because so-called "accuracy" is always room acoutics dependant, so we always can argue that different devices' sound signatures are like different rooms.
But, that is the only pair of heaphones I've heard that gets the right timbre for every instrument and voice, even in big symphonic recordings. I don't love my HD650s that much anymore (still on certain types of recordings or music), because coming from the Beyers I hear distortion in the highs.
I just cancelled my order for the Grado PS1000 after a very careful listening session comparing them with the DT880s. Both had two weeks of 24/7 run-in time, and I compared them on different amps including the flagship Rudistor combo and the Lavry DA11.

I was contemplating on getting the DT990/600 in the future since i heard they're more "fun", but i wouldn't wanna loose the accuracy/superb detail that the dt880's are well known for.

maybe i should buy both ? and see which one i prefer, and send the one i don't like back to Drew? or maybe keep both and sell my current 880/250

damn, I am so close in finding my perfect headphones, I'm getting a bit teary guys
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The DT880'600 will be seen as kind of Beyer watershed later I guess.

Everything built before wasn't too ambitious compared to AKG/Senn, but the 880'600...I'll eat my hat if the decision to get into direct competition with Sennheiser flagship wasn't totally based upon the success that they got it done this time with those 880'600s.
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