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Yeah the Zero is a DAC also which works really well, I'll be comparing it to a PS Audio Digital Link III later this week. My thinking behind saving money with the SS Zero is that any amp using op-amps will sound almost identical, it's a bit pointless spending more for the same thing really.


scottiebabie - Do you have a modern amp to try these on? I find the 880s forward, certainly not recessed which I have had a problem with in the past; HD580, D2000

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Originally Posted by Graphicism View Post

scottiebabie - Do you have a modern amp to try these on? I find the 880s forward, certainly not recessed which I have had a problem with in the past; HD580, D2000

perhaps i should rephrase my statement better contextually so there wouldnt be blanket generizations ya. on first listen at the sellers pls, i heard it thru his Audio Gd Dac 12 (or was it 19) + C2 combo & i felt that the DT880 sounded really dry with recessed mids & bass, compared with my AKG K240 Sextett, PK1 & HE5-LE driven with different amps + sources ofcos. took it home & crank it up with on a 'Sui AU-517 sourced by a battery psu mod MF V-DAC & very similar results with perhaps a touch more bass impact.


keepin the same source, i proceeded to drive it with the "Sui 4000 receiver. much much better mids though not as forward as the K240 Sex or PK1, are no longer as recessed. soundstage got smaller but fuller & tighter. bass has more presence & all in all, its a more fleshier sound.


tried it on an even old 'Sui 350 receiver & got similar results as the 4000 with slightly raised upper mids & softer bass presence. i like the 4000's magic better.


tried it on a Technics SA-400 receiver & this was like a mid point btwn the dryer sounding AU-517 (only on this DT880-600 as this amp drive the PK1 to dizzying heights but thats another story) & meatier more tubey 4000. bass while not as meaty has a tighter kick slam & mids are better than the 517 but below the 4000. bonus is a bigger though less full soundstage & highs have more sparkle.


that about sums up my experiences with the 1day old (to me but 100hrs with 1st owner) DT880-600. all amps quoted above are vintage gear & not dedicated headamps. i've had great sounds from my vintage amps so much so i feel no need for a dedicated headamp. sides, the amp section of vintage gear are much more over/well built than any modern day gear within its price range & then some. most heads out of vintage gear are routed directly offa the main amps & stepped down to headphone parameters via a series resistor - cant get a better signal than that. infact my Hifiman HE5;LE are driven directly offa their speaker taps & wonderfully too i mite add.

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Originally Posted by scottiebabie View Post

perhaps i should rephrase my statement better contextually so there wouldnt be blanket generizations ya...

I'm afraid I can't comment on the devices used as I've never heard of em, I do agree however that vintage gear was built better... I love my 1979 Sony headphones! Switching between both my amps; a solid state op-amp Zero and a Darkvoice 336i tube amp I can hear a dramatic difference in the layering of instruments. On the Zero it sounds congested and flat, whereas with the tube amp the sound is layered and vast which makes me want to turn it up. I wouldn't say either of them sound remotely recessed.


My DT880s were bought new and are about a week old so this isn't something that comes through burn-in. Either you're used to extremely bright/forward sounding headphones... and I couldn't think what that would be considering I found the 880s to be almost as forward as the overly aggressive Sony SAs. If it's not in comparison to what you're used too you are only left looking at your source/amp and/or a damaged headphone.


Maybe others can chime in and agree with you on how recessed they sound, I'm really not sure. All I know is I don't like recessed headphones and I really like the 880s.

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i hear ya bro. forward backward front rear they all be strictly relative & perhaps even subjective. whats not to my ears atleast is the resolving ability of these cans. each amp sounded significantly different on the DT880-600 so much so i think i can pick them out blindfolded. these babies do not mask nor hold back. they let u know right up front how they feel about the upstream ancillary equipment - a pre requsite of anything hi-end.


rite now im thoroughly enjoying them thru the more tube-like 'Sui 4000 receiver which i believe are some of the last amps voiced by Mr Sansui himself Kisaku Kikuchi, to be similar to the great Sansui tube amps. the 4000 gives the DT880-600s some much need bass weight & warmth. my funny bone's tellin me that these babies will truly dance with good tube amps.

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The DT880/600 is amazing with tubes amp i have to say. I own both LD MKVII and DV 3322 and i can tell the differences right away.


From LD MKVII, the DT just sounds dry to me. Tubes from my DV does add the warmth, soundstage and refine bass into the DT880. I have a huge smile every time i pair the DT880 with my DV 3322, i can tell you that much biggrin.gif

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I bid off eBay what appear to be the 1980s version of the DT990, which, from a quick read on Head-Fi, should be closer to the DT880 of today. So hopefully I might get a taste of what the DT880 is about.


The only beyers I've ever owned were the DT231 a decade ago, which I remember liking quite a bit. (Actually they were my first "real" headphones.)


(Posting this here because I don't want to go resurrecting old vintage DT990 threads yet.)

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Take care they get new pads then, because they sound awful with worn old ones.

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I made plans to buy new pads and a new headband. It's a shame those items just about double the price of the phones... but I guess vintage beyers have at least some demand, so I might be able to sell them off if I don't like them.

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Yeah - it is disconcerting especially when wanting to improve the original phones

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scratch what i've said in my prior posts re mids&bass on these DTs. i've had these babies for a little over a day &1/2 plus the 100 hrs or so from its previous owner to a total of !20-130 hrs & O my - its like these babies decided to wake up. bass now makes it presence felt in a huge kick ass way. instead of soft & demure, it now kicks & slams not quite Grado style but these DT880-600s are no longer embarressed to be on the same dancefloor.


mids that i felt was laid back took a few steps few steps forward to make itself known. again not quite Grados but more like a few rows from ringside. dont know if its psycho acoustics (or just plain psycho) on my part but the treble also did some funny things that went all brittle & cutting sharp to a more precise toned down yet not dull nor veiled.


im listening to Garbage - Stupid Girl & these babies are rockin it!

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Those were much the same impressions I got after burn in.

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finally got to hook up the DT880-600s to the vintage Marantz SR-6000 DC receiver.......woooooah these babies are really coming on song! bass, mids & exquisite detailed extended highs. these babies have it all. now who was the yahooo that said they dont have bass or mids......errrr that was me! oppppie dooooosie mea culpa! these thangs have bassssss & midsssss & ...&.....dt880smile.png


dang i cant em put down! they really sync perfect with the Marantz. ilubmabeyers

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Definitely - more refined highs and more control of the bass - it evens out any issues with the 250 ohm version. However, a sturdy power supply within your amp ought to do it. I know some have said that using a portable amp with the 600 ohm version has been fine - but I think on a beefy amp - the differences will be apparent.


With the right amp - these babies really SHINE

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In addition to less strident treble and better controlled bass response, I think the 600 ohm version have more coherent mids than the 250 ohm version, too.

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So you must love them especially with vocal music like Josquin DePrez: L'Homme Arme Masses for example...

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