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I wonder where I could find Cryo Parts TWcu copper in Taiwan - I would have to shop around. Anyone know where I can get this cable in Asia or would I have to ship it from the States...


I would add that I am looking for a cable that would only enhance what the DT-880 does already without altering the signature sound

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I don't think any cable can really 'alter the signature sound'. With TWcu, however, I did notice there is less bass quantity, as a result of bass becoming tighter. The mids go from being recessed (imo) to neutral and highs are just superb, coming from just 'great' before. Definitely recable the DT880/600 when you get the chance. You don't have to go all out on a $200+ recable, but I personally think it is worth it, because the DT880 look great, are extremely comfortable and have great sound that works with many genres already (and games and movies).

TWcu is $5.80 a ft, so it is very expensive (more so than Jena I believe, but better imo, as Jena goes green from oxidation very easily and overall I prefer TWcu for headphone cables).

Here are some links if you are interested:


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Cheers - I'm in Taipei - but I can order some I guess and take it to some one who knows how to re-cable... tks!


BTW  - what did you choose for the cover to put over the cable itself?

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You're welcome. Good luck with getting your pair recabled. You should be most pleased with the result. I was shocked that just a cable can change a pair of headphones so much!
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**Yawns**  Maybe we should rename the thread to "DT880 600 ohm amplification and cabling thread"...

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Originally Posted by nickchen View Post

**Yawns**  Maybe we should rename the thread to "DT880 600 ohm amplification and cabling thread"...

Look who's Mr. Crankypants today...  atsmile.gif

It can't always be about "how do I make the DT880 closed back?"  tongue.gif k701smile.gif  wink_face.gif

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Originally Posted by nickchen View Post

**Yawns**  Maybe we should rename the thread to "DT880 600 ohm amplification and cabling thread"...

Haha - I'm a new DT880 (600) owner and as is my habit I often read my new gear's appreciation thread start to finish - which I just finished. Lots of info to make a person think about - but I can't even grasp the re-cable talk right now. Anyway - it's been about 2 weeks since these came into my house and I have been busily burning in and listening whenever possible. I bought these after owning my DT990s (600) for a while. I found myself so drawn to the 990s that I recently sold my k701/M-Stage combo (which was my 'go to' set up ion the past) to fund the new 880 purchase.


I'm not a 1-headphone guy - I like to own a couple of phones that compliment each other and enjoy shifting back and forth depending on the mood and the music. After a while with the 990s, I found the k701s were just collecting dust. I guess I was looking for something else - maybe phones that were slightly "similar" to the k701s in some ways (details, clarity) - but maybe with a little more life. That's no slam on the k701s - I loved them. After researching the DT880s (incl this thread) and knowing how much I liked the 990s - I thought these were right. I'm driving them with my LD MKIV (Mullard EF91 Blue Glass tubes). So far - I'm extremely happy. The 880s and 990s both seem to excel in different areas but I think will be perfect compliments to each other. With the 880s, I'm very impressed with its SS (incl it's excellent bass presentation which I think is perfect - not the least bit lean) and they seem to shine with acoustic and folk rock, jazz and probably classical (although I rarely listen to it). The 990s give me an exciting experience - with emphasized highs and slamming lows - a fun sound - superb with guitars, alternative rock but excellent for acoustic rock as well IMO.


Honestly - I hope I'm nearing my end for a while - I've bought and sold so much gear the past 3-4 years I've lost count. I'm going to stick with my amp, the stock cables and just try and enjoy my setup for some time.           

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Originally Posted by nickchen View Post

**Yawns**  Maybe we should rename the thread to "DT880 600 ohm amplification and cabling thread"...

But we 'Appreciate' the headphones and the effects of recabling and we are discussing those effects tongue.gif
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It's okay, it's just my personal boredom, being member of team amp- and cable sceptic. I just found posts like lescanard's a bit too seldom in the course of the last weeks.

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I just finished reading this entire thread, over the course of a couple of weeks, and it has solidified what I pretty much already knew. I'm going to order me some DT880's of the 600 ohm variety. I also read the comparison thread by Zombie X and that helped a lot. I was able to listen to a pair at Guitar Center (probably 32 or 250 ohm) and I liked them quite a bit and I doubt they were amped. I already have a Matrix M-Stage amp so now all I need to do is sell my K701's. The next dilemma is, do I go with the stock model or spend considerably more for the Manufaktur (or however that's spelled)? Decisions, decisions. 

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I would really only go for Manufaktur if you ADORE the DT880. It's just looks. Most of the time they will be on your head, so you won't be able to see them tongue.gif By the time you get them recabled and get the Manufaktur, you could have just saved for a little longer and be able to afford a used pair of Beyerdynamic T1 anyway...
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 In a meeting some days ago I listened to my DT880/600 on Meier Concerto and Little Dot MKIII and found huge differences between my Matrix M-Stage and them.


 I'm seriously thinking of getting a Meier Concerto, as it sounded much more controlled than my amp (another league entirely), smoother, dynamic, with deeper and tighter bass, impressive instrument separation and a bigger soundstage. However, it sounded a little like it was a little lighter in tone than the other 2 amps. The Little Dot MKIII with stock tubes had an even larger soundstage to my surprise, I liked its mids, but its highs were a little harsh.


 I want to ask a question, if I want these beautiful characteristics I found with Meier Concerto, but with a little more warmth, is there some amp that share these same characteristics? I read a lot about Burson HA160, and from description it sounds like a good match to what I want, but at the same time I don't exclude tube amps around this price tag.


  I can very well buy a Meier Concerto and look for a better power cord to match the sound signature I like, but I don't know if I want to put another variable here...


  Does anyone have any toughts about this? I would really appreciate.

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I auditioned the DT-880 (600 ohms) with the Burson a couple of weeks ago and I was not impressed. I am not sure why but Burson kind of presented a blurred sonic image for me without much clarity and shaping. It kind of sounded muddy.


Perhaps you might want to go for the Meier Concerto but then add a slightly warmish DAC to the mix - I take my time to put components together so that I get the right balance for me. To be honest - Lavry DA10 comes to mind adding a touch of warmth and smoothness from the DAC...


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Not trying to argue, but my experience with DA10 was far from warmth...  DLIII may be cheaper and better alternative for my ear.


Just to throw in Decware's CSP2+ as another idea if you don't want balanced system.  I am amazed with how clear and nice the reverberance could be with CSP2+ and DT880/600 combo.  The bass is also rich, solid, and deep to me.  For those aspect, CSP2+ even has an edge over Phoenix.  I have rediscovered my love with classical music with this combo.  The CSP2 is also so transparent that high quality recording shines through really well and it helps you to appreciate them even more.

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Just a note / opinion about how I find the (now balanced) DT880/600Rs I got last year.  My (also balanced) 2008+ HD650s & HD600s get more play.  So my DT880/600Rs are sort of a backup set I use @ my workbench & only w/my SS amps.  IMO they needed the recable/balancing & a b22 to compete w/my other cans. 

But think they represent a decent deal $$$-wise & there are many factors forming one's opinions about cans..

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