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The Headroom Max

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Has anybody here heard - and still remember - the now-discontinued Headroom Max? Was it worth the price? How would you rate it among SS amps? Inquiring minds want to know.
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It was Headroom's statement product and it is still fantastic SS amp.

Is it '06 Max module in this amp?
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How would a Headroom Max stack up against an M Cubed or a B22? Anybody want to throw down a thought or two?
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I'm not sure which Max we're talking about here. If you're talking about the "old school" max with the rectangular extruded housing (either green or black anodized), then yes, I've had a lot of experience with it (I owned one). I've had few chances to try the newer Max, mostly at meets.

In both cases, I'd have to say that they are good amps, well worth considering. I liked my Max a lot, and always regretted selling it once it was gone. I'm not sure how well the older versions would hold up compared to what's available today, though the older versions with the newest electronics modules were VERY good.
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I have a Headroom Balanced Max with DAC and the famous Alps Attenuator.  I must admit that I still love the unit very much.  It sounds really great.  I recently picked up a pair of Koss Quadraphonic Pro 5Q headphones and am enjoying the sounds on it.  I also have a pair of Sennheiser HD 650, 600 and 580s.  They sound great as well.  I was a little disappointed with Headroom for discontinuing the Max- but I guess at almost $6000 per unit, it wasn't a big seller.  I believe that the good news about this unit was that it had a 5 year warrantee and that it was transferable.  The Alps Attenuator is a good feature as well; so that you won't have to be stuck at a volume click that isn't quite right for your desired listening preferences.  One thing is for sure, the Max has plenty of volume power.  If you are wise and want to keep your hearing, you should refrain from going anywhere past the halfway mark on the volume knob.  Also nice are the four headphone inputs on the front of the unit.   Scottsmrnyc

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I had the 2005 Max. I thought it added a very slight warmish tone to the music. It didn't do anything overly special.


I remember the original owner bought is discounted for around $1,400. I ended up buying it off him for $1,100. I used it for a year and sold it $600.


When I told my family I paid $1,100 for it, they called me an idiot.


Oh well.

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Does anyone know why the higher end headroom amps were discontinued? I remember that the line went up to 4000+ US$ and was a reference as far as quality was concerned.

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Usually when something is discontinued it's because it wasn't selling well, too expensive to make, or couldn't find certain parts.


And $4,000 now can get you a lot of high-quality gear compared to five years ago.


My two cents.



Originally Posted by khaos974 View Post

Does anyone know why the higher end headroom amps were discontinued? I remember that the line went up to 4000+ US$ and was a reference as far as quality was concerned.

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It was certainly the best amp Headroom made at the time. I was always struck by how enormous the enclosure for the amp is, it looks like a huge chunk of aluminum on your equipment rack.


- DoA

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I still have mine (from 1999 & upgraded in '04). It was nice with AKG701s and Grado GS1000s--kind of warmed things up and was definitely musical,

but it can't compete with my Rudistor RP010B in just about any aspect.

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Mine has the max DAC and stepped pot, best SS amp I've ever heard. =)

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I've mine almost 3 years now and i'm still enyoing it very much, especially  with the HD800.

The only thing is that i must clean the stepped attenuator once a year or so with Deoxit, to solve the crackling noise it makes when  turning the volume knob. But I don't mind it that much, because overall the MAX is an outstanding amp.

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I'm just going to bump this old thread and show my appreciation to the full-size balanced headroom amps.  I just recently acquired a Headroom Balanced Home with the Max module and I am quite impressed by it.  This amp is as good sounding as the Headamp GS-X MKII that I used to have for considerably less amount of money if you can still locate one.  It is definitely sound better than the RSA Apache and their Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp unit.  The only other solidstate that I like just as much is the Super Symmetry Dynahi and ECP Audio DSHA-0/1.  This is based on the HD800 by the way.  I personally think if the HD800 were to be released back in 2006, the Balanced Max & Balanced Home with max module will sell well.  Sadly I don't think the HD650/HD600 was transparent enough to let these amps really shine.

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I  agree with you.  The Max is a great sounding amp. I've only upgraded to a PS Audio NuWave DAC. Together with the Max and an HD800 they sound wonderful. So much detail and musicality and ease.

It's funny, with the NuWave DAC i'm not using the crossfeed and brightness filters anymore. Now it's sounding better without them, aspecially with the HD800.

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