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Best Gaming Headphones

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Hi all, just wondering off hand what the best gaming headphones are.

I am seeking to part from my X-Fi + Z-5500 combination and move primarily to headphones.

I have sought advise elsewhere, and have been told the best headphones you can get for gaming are the:

HD 595


Denon D2000

I am on a very limited budget I must confess, and if I opt for the vastly more expensive D2000, will probably wait til its on offer somewhere.

Are these headphones good choices for gaming? I do listen to music as well, but after years of REALLY crap £3 speakers, and a terrible set of Z-5500, I not to bothered about the SQ of music. It cant help but be better.

So basically, something good for games, comfortable on the head and something that can be passable when watching films.

Many thanks.

I am also buying a new Sound card, and I have been directed to buy the Forte 7.1 card over my x-fi titanium.

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HD595 is very good for gaming, smoot sound and comfortable.
Generally: every good hi-fi headphone is good at gaming, if the soundstage is there and if it is comfortable for longer gaming sessions (goodbye Grado )

for soundcards, I'd look for a decent 2.0 soundcard since headphones are stereo. IMO good stereo is better than crap surround. Asus has a well received one (see computer forum). the fake surround give a nice effect but many games do it themselves now anyway.
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You're gonna get a huge amount of Audio Technica AD700 and AD900 recommendations. For good reason, the ATH's are fantastic for gaming, and the AD700 can be had for relatively cheap compared to the HD595 and the D2000.
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That's only the first page of relevant search results though, so don't be thrown off by the lack of choice.
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their soundstage makes it an obvious choice for gaming.
and since they run well unamped too, they will perform well @ LAN.
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As long its comfortable and isolate well if you lan, its good for competive gaming. This shouldnt cost a whole lot of money. For casual gaming and movies, you might like a more thunderous bass presentation too. The Ultrasone HFI780 does this (and prolly the lower models too?), but is uncomfortable (altho you can switch the pads with the DT250 velour ones). You might want to look at the Beyerdynamic DT770 aswell.

The HD555 and HD595 are really comfortable, but are imo on the expensive side for gaming only and a bit dull for movies.
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Audio Technica AD (open-back) and A (closed-back) are good choices running unamped straight from a sound card and for all-round use. I've owned both the series and I preferred the closed A series for gaming sessions. I found the AD series was anemic in the bass department for some games, but will sound better for music in general. The most common recommendations are the A700, A900 closed series and the AD700, AD900 for the open series--these run around the same or cheaper than the headphones you mentioned. The AD series will be bad for LANs if you need isolation since they are very open. The A500 used to be mentioned often as a cheap alternative a while ago but seems to have dropped off the radar--at least in recent postings; probably because better alternatives are available for the same price.

Judging by the fact that you mentioned GBP, you're probably in the UK; not sure how available/expensive the AT series are over there. The AD700 recommendation might be moot if pricing isn't as good as it is here. You probably might find better prices for cans by Beyerdynamic. The DT770/80s are often mentioned for gaming but tend to have a warmer sound signature with an overwhelming bass response. The consumer DT770/250 has a more balanced sound while sometimes having an issue with the highs. Both of these probably need an amp to sound their best. Another one you might want to look up is the Goldring DR150, it used to be a FoTM headphone just like how the AD700 is now; it's a British brand if I'm not mistaken. The sound is akin to the HD595 (design too) but with more bass punch and is more forward sounding. You can do a search for it on here, there's a fairly big review thread. Haven't tried the lower models, but the DR150 is their highest one and low impedance so it will run fine out of most sources.
Some others you may want to see if they're available for good prices are the JVX RX700 and RX900. People have been touting them as budget AT series can, but only in price. And yeah, Grado aren't the best for gaming. Plus, I think the pricing for them in Euroland/UK is pretty high anyways. Ultrasones are good too. The HFI 700 is an older model is said to be good for movies/gaming which you might find for a good price. Some other ones I'd seen mentioned for this use are the Proline 650 and 750, although with the latter, the highs can be a bit overwhelming but have great bass. The 780 is the latest model in their line up and is regarded quite well on here.

The Forte is supposed to have a built-in headphone amplifier, so running some high impedance phones might not be an issue.
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Thank you for the responses, they have been most enlightening.

I would not consider myself a professional gamer, with the main games I play being CS-S, Battlefield 2 and single player FPS's.

When I boil it down, some of the most important features are (based on my experience of using the Sennheiser PC151 headphones):

1-That they are comfortable. The PC151 hurt like hell.
2-That they can to a degree block out external noise. Dosent have to be active at all, just something that deadens outside noise
3-That they are not tinny. My ears are bad enough without terribly shrill noises.

I am currently checking the headphones out. Not many for sale for decent prices , but im looking.

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I saw this Ultrasone 780 for £114.99 on Amazon UK. Could be a pricing mistake, other places have it for almost 100 more; but if not, it's a good deal for the UK judging by the prices of other cans there--worth checking out imo.

Ultrasone - HFI 780 Headphones: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo

Also saw these Creative Aurvana Live. People have noted that this is almost the same as the Denon 1001 (made by the same OEM) just that the Creative has more plastics vs. some metal in the Denon. At £45, seems pretty good--the Denon is almost 50 more.

dabs.com - Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones (51EF0060AA001)
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Originally Posted by jageur272 View Post
You're gonna get a huge amount of Audio Technica AD700 and AD900 recommendations. For good reason, the ATH's are fantastic for gaming, and the AD700 can be had for relatively cheap compared to the HD595 and the D2000.
so do they have inline mic's

or are capable of miced connection?
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