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Grater Vancouver BC/ June 27 - Page 4

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subscribed. Looking forward to the next meet.
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is there anyone interested ? December Meets
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im down for it.
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Not at the start or in the middle of December due to exams. The week of the 28th would probably be best, unless a lot of people are disappearing for the holidays.
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How about Jan 2 2010 (SATURDAY)?
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Personally, it works. I'm sure some people with have hang overs... but that just enhances the experience.

Should a new IC thread be started?

For reference:
  • UBC exams end on Dec 22
  • Second semester starts on Jan 4
  • Reading break is Feb 15-26

I'm sure a number of people here attend UBC or SFU.
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Why don't you guys propose a list of dates, once we decide them, so that we can approach the church to start a new thread. November will not work for me though, as my wife is receiving a surgery next week.


Prposed Date
Jan 2, 2010
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01/02/10 should be doable for me.
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please make it the week after or before?

I will be at Sunpeaks on Jan 2.
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Any time in summer and I might be able to go..
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Let me know when this actually is. I'll send some door prizes to whoever hosts it. Don't contact me now, contact me when there is a definite date.

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Let me know please.
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