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Grater Vancouver BC/ June 27 - Page 3

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looking forward Tomorrow !!!!
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hope you guys have a great time I loved Vancouver when I was up there a month ago or so. Please make sure to post impressions and pics after the meet.
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Hahah that's me second from the left. It was a great time, got to listen to some cool stuff. And Victors speakers were amazing. I might look into building some for myself. Thanks to everyone for letting me try out their gear.
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I'm not really photogenic...
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^ Haha, neither am I. Good meet though, and it was great meeting everyone in attendance and trying out all the equipment.

Here is a link of the Binaural recording I let you guys hear
MobileMe Gallery
Virtual Haircut | I Am Bored

Also a huge compilation of samples in this thread:

And thank you Victor for organizing this!
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I wanted to come to this but it didn't seem like anyone was going and I couldn't get any updates on the thread. Sorry guys...
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A bit late posting but I wanted to send another thanks to Victor for setting this up. It was fun listening to everyone's stuff. Those binaural recordings really sounded amazing.
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How often do you do this? I missed the last one, but curious to know when the next one will be.
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I can arrange the next meet in October or November
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hey guys - count me in on the next meeting

Jared from Vancouver

( I can bring my RSA Predator and HD600s if I still own them! )
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Any news on another meet?
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Agreed any news on another meet? I am a newb in, just getting into Hi Fi. Dont have a lot to add but would like to get involved with the local community of Head-Fi'ers.

Only toys I could bring right now would be RE0's, Sony 639S, and a Vuum Tube amp. I should sling in my Shure SLC 3's as well I suppose but they aint all that.
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I am expecting the next meeting.
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