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Grater Vancouver BC/ June 27

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Done !! Thank you
Date : June 27, 2009
Time : 1:15pm-4:00pm

Brentwood Presbyterian Church
1600 Delta Avenue, Burnaby,
BC V5B 3G2, Canada

Here is the MAP
1600 Delta, Burnaby BC - Google Maps

We have managed to rent a meeting place at the basement of Brentwood Presbyterian Church in Burnaby.

I encourage you all to bring your gear down to the meet. Let me know what you are planning to bring so we can encourage others to join us.

Any voluntary donations on the day of the meeting would be appreciated to cover the church rental.

Please email info@vkmusic.ca
Have fun!!


TU-882AS/ HE-650
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>.< Out of town till the 14th! Darn my luck.
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next time!!
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I might come. We need a equipment list going.

I don't have anything really that cool:
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Heyho, I'm coming.

Audio-gd Compass

AT AD900

IEM (...if you want to put them on...)
Head-Direct RE2

I don't have a decent source to run through my Compass though, my hard drive crash and burned, taking most of my media with it. Recovery won't happen 'till I work up enough moola.
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anyone have a R10 ?
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Burnaby's just too far for me! Maybe next time. Take pics!
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Are you in Vancouver?
BPC is 2 minutes from Brentwood Mall or BCIT or 5 minutes walking distance frm Brentwood SKY Train Station.
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We are looking forward ...
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I'll try and make it out there.

Equipment I may be able to bring:
Sennheiser HD600 (Cardas cable)
Denon D2000 (APSv3 re-cable and wood cups)
Klipsch x5
Dynalo amp

..I also have a Grado HF-2 on order, but think it's unlikely it will arrive come time of the meet. If it does, I'll bring it along as well.
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I will reseve a table for you.

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Looking forward to your response!!
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I am looking forward to more response from the Lower mainland. . . join us!
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I don't have an amp yet (hoping to try some out) but I can bring my cans:
Grado SR 80
Sennheiser HD 25-1
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we need to get more people in on this or else it won't be worth it. People, get involved now!
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