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Maximo iM-490 daily deal.

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Thread Starter has the Maximo iM-490 as their daily deal thing right now. I have no idea how good they are. I just thought I would let you all know.

Woot : One Day, One Deal (SM)
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I was just about to post this. Thanks!

I bought mine already thinking for $12.99 (+$5 shipping), what the heck?

Here's a thread with positive (although mixed) impressions:

Thinking out loud: This Cheap-Fi streak is starting to get quite expensive. In the last month I purchased a Denon C351, two pairs of Sennhieser MX760s, and now this Maximo. When will it end?
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Best 12.99 you will ever spend!

I bought six! (and it is 5 dollar shipping, weather you buy 1-2 or three!) Great for gifts or to introduce someone to a higher quality IEM! I gave 6 for Christmas last year, to friends and family.

They seem to be a newer style than the ones I purchased from Woot last year.

My primary IEM is my WestOne 3, and the more I listen to my WestOne 3's, the more amazed I am on the sound of these very inexpensive Maximo's.

The ones on WOOT today are the iM-490, the others i have purchased were the iM-490s

Does anyone know of any Foam tips that would fit on these?
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Deal on again at
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I jumped on today's WOOT deal. For $12, I have to try 'em.
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Deal on woot again.

How do people like them?
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They have good mids and bass for the price, but have very limited treble extension. I sold them for $14 shipped.
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They're incredibly muffled -- hated 'em, sorry.
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I had a pair and felt that they seriously improved after breaking them in.  They opened up and sounded less brittle.  Great for the $!

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just got a pair from closeout woot or whatever you call it for $15 shipped and right out of the box they are day and night above cx300 ep630 and zune premium. I will let these break in and give em another far very well worth what I paid for them. I also like the accessories that are included.

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better to buy jvc marshmallows on ebay for 5-8$ than get these :[

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Haven't heard the marshmellows but comparing them with my yuin pk3 they are a little brighter but all else...bass...mids are equal. For the price they are a great set of buds to toss into a laptop bag for cheap quick listens for music or movies. Listening to them right now after burning with white noise for about 6 hours. Listening to Genisis Foxtrot on my 1st gen 30gig zune and a total bithead amp and am very impressed from the price point! In reference to the "brighter" comment I don't mean harsh...a little more in your face compared to the yuin senn type sound...almost like a jvc type bright.

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