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Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song
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Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories)
Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden

Waltz For Ruth

grados are capable of chocolate-sound too
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seriously, 3 pages and no Stevie Ray Vaughn yet? On a Grado Thread???

SRV - Texas Flood, Pride and Joy
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Well, somebody back there said "ANYTHING by Stevie Ray Vaughan", and I agree.

- ed
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Eric Clapton-Unplugged sounds brilliant on my SR225i. Absolutely incredible. Any grado owners, give it a listen.
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Originally Posted by azncookiecutter View Post
Tears In Heaven, Eric Clapton - Unplugged.
Anything from Clapton Unplugged. One of the best produced and mastered albums in recent memory. The sound is so good I even enjoy the bluesier material, and I'm not a blues guy.
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Originally Posted by tintin47 View Post
^ he wasn't talking about it as a way to test headphones, but a way to demonstrate headphones to others. Someone who is not an audiophile wouldn't understand or enjoy anything off of a test CD like that.
Yeah...I love people who, instead of answering the question, alter the premise of the question.

EDIT: Ooops...sorry, komi. Missed your "my bad" post. Sorry for sounding sarcastic...
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Originally Posted by xkRoWx View Post
Eagles - Hotel California.

Eye popping, jaw dropping and breathtaking expressions seen on 5 of my friends when they tried on my Alessandro MS-1 during the opening intro, followed by a "holy #@!$!" and a couple of blinks. They literally look dumbfounded, err, enlighten. lol
You're referring to the live Hell Freezes Over version, right? Cause the studio versions--and I've got about three or four rips from different albums--are nothing to write home about.
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oh... and the Roger Waters CD's are amazing too... 'Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking' is a real Grado album.

for Stevie Ray Vaughan: at the moment I listen to 'Live in Tokyo' the most, especially the 'Tin Pan Alley' (and following) part.
'Deep Purple - Made in Japan' is another great one: raw, fast, energetic.
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Just about anything by Rush.
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Fruit tree, by Nick Drake.

Well, really anything by Nick Drake.
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Rage againt the machine - killing in the name of
Dream theater - panic attack

For the speedy grado..
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Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, there 4th album especially , also the Talking Heads live album "Stop Making Sense" , Robbie Robertson's self tittled album , of course anything by Stieve Ray Vaughan (the MFSL issue of " The Sky Is Crying " sounds sooo live and real) and any Rush cd also will showcase what Grado's are capable of . Really there is no other headphone out there quite like a Grado . I think everyone should have a pair in there collection .
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I'm starting to think the best song is the the rock song the listener likes the best
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I second the Black Sabbath recomendation and would like to add Wintersun - Wintersun, particularly the song Winter Madness. It feels like your sitting right in front of the guitar amp during the solo (so you'd better turn it down).
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