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"Best" song for demonstrating the Grado sound...

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So, whenever I want to show folks what makes a Grado sound so different from other phones, I always choose one or two songs. In particular:

"Master of Sparks", from 'Tres Hombres' - ZZ Top

The remaster of this disc is particularly good and sounds great regardless of amp! Heck, it sounds great straight out of my iPod! Regardless, it always sounds particularly good on my Grados.

So, what do you think? Name me another song that demonstrates that Grado sound.

For Better or for Worse!

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The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing by Joe Satriani
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Statesboro Blues - Allman Brothers Band at Fillmore East.
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Perfect World by Billy Talent
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This is easy: Pink Floyd's ECHOES off the Meddle album
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Tears In Heaven, Eric Clapton - Unplugged.
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Queen - Don't Stop Me Now!
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Geez, thats not a way to test any headphones, you should try to find a TEST cd for headphones ...

I have several DEMO-TEST CD's, but i like THE ONE:

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^ he wasn't talking about it as a way to test headphones, but a way to demonstrate headphones to others. Someone who is not an audiophile wouldn't understand or enjoy anything off of a test CD like that.

Also, Aeon by Antony and the Johnsons.
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I have always liked Rodrigo y Gabriela on Grados. The sound comes alive in ways that doesn't happen on many other headphones.
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MX Queen - Deftones.
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Any slower track on Radiohead - In Rainbows
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Originally Posted by 1UP View Post
Queen - Don't Stop Me Now!
Second that suggestion. This along with a few others by Queen always tend to sneak onto my playlist when the Grados are on.
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Anything by Euge Groove
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Spoon if they're younger, Dylan if they're older



Spoon - Believing Is Art (from Girls Can Tell) - Amazing guitar and percussion on this one

Bob Dylan - Country Pie (from Nashville Skyline)
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