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Originally Posted by kevin gilmore

supertramp (didn't see anyone mention this)

gary neuman (am i the only one who saw him?)

I got freebies to the "Breakfast in America" show at Madison Sq. Garden when I worked at Sam Goody's (record store) and walked out halfway through bored to tears.

Saw Gary Numan at the Palladium on 14th St. in NYC in 1982 or so; at one point he came out in his little car and drove around the stage.

I will produce my master list in a week or so when I get back home from this business trip I'm on and I can consult my ticket stubs. The chronological list goes from 11/73 (Spencer Davis Group opening for Focus at the Felt Forum to 5/04 (Yes at Madison Sq. Garden— my 18th Yesshow).
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Originally Posted by dave-the-rave
The chronological list goes from 11/73 (Spencer David Group opening for Focus....
Hi dave,

Cant wait to hear from a Thijs van Leer's groupy....

My sides are still hurting from your comment about Gary's car.

If your list is like mine, and it doesn't go back that far ago, your auditive capacity is probably as bad as mine.... . Metallica is one thing but being 10 feet away from the speakers of Jean-Luc Ponty was as damaging.

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Aerosmith x 3
Jethro Tull x 3
The Who x 2
Rolling Stones
ELP x 4
ELO x 2
Grateful Dead x 25 to 30
Jerry Garcia Band
Ted Nugent
Led Zeppelin
BTO x 2
Elton John (with special guest John Lennon)
Stray Cats
George Benson
Bruce Springstein
Allman Brothers Band
Steve Miller Band
Perpetual Groove
Langeredo Festival - one day festival
The Samples
Linkin Park - with son x 2
Korn - with son
The Cars
Joe Jackson
Marshal Tucker Band
Charlie Daniels Band
Sound Tribe Sector Nine
Drive By Truckers
The Ramones
The Clash
Victor Wooten
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Bob Dylan
The Outlaws
Buddy Guy
Yes x 3
Cheap Trick

More to come
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I still have almost all the ticket stubs

Focus/Spencer Davis Group 11/17/73 Felt Forum, NYC

Yes “Tales From Topographic Oceans” 2/18/74 MSG
Deep Purple “Burn” 3/13/74 Madison Square Garden

Pink Floyd 6/16/75 Just before the release of ‘Wish You Were Here’ Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY
Gentle Giant-Midnight 8/23/75 Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead NY
Black Sabbath "Sabotage" 12/14/75 Palace Theater, Albany NY

Roxy Music 3/5/76 Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo NY
Blue Oyster Cult/Bob Seger 6/23/76 Niagara Falls Convention Center

Genesis “Wind & Wuthering;” tour recorded as “Seconds Out” 2/28/77 Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo NY
Kansas/Derringer 4/2/77 Palladium, NYC
Outlaws 5/20/77 Century Theater, Buffalo, NY
Todd Rundgren’s Utopia “Ra” Spring ’77, Buffalo NY
Yes “Going For The One” 8/5/77 Madison Square Garden
Yes “Going For The One” 8/6/77 Madison Square Garden
Gentle Giant 11/3/77 Palace Theater, Albany NY

Aerosmith 3/5/78 Palace Theater, Albany NY
Be Bop Deluxe/Starz “Drastic Plastic” 3/5/78 Palace, Albany NY
Journey/Montrose/Van Halen (only saw Journey) 3/22/78 Palace
Jean-Luc Ponty/Larry Coryell 4/26/78 Palace Theater, Albany NY
(Sat Row AAA center, w/ backstage access and after show party, as show was produced by owner of the record store at which I worked.)
REO Speedwagon/Rainbow (I left after Rainbow) 6/3/78 Palace
Patti Smith Group 7/14/78 Palace Theater, Albany NY
Genesis “And Then There Were Three” 7/31/78 SPAC, Saratoga NY
Yes “Tormato” 9/2/78 Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MA
Yes “Tormato” 9/6/78 Madison Square Garden
Santana “Inner Secrets” 10/10/78 Palace Theater, Albany NY
Elvis Costello/Willie Alexander & the Boom-Boom Band “My Aim Is True” - State U. of NY at Albany, date unknown
Warren Zevon “Excitable Boy” State U. of NY at Albany, date unknown
U.K. - date unknown – Madison movie theater, Albany NY
Starcastle – date unknown - some dive in Albany NY
Talking Heads – date unknown- club in Rensselaer NY
Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band “Darkness On The Edge or Town” Spring '78 Palace Theater, Albany NY
The Tubes "What Do You Want From Live" date unknown- Palace Theater, Albany NY

Suprtramp “Breakfast In America” 5/31/79 Madison Sq. Garden
Devo "Duty Now For the Future" 7/21/79Palladium, NYC
Yes “Yesshows” 6/13/79 Madison Square Garden
Yellow Magic Orchestra 11/6/79 The Bottom Line, NYC
Santana – date unknown, Palladium, NYC

Pink Floyd“The Wall”2/24/80Nassau Coliseum
Peter Gabriel 7/7/80Central Park, NYC
Devo 7/21/80Central Park, NYC
Yes “Drama” 9/5/80 Madison Square Garden
Gary Numan 10/19/80Palladium, NYC
XTC – date unknown - Hurrah! (club on W. 63 St. NYC)
Ultravox – date unknown - Hurrah!
Bill Nelson (Lead dude of Be Bop Deluxe)–My Father’s Place, Roslyn NY

Santana “Zebop!” 4/11/81 Nassau Coliseum
U2/The Teardrop Explodes “October” 5/31/81 Palladium, NYC
The Clash 5/30/81 Bond’s, NYC
Devo 10/31/81 Radio City Music Hall

Asia 5/2/82 Palladium, NYC
Peter Allen 10/1/82 Radio City Music Hall, NYC

Roxy Music 5/26/83 Radio City Music Hall, NYC

David Gilmour “About Face” 5/24/84 Beacon Theatre, NYC
David Gilmour “About Face” 7/16/84 Music at the Pier, NYC
King Crimson “Three of a Perfect Pair” 8/84 Music at the Pier, NYC

Dire Straits “Brothers In Arms” 10/11/85 Nassau Coliseum

Roger Waters “Radio KAOS” 8/26/87 Madison Sq. Garden
Pink Floyd “Momentary Lapse of Reason” 10/6/87 Madison Sq. Garden

Roy Buchanan 5/13/88 The Bottom Line, NYC (6 weeks later, he hanged himself in a Virginia jail cell)
Pink Floyd “Momentary Lapse of Reason” 6/4/88 Giants Stadium
Bryan Ferry 8/9/88 Radio City Music Hall
Tangerine Dream/Andy Summers 9/7/88 Radio City Music Hall

Santana 11/7/90 Beacon Theatre, NYC

Mike Oldfield U.S. Premiere of ‘Tubular Bells 2’ 3/1/93 Carnegie Hall

Pink Floyd “Division Bell” 6/10/94 Yankee Stadium

Allman Brothers Band 5/15/95 Radio City Music Hall, NYC

Santana 10/17/96 Beacon Theatre, NYC

Yes “Open Your Eyes” 10/29/97 Beacon Theatre, NYC

Yes “Open Your Eyes” 7/1/98 Oakdale Theater Wallingford, CT

Allman Brothers Band3/23/99Beacon Theatre, NYC
Roger Waters “In The Flesh” 8/8/99 Oakdale Theater
Yes “The Ladder” 11/28/99 Oakdale Theater Wallingford, CT

Blue Floyd 1/28/00 The Bottom Line, NYC
Yes “Masterworks” 7/7/2000 Polaris Amphitheatre Columbus, OH (Sat 3rd row center, met Yes backstage and drank with them at hotel bar.)
Yes “Masterworks” 7/15/2000 Jones Beach, NY
Steve Howe 10/00 The Bottom Line, NYC
King Crimson 11/14/00 Town Hall, NYC

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Deep Purple/Ted Nugent 7/23/01 Meadows Music Centre, Hartford CT (skipped Nugent)
Yes “Symphonic” 9/3/01 Charles Ives Center, Danbury CT
Yes “Symphonic” 9/8/01 Radio City Music Hall, NYC

Allman Brothers Band 3/18/02 Beacon Theatre, NYC (Watched show from side of stage about 10 feet behind Gregg Allman, thanks to friend who went to college with Warren Haynes’ wife).
Yes “Full Circle” 8/5/02 Radio City Music Hall, NYC
Yes “Full Circle” 8/6/02 PNC Bank Arts Center, NJ

Neil Young & Crazy Horse/Lucinda Williams “Greendale” 6/26/03 MSG
Rick Wakeman 10/26/03 Westbury Music Fair (Super show— half music, half Rick telling very funny stories!)

Jon Anderson 1/19/04 (my birthday— Jon sang “Happy Birthday” to me during encore) B.B. King’s, NYC
Yes 5/13/04 “35th Anniversary” Madison Square Garden
Yes 9/2/04 “35th Anniversary” Allentown PA Fairgrounds

Blue Floyd 3/??/05 B.B. King’s, NYC

Questions or comments are welcome.
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Originally Posted by dave-the-rave

Jon Anderson 1/19/04 (my birthday— Jon sang “Happy Birthday” to me during encore) B.B. King’s, NYC
After all these years and so many Yes concerts you must be part of the family...


P.S. Jon was in great shape yesterday in Québec city...
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Well I'm into electronica and as I'm sure you all know, electronica artists do NOT give concerts, in this country anyway (the U.S.). :P

That fact aside:
The Crystal Method (Denver, 4-04)
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Mighty Mighty bosstones
The Roots
Less Than Jake
The Cardigans

Theres more I cant remember, but this list makes it known I must attend more concerts.
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The last big concert that I saw were when the corrs were in Manila two years ago, had a great time.
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arg, my list is weak

Dave Matthews Band (`96, best show ive seen to date)
Social Distortion
Steve Miller Band

Lotta worthless stuff like
Deep Blue Something
Gravity Kills

others, but i cant remember

Jethro Tull - Had tickets didnt go
NIN - Had tickets, got lost
Horde Festival - `95. Blues Traveler, DMB, Black Crows. I sold the tickets last minute.
Pink Floyd - `94, no excuse.
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I saw the Dead this past Tuesday. They were excellent!
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Buddy Guy
Eddy Clearwater
BB King
John Mayall
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Banarama (!!)

Don't get that many great rock bands coming to Hong Kong, and they have come rather little publicity and play only one show.
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Neil Young & Crazy Horse, the Greendale concert
Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival - front row there, saw clapton, jeff beck, santana, bb king, howlin wolf, jimmy vaughn, john mayer, zz top, joe walsh, and a few others.
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Pink Floyd x 9 times
Roger Waters x 2 times
David Gilmour x 2 times
Status Quo x over 30 times
Roxy Music x 4 times
Ian Dury and the blockheads x 3 times
Hawkwind x 6 times
Queen x once
Rod Stewart x 3 times
Iron Maiden x 2 times
Wings x 1 time
Rolling Stones x 1 time
Steelye Span x 3 times
The Sweet x 4 times
Slade x 2 times
Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings x 2 times
The Fortunes x once
Marmalade x once
The Clash x once
The Sex Pistols x once
Elton John x once
The Damned x 4 times
The Stranglers x 5 times
Tangerine Dream x once
Mike Oldfield x once
Weather report x once
Jethro Tull x once
Genesis x 2 times
UB40 x Once
David Essex x 4 times
The Barron Knights x once
AC DC x 4 times
Uriah heap x once
Led Zeppelin x 2 times
The Who x once
The Kinks x 4 times
Pavarotti x 2 times
Dire Straits x 5 times
The Police x 1 time
Culture Club x 1 time
Duran Duran x once (I was dragged along!)
Luther Vandross x once (dragged along by same GF)
Gerry Rafferty x once
Gallagher and lyle x 2 times
Albert Lee x 2 times
Belinda Carlisle x once
Supertramp x once
Afro Celt sound system x once

Those are just a few of the more well known groups I went to see (and can remember!) when I lived in London and the amount of concerts is from memory but pretty accurate. Over and above this I used to go to the Marquee, the Music Machine, the 100 club, the Windsor Castle Harrow road and a load of other venues to listen to less well bands and I couldn't list them all here. If only the net was around in those days, I'd have uploaded photo's from all the gigs.

Since moving to Scotland I don't have the opportunity to go to gigs as A: the stuff that's on offer here is crap B: the big names don't visit Scotland very often C: I'm a bit older now

First ever concert was Hawkwind at the new theatre in Oxford in 1975!

EDIT: Actually, first concert was the Alexander Brothers in 1965 aged 4 apparantly
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Yes 3x
ELP 1x
Pink Floyd 2x
Delerium 1x
Bobby McFerrin 1x
Philadelphia Orchestra 20x
Lesser-known-performers countless-x
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KMFDM and marilyn manson, missed deftones and in flames .
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