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Just went to the Jay-Z/MJB concert last night at MSG.
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Herbert Grönemeyer (2x) *
My Chemical Romance (2x)
The Dresden Dolls
Udo Lindenberg *
Die Ärzte (2x) *
Phil Collins
Dendemann *
Tony Liotta (several times)
Die Prinzen *

* are German artists.
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Bjork..Oh wait...no...she canceled!
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annihilation time........

refused entry to the country at dover
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I've been to a few, but want to go to a LOT more. Reading some head-fiers posts here made me jelous ...

My list from head:
Eric Clapton, twice
Jamie Cullum, twice
Ozzy Osbourne
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Enrico Rava
Tom Harrel
Bebel Gilberto
A lot of unknown jazz bands
Too lazy to remember more now ...

In my wishlist now:
Wynton Marsalis
Sonny Rollins
Dave Matthews Band
Ben Harper
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Yesterday: Roger Waters playing "Dark Side of the Moon".....wow....better than the one I saw last year, mosty because this was outside giving you more of a festival sphere and this time we were almost in front....sigh....I love Pink Floyd
My little brother (13 yrs old) joined us as well. He had the time of his life! Absolutely awesome day!

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Gigantour. with children of bodom , in flames ,megadeth , job for a cowboy, high on fire.... except for 2 bands *job and high on fire* it was A-fing-mazing i was at the front the whole time untill in flames finished. "
the lineup was
high on fire
job for a cowboy
Children of Bodom
In Flames
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This thread will be a challenge! Let's see... I don't think I will beat a lot of people here though!

The Tragically Hip was the first legit concert I ever attended, some point in the late 90s, I think it was when Phantom Power was their most recent album. I've since seen them during the In Between Evolution tour, and again at the Metropolis in Montreal after World Container came out.

I went to Green Day when they were touring American Idiot. Oh, how young and naive I was...

Saw U2 during the Vertigo tour. Very, very close to Adam Clayton!

The White Stripes, three separate times... at Plaza of Nations during the touring of Elephant, once during the touring of Get Behind Me Satan, and at Deer Lake Park for Icky Thump (my most memorable concert to date, as I was standing right under Jack White's nose most of the evening being crushed to death by a giant mob!).

Incubus during the Light Grenades tour.

Our Lady Peace right after Gravity came out. A fantastic show, despite being waaaaay in the back!

Cake in Vancouver, I forget the venue.

I've been to the Vancouver Folk Festival, which counts as about 10 different concerts! Ganga Giri and No Luck Club being among the major highlights.

Recently saw Stars in Kingston, Ontario. Will likely be seeing them again in Vancouver!

Audioslave, on the Out Of Exile tour. Seeing "Spoonman" live with raging spoons solo was an existence-defining moment.

Bedouin Soundclash at Queen's University Frosh week.

Jonathan Coulton, MC Frontalot, Freezepop, Optimus Rhyme and others of the nerdcore scene, all at PAX 06/07.

Lotus Child playing at Vancouver Harmony Arts Festival.

Weird Al Yankovic, years ago when he was doing the Running With Scissors tour.

There are probably others... but it's almost 11pm, and I'm tired, and I can't think. Those are definitely all the major ones.

My wishlist is comprised, at this moment, of Pinback, Voxtrot, Tool (especially!) and Queens of the Stone Age (who I just missed in Vancouver actually! ARRGH)
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Lynrd Skynrd
Sex Pistols
Led Zeppelin
The Who
Emerson Lake and Palmer
Ted Nugent
Black Sabbath
Blue Oyster Cult
Dead Kennedys
April Wine
Millions of Dead cops
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
Frank Zappa
George Thorogood
Def L.
Al Demiola
Tracy Chapman
Rod Stewart
Big Black
Naked Raygun
Travis Tritt

Many I'm leaving out due to fading memory.This list begins when I was a kid starting from 1976.
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Well, there are way too many to list, and my memory is not what it used to be (which is probably related to all of the shows).

The first concert I went to was The Grass Roots with my mom and my brothers, about 40 years ago.

Most memorable shows over the years
*more than once

Grateful Dead* (Like many people, I saw them more times than any other band)
Neil Young*
Jefferson Airplane Reunion (Kantner/Kaukonen/Casady)
Hot Tuna*
Bob Dylan*
Peter Gabriel*
Roxy Music*
Brian Ferry
Robert Plant (w/ Phil Collins on drums)
Eric Clapton
Mark Knopfler
Roger Waters
Tom Petty
John Mellencamp
Todd Rundgren*
Bruce Hornsby*

Favorite bands over the last ten years

Various formations of the Dead*
Drive-By Truckers*
Steve Earle*
Yonder Mountain String Band*
Leftover Salmon*
String Cheese Incident*
Steve Kimock*
Del McCoury Band*
Bela Fleck (in all forms)*
Peter Rowan*
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Donna The Buffalo*
Danny Barnes*
Tony Furtado*

And then there's all of the local bands (like Nirvana at the Off Ramp) - one of the great things about Seattle, a very vibrant music scene.

I'll be going to the Tulluride Bluegrass Festival again this year, so that's another dozen bands or so.
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I caught The Black Keys at the 9:30 club last night. Stellar performance.

The last time I saw them was in 2004 or 2005 at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa.

The skipper's show had an attendance of *maybe* 200 people.

I'm not sure what the max cap at the 9:30 is (thousands, maybe?) but they've managed to sell it out two nights in a row.
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Joe Satriani x2
G3 - Joe Satriani/Steve Vai/Robert Fripp
Rage Against The Machine
Faith No More
Neil Young
ZZ Top

...and various smaller bands.
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Recently I saw Brian Wilson in concert at the Sydney Festival and let me tell you, hearing "Pet Sounds" live was unforgettable!
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Hmmm... mine are much less cool that a lot here...

I've seen the Berlin Phil doing 'Ein Heldenleben' and the Concertgebouw doing Mahler 3. Both rather exciting. Further to that I have played in the orchestra for performances with guest soloists including the pianist Simon Mulligan, the violinist Chris Garrick, and the trombonist Mark Bassey. All rather exciting.

I've also caught quite a few of the BBC proms, with the BBC concert orchestra among others, doing various bits and pieces. All very good, but none really stick out in the mind, aside from a very exciting performance of Ravel's 'La Mer'.

As for jazz gigs, I have seen the Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra play twice, once a more swing gig, and once more of a modern big-band affair. I have also caught the Wynton Marsalis Septet at the Jazz Cafe. A whole world of dominating awesome. Highlight of this was wen he allowed a young kid, 15/16 to drop a solo in a number, the kid was good, and ripped through a solo, nearly blowing the end off his sax. The adience waited with baited breath as to how Wynton would follow that awesome, and he just calmly dropped in a little quiet understated piece of magic with a box mute and half-stopped valves. Pure class.

I've caught Courtney Pine a few times, once supported by the very excellent Rodrigo y Gabriella, and within one of those gigs I saw the excellent trombonist Dennis Rollins get the opportunity to lead the band. On one of the gigs, the timing coencided with the death of one of his friends I believe an old manager in the states, and he dedicated the performance to him. As such we got the fully range of tricks. No hands, circular breathing, crazy high stuff. The man worked his way through 3 HARD reeds that evening. That's some serious blowing.

I've caught some very small and intimate gigs with the tremendously cool saxophonist Soweto Kinch, who blends the gap between jazz and a more urban hip-hop sound, as well as the more traditional jazz singer Clair Teal.

Last, but by no means least, I've caught the japanese "Death Jazz" outfit 'Soil and "Pimp" Sessions' twice. They are without doubt the most amazing live jazz act on earth. High octane doesn't even come close! These guys blew the nuts off everything all evening, staying razor-sharp tight and right on top of the beat. Awesome.

That's the main ones... maybe I'm cooler that I give myself credit for...
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