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Children of Bodom
Arch Enemy
Into Eternity

Goin to Dream Theater sometime around May. I also want to see Porcupine Tree or Neal Morse if I ever get the chance
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Originally Posted by tyrion View Post
I think he just played down here in the last few months.

The official Donovan web site:


At the time I saw him, I was about 18, maybe 19. To us, it was kind of a novelty act. I'd definitely appreciate it more today (40 years later).
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zero. whats the point? they all have poor sound qualities...
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Originally Posted by TempleOfEar View Post
zero. whats the point? they all have poor sound qualities...
serious? SQ aside, you come to further support the artists you like.
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In the last 12 months, Bob Dylan, The Stones, Eric Clapton w/Robert Cray for opener and Marshall Tucker Band.
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Oh boy, a walk down memory lane is fun!

In no particular order (chronological or otherwise), and omitting bands of friends, and the painfully obscure

The Police
The Go-Gos
Rod Stewart
Grateful Dead (x9)
Burning Spear
Inner Circle
Beastie Boys (x5)
Bad Brains
The Breeders
A Tribe Called Quest (x2)
Smashing Pumpkins
Cypress Hill
House of Pain
De La Soul
Public Enemy (x3)
Sonic Youth
Dinosaur Jr.
Soul Asylum (x4)
Soul Coughing
Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Rebirth Brass Band
Buckwheat Zydeco
Buddy Guy
Koko Taylor
Lonnie Brooks
Albert Collins
Son Seals
Billy Bragg
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
The Slackers
Babes in Toyland
The Buzz****s ('89 reunion tour)
Yo La Tengo

and probably some more I forget
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Originally Posted by TempleOfEar View Post
zero. whats the point? they all have poor sound qualities...
Points beyond zero:

1) Performance
2) Improvisation
3) Supporting the talent
4) Energy (band and crowd)
5) Covers, rarities and upcoming songs
6) Opening acts

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Here're the concerts I've been to:


Red Hot Chili Peppers
Funk Junkeez
Foo Fighters
Dave Matthews Band

Drum n Bass:

DJ Rap
Shy FX w/ MC Skipadee
Bad Company (This is the UK Drum n Bass DJ/producer trio, not the rock band)
Evol Intent


Richard Vission
DJ Irene
DJ Buddha
DJ Vamp
Forest Green


Omar Santana
Simply Jeff

So many more that escape my memory...

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I just went to an amazing show a week ago.

The Draft
Crucial Unicorn
Whiskey Sunday

Avail are the most amazing live band ever. Everyone MUST see them.

On Wednesday I plan on seeing...

Of Montreal

That is if it doesn't sell out before I get tickets.

And on Saturday I'm seeing.

Only Crime
New Mexican Disaster Squad
+ others

It's gonna be a fun week! Sorry for the long post.
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Let's see...

Dave Brubeck
Joshua Redman
BB King
Leo Kottke
Bernie Worrell
Buckethead (Twice)
Third Eye Blind
Umphrey's McGee (9 Times...)
Disco Biscuits
Keller Williams
Gov't Mule
Robert Randolph
Papa Mali
John Butler Trio
Flaming Lips
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Wilco (twice)
Sufjan Stevens
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Couldn't even begin to list all the shows i've seen. I've been to all 5 Bonnaroo's, so right there I am WELL over 100. It really surprises me how little some people make it out to concerts. It really is an amazing experience with the right acts. First show was Page and Plant sometime in 95. A great way for a 14 year old to start out. Most recent was Margot and the Nuclear So and So's (if you like music you should check them out)

So how about a list of what I am hoping to see in the next few months.

02/02 Jason Moran
02/08 Midlake
02/09 Nels Cline
02/09-10 Chris Potter
02/10 Electric Ascension
02/16 Mulgrew Miller
03/05 John Butler Trio
03/16 Pat Martino
04/03 The Roots
04/05 Martin Sexton
04/13 Metheny/Mehldau
04/15 E.S.T.
04/20-21 John Abercrombie
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suicidal tendencies
white zombie
general public
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Oh man, this is gonna be quite a list. I'm 24, I think Ive been to WAY more concerts than anyone else I know my age. Here goes:
Smashing Pumpkins
Twiztid (x10)
Slayer (x3)
ICP (x9)
Meshuggah (x2)
Children of Bodom
Ice T
Fear Factory
Blaze (x7)
Dimmu Borgir
ABK (x7)
Guns n' Roses
Zug Izland
Vanilla Ice
Strapping Young Lad
Motley Crue
Kottonmouth Kings (x5)
Digital Underground
Bone Thugs n' Harmony (x3)
Morbid Angel
Too Short
In Flames
The R.O.C.
Ol' Dirty Bastard
Static X
Tech N9ne (x9)
+ a ton of festivals with too many bands to list

Thats all I can remember for now, I'll edit and add more if I recall later.
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Too many to recall, but in no particular order:

Joe ****er - first concert ca. Spring '71 Madison Square Garden
West, Bruce and Laing
James Gang
Grateful Dead - many times
Pink Floyd - several times
Zappa - several times, first being 11/74
Harry Chapin
Allman Bros
Weather Report
Chick Corea, Return To Forever and solo
Larry Coryell and the Eleventh House
Chick Corea and Gary Burton - several times, grand piano and vibes,awesome!
Dave Brubeck
Ralph Towner and John Ambercrombie - GREAT show!!!
Hot Tuna/Jorma - numerous times
Miles Davis
Moody Blues
Warren Zevon
Jerry Garcia Band
Yes - HS English class field trip organized by yours truely
Plenty of bluegrass
Drew Emmitt (lives here in Crested Butte)
Leftover Salmon
Richie Havens
Mahavishnu Orchestra/Shakti
Stanley Clark - several times
Brecker Brothers
Tower of Power
J Geils
Savoy Brown
Jefferson Starship (wish it had been the old Airplane, but so it goes)
Phish (didn't like)
Andre Segovia
Willie Nelson
Derek Trucks
Tom Scott and the LA Express

...the list goes on
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Apparently Joe's last name incited the *bleep* function, but you know who I'm talking about...too funny!

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