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Me from Bangalore but in NZ as of now .Trance freak here .


Planning for JH13 pro ,lets see how it goes .Check my sig for my audio setup smily_headphones1.gif

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edited the post. removed the number. smily_headphones1.gif

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Hi ,

     I Am From Chandigarh .North side Of India .I am Vendor/Dealer Of "Portable Audio Stuff In India " .I Sell Online And Have a Store As Well  .I Have the Following Though I Sell Lots More


1 : Sources :

  • Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Extra 30 GB
  • Creative Zen Mosaic 2GB
  • Planning For The Nationite Sflo2
  • CD Player :From a Company Called Yama Not Yamaha


2 : Amps :

  • Fiio E5 "For Driving Some Insane "IEMS"
  • Qinpu :A3 Dual Tube Amp " I Use This For Headphone/Earphone Amp"
  • Fiio E7 "Planning To Add Into Inventory .


3 : Headphones & Earphones :

  • Soudmagic : All Models
  • Headdirect :All Models "Not The RE252 And the RE-252"
  • Fischer Audio :Many Models
  • Altec Lansing  : UHP 336 "Actually they Are Ultimate Ears Superfi 3's "
  • MEElectronics : All Models
  • Headphone : I do Not LikeHP At All "I Have One El Cheapo @ Home "


4 : DACS :

  • Fiio E7 DAC "In Planning "


5 : Cable And Interconnects :

  • Well i have a good collection of goodies here also .


                           For Music i Listen To "Punjabi " And "Hindi" Music  .I Do Not Like "English" Music At All .

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I am from chennai , in US for some months. I have hd650 for home  and UM3X for portable. I listen to Rock and  Classic

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More headphones have been added - Ultrasone Edition 8, Sony SA-5000, Beyerdynamic DT 880-600, but am away from home to listen my setup..

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Originally Posted by Superfrag View Post

Me from mumbai.
There are other Indian forums like Erodov which have users using high-end stuff, and have dealers who can source stuff from the US which is not available in India.
I personally have the AD700 which are relatively old, and just got an Audio GD Compass DAC 1 month back! Looking at getting either the DT990 600 om version or hd600/650 later when im in the US..

It's very valuable, Thanks for your effort! It's helpful to me, I got more deep understanding about this part.
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Hello , I am dilpal and  i am from amritsar(punjab).

Nice to see Amarbir here too.......

Well it is tough job for us getting all the audio stuff, but Amarbir is making it lot easier now...........

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hi all..


iam from india and live in delhi. i always loved music but never really had the money or the knowledge during college days. hence recently, i bought the incredible Audio technica M50s and use them without amps. that in itself has been good fun. my source is an old Sony NW 616. its got great sound and 4 gb capacity. i am considering an upgrade to a Cowon Flac player along with the Fiio e7 amp/dac.


along with this, iam considering the AKG 701 or the DT 880-600 for home use. and iam yet to decide where to get the proper amp/dac for use with my PC.


will keep you guys updated and let stay in touch!



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heyyy!!!good to see some fellow Indians on the forum,m currently living in mysore,3 hrs drive from Bangalore,m currently on a hunt for a pair of Grados would be very much interested in getting it off ur hands if u are willing to and happy audiophilingL3000.gif

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hey everyone, i'm from chennai. K K Nagar to be specific. if there's anyone here living closeby, PM! we'll meet and have a chat :) i don't have much in terms of audiophile stuff, got my S4s just a month back. buying good IEMs is quite hard here in india or atleast in chennai, not to mention expensive :P
hope to hear from you soon!!

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hi all


me from chennai, I have used CX300 (Hate), S4i (Deep Love!), SE215 (Good but boring), HD 280 Pro (Crap!), FiiO E11 (Not G8), iAudio U2 (Awesome, after  iPhones/Smartphones haven't used it), iPhone 1 & 4 (Everyone knows Apple always good on what they do), now settled with Samsung Focus Windows Phone (Zune, Amazing!). Going nuts with headphones and IEMs. Planning for triple driver IEMs either triplefi or 535. Also I hate 280 pro gonna trash it to and bring some good hps like Denon! Like Vaibhav mentioned above getting good headphones/iem is s*#tty affair in India, no shops will stock audiophile brands, you'll find cheapos like panasonic, philips, creative or the best we can get would be Sennheisers or UE (courtesy Logitech), online is same! shipping to India is costly and there is custom which you can never predict! hmm...hoping the situation to change!



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True that, @santhoshr dude, i'm planning on getting a new pair! i have the s4i's now that i use with my ipod touch 4th gen. are the se215's worth the money? if so where can i get them?

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Hi ,


I am from Assam....Second post in headfi .....am also in the search for an audiophile headphone/earphone.Spent the last few months going through the HeadFi forums......not yet decided on the model.Zeroed in on GR07 but the problem is there is no warranty in india.....so planning to look into sennheisers instead.

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Hi guys,


I live in Bandra, Mumbai and got into headphones while learning music a few years back. Found it much easier to listen to individual instruments though the cans.

Own the Senn HD 558 and the ATH - M50s LE (should arrive today!) and waiting for the Fiio E17 DAC/Amp to launch here. I play music out of my PC through an M Audio ext sound card or my Onkyo AVR.


Also looking for suggestions on a budget Android phone with good SQ and matching IEM.


Would love to meet up with anyone in Mumbai and check out gear etc.


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Hi there,


I'm from Bangalore. Spent a year going through various forums here and this is my first post in head-fi smile.gif.


I own a Grado SR80i, ATH AD 700, Fiio E7, an old and rusty iPod Touch 3rd gen which served me well and a pretty new Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ which has now replaced the latter.


Thinking of picking up an Ultrasone HFI 580 from the US cos I'm interested in a pair of closed cans... but am confused... might probably go for the SR325is since I absolutely love the SR80i.


I'm more of a rock n metal fan... but sometimes I like to listen to some uplifting trance as well.

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