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Portable MD with actual line-out?

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Since I'm about to assemble my first portable headphone amp (CMOY / Altoids), I thought it might be a good idea to trade my MD player for one that has a line-out.

Browsing minidisc.org, I found some players that were specified to have a line out, but after a little research that information turned out to be wrong. The only candidates I identified are:
  • Sony MZ-R55
  • Sony MZ-R35

Does anyone know other players that feature a line out? Or is the benefit actually not that big to make worth the effort?
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The benefit is worth it

But stay *away* from those two models. Especially the 55.

Almost any Sony portable from the MZ-R55 and earlier has a dedicated line-out jack. Sharp units from the MT831 and earlier have a dual headphone/line jack that actually has separate circuitry for line-out.

Most of the newer models from both manufacturers have either no line-out functionality, or a "dual" jack that isn't truly a line-out. Rather than using differenct circuitry, they try to "emulate" the output of a line-out jack. So you're actually still going through the headphone jack's circuitry, including any EQ that is applied to the jack internally (Sony and Sharp headphone jacks are EQd quite differently).

If you're looking for a very good older unit with line-out, I would look at a Sony MZ-R50 (one of the best units ever made), or the Sharp MD-MS722 or 821 or 831.
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why stay out of r35???

Please, tell me what's wrong with the R-35.
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The MZ-R37 has a dedicated line out, is built like a tank with a solid metal body, and can be found on ebay.

Don't know if the newer units sound better, but the 37 sounds good to me.

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Actually, I misread the original post. The R35 isn't a bad unit. It's actually the predecessor to the R50. Sorry about that
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MacDEF, it's great it was only mistake. I own this unit and confirm: It's damn good. Bye.
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