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I would probably say my first pair of headphones were some sony earbuds paired with phillips cd player probably back in 99 back when my wallet had cash in it . Some point later I event setup up and some Hd650.
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I don't care how old this thread is; I want to comment.

Auvio HF202 were my first real pair of headphones. Not many have heard of those on here. I thought they were pretty good for $40.  

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My first Headphones at all probably were Sony MDP In-Ears , forgot how the Name was but it was some sort of Stylish Collection in White with Skyblue Plastic Covers On-Top confused.gif


And my First Real Headphones , were the Sinn 7 Monitor|S which sounded pretty ****ty (cheap ass AKG Clones)

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sennheiser 428 were my first over ear
They actually sound quite nice! back then(as in like a year ago), I had them hooked up to a crappy source(ultrabook playing non HD youtube songs...yes I know). So I couldn't appreciate them in any way. Sure they sounded better than those stock apple earbuds but not by much. Nothing really could cause the source was so god awful.

Now, comparing them to my m50 they just lack any kind of bass impact or depth, and compared to the hd681 evo they just sound boxed in and unnatural. But they are neutral and I still hear an incredible amount of detail from them, extremely impressive considering they have a cord that would make a fishing line look strong by comparison.

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