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Woo doesn't make cables, so the entire discussion is moot for the sake of this thread.

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Originally Posted by Stereolab42 View Post

Enough. Jude has made it clear that DBT and ABX discussion in the context of cables is restricted to the Sound Science forum because the discussion always goes exactly where it's gone above -- nowhere. 

Thanks. Didn't know that. I'm sure there's some new-people-read-this-first thread that I bypassed. ;)

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Good thread on the Tak 300Bs:




But the most interesting part was learning that there existed a NOS competitor to the WE 300B, called the STC 4300B and made in England. Apparently it's far rarer and supposedly sounds even better. Somebody on that thread was able to get one but none appear to be for sale now anywhere.

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Guys, I'm almost done with my mega comparative review of the Eddie Current 4-45 and Woo WA5, with specific references to tracks, tubes used etc. Stay tuned. 

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Looking forward to your comparison, EC 445 is on my radar..
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