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Originally Posted by roskodan View Post

you are confusing kHz (sample's resolution per second) with the sample's actual data (memory) weight, kbps (kilo bits per second), of the specific format


actually both of you are confusing it






also neither is instantaneous, but 'per second'

Thanks for the links!

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I'm using the WA7 with Sennheiser HD 800. I just downloaded the trial version of Audirvana Plus and it's detecting DAC as 24/96kHz. Shouldn't it be seeing 24/192kHz?

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Wait. Maybe it's detecting the source? Hmm, no delete button here....

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Hmm, I finally looked at the manual and the left is DAC and right is source. So, I guess it still doesn't make sense to me.

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DAC = Digital to Analog Convertor = optical / USB / coaxial = bits of data (you can't listen to 0's and 1's)

Source = Analog Signal = Left + Right Channel (RCA/XLR cables) stereo

a vinyl record for instance is analog (drop the needle and you will get sound)
a compact disc which is digital (laser will read 0's and 1's and you get no sound)
Those 0's and 1's need to be converted for you to hear sound which is why a DAC is needed...

Hope this helps...
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