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Not trolling.  I owned and liked the WA22.  Easily top 5 amp.  Just don't want people going off to replace their cables when they don't need to and can use the money for better tubes instead.  Here's a balanced output jack setup.  4pin up top, dual 3pin below.


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Now that's a beautiful amp (interior). I have a B22 but it's not balanced. I love mine.

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It sounds like you disagree with Jack on what constitutes a balanced output. I can see your point regarding the ground, but I can see his point also that it does not matter if the input is balanced as the "Output stage and input stage are not connected and thus no cross-talk whatsoever can happen...no phase splitter is needed because the source is XLR (balanced)".

What I have experienced is that there is a difference in the way certain headphones improve sound-wise when balanced cabling is used. I have found this to be the case with the HD650, HD800, and LCD2. I have to believe that this difference is due to the balanced cabling rather than a slight change in wire material as my aftermarket balanced cables are not the most esoteric (ie expensive). When I used an SE adapter with the balanced cable for comparison, the improvement went away. I did not notice this difference with the HD600 or 325i, although some have asserted that the improvement is there with the HD600 (DavidMahler in his epic comparison for example).
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Hey Solude


Thanks for the photo and advice.    


The b22 looks nice.  From what i've been reading it looks like the b22 might not be the best for a first time diyer.  


So the signal goes balanced into the transformer and outputs the same balanced signal to the output terminals.  And with the WA22 the balanced signal comes out of the transformer single ended.


Can you explain why the WA22 would be wired this way?  Also why the wa22 would have unbalanced inputs? 


Thanks again. 

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My WA22 has been modified, it has two sets of balanced inputs and no SE inputs. Woo also added a set of balanced preamp outputs, but it still has the TRS output for convenience. When I switch it into balanced preamp mode, I need to bridge the TRS output with a "special ¼” phone jack" that "acts as a headphone output load as to avoid open circuit". This open circuit to me is evidence that the output stage and input stage are not connected through TRS common ground, and are indeed isolated from each other as Jack has explained.

I'm still not sure why we are discussing a solid state amp in the Woo thread confused.gif
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Hey grokit


I have fully balanced atma-sphere monoblocks, and they require an adaptor for the xlr inputs if i were to run them single-ended.  


did the 325i sound good with the wa22?  

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I didn't think it was that great a match, there was an inexpensive (Chinese/eBay) SS, SE amp that I liked better with them. But I didn't roll a bunch of tubes to see if I could make it sound more acceptable either. The cheap amp died and I sold them off.
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Originally Posted by grokit View Post
I'm still not sure why we are discussing a solid state amp in the Woo thread confused.gif

I think 'cause, as the thread states, WA amp owners unite, and I guess us Woo Amp owners are uniting on SS amps at the moment. :)

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When I had a loaner WA22 in my home I observed the following.  


(1) When using a single ended source, the output from 4-pin XLR vs 1/4" headphone jack sounded the same, and overall closer to that of my WA6 amp but with more power.  


(2) When using a balanced source, the output from the 4-pin XLR sounded more spacious and open than via the 1/4" jack, and the 4-pin was closer to the sound of my EC ZDT amp.  It seemed like the 1/4" output still improved slightly with my balanced source than single ended source (same Digital Link III DAC with two sets of outputs, don't know if this was due to my DAC or the WA22).


(3) With a balanced source, if I plugged a 1/4" plug into the WA22 while listening to a headphone via 4-pin XLR, the soundstage out of the 4-pin XLR became more compressed as if I were listening to it single ended again. (with or without a headphone attached to the 1/4" plug)  It seems that using the 1/4" jack converts all outputs back to single ended?


(4) In comparison, my Eddie Current ZDT amp sounded very spacious regardless of whether I was using the 4-pin XLR or the 1/4" jack, and the sound did not change when I plugged in a variety of plugs and headphones into the different jacks.  Note - it only has single ended RCA inputs, and the output transformers convert it to balanced output.  This was done side by side with the WA22 using the same Digital Link III DAC RCA outputs.


I did feel the WA22 was best when used with a balanced source, and while almost as good as my ZDT with HD600 and HD800, the ZDT was moar better with my LA7000 and RS-1.

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Isn't this the question? Do the 1/4 connector bridge the ground when nothing is plugged in or not?


The part of the amp inside the orange square (top scheme) is balanced - no question. 




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The output is definitely not balanced, however, Glenn can put in a TRS adapter that can be disabled when not in use.  I'm trying to ship my WA22 to Glenn for this mod but never get around to it.  I think Mike (forget his username) did that mod a while back and he did notices the difference when using SE or balanced cable after the mod.

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The TRS is balanced. Please look closely at the diagram. The outputs are through 2 separate secondary outputs. There are no common path go into the TRS.


We must take context that the WA22 is a tube amp with output transformer outputs. This is different than the solid state or tube amp without using output transformers.


Hope it is clear.



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Much appreciated, Sid-Fi. Thanks. :)

Originally Posted by Sid-Fi View Post

A local buddy brought over his Schiit Mjolnir a couple of weeks ago and we listened to it and my WA22 through my Audiophilleo2/PurePower and Yulong D18 DAC. We listened to T1, HD800, LCD2.1, and HD 650.
My honest impression is that the Mjolnir was very impressive and for the price is a much better bargain than the WA22. I preferred my WA22 by a tad, and my buddy preferred the Mjolnir. The Mjolnir was so good for so much less than if I had to start over and buy something I might go that route instead. However, I love my WA22 so much I'm not quite willing to sell it and buy the Mjolnir to save a lot of money. If you already have the Mjolnir, it might be tough to spend all of the extra money to upgrade since I doubt the performance improvement will feel as significant.
Then again, my Yulong D18 DAC is very well known and popular for providing a smooth and warm sound that is still very detailed. I think that my DAC really helps the Mjolnir. If your using a DAC that is more analytical, the Mjolnir might sound a little cold and uninvolving, which might make the WA22 feel like a bigger step up. It's tough since there are so many variables here, but I hope the general impressions help.
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Just took delivery of two 5998/2399s all the way from Belgium - thanks Ultrainferno!  I've installed them in my WA2 and it is warming as I type.


Impressions to follow!

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Originally Posted by SeeHear View Post



Just took delivery of two 5998/2399s all the way from Belgium - thanks Ultrainferno!  I've installed them in my WA2 and it is warming as I type.


Impressions to follow!


Hurry up! I'm also waiting for a pair of ts5998!! :D

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