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NorCal/SF Bay Area Meet 8/8/2009 - Page 24  

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The meters are old Weston analog ones. I like old meters of different types as they have much more personality but aren't always easy to find. They look to be from the forties or even late 1930's.
Agreed. On all counts. [Something of an interesting coincidence that Weston is the name of a fellow in South Australia who makes some nice looking tube amps.]
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I'm having some problems with the cables on my Grados SR-60's (they are starting to tear around the Y-joint and where they connect to the driver) and I was wondering if any Bay Area Headfi'ers would be willing to get together with me sometime and help me do a re-cable and maybe educate me a bit about amplifiers.

I would be happy to travel to you and buy you coffee or lunch to show my gratitude!
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edit: sorry, repost.
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What about for 2010? Can we start a new thread?


The CA Audio show in Emeryville later this month could be a good time window...

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When is this happening again? I would be ECSTATIC to attend! Not that I have much to share.... 

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I'd like to test more cans and boxes also.

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