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Received my replacement cable from Craig today and everything is now as it should be.  Craig's products are great, and he does come through, just need to keep pushing on hte communications.

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Sent you an email and another PM Craig; please reply soon!

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Just wanted to give an update on my situation:


After not receiving any responses from Craig from a substantial amount of time through Head-fi PMs and his personal email @ Whiplash, I sent an email to Within twenty minutes Craig began replying to my emails swiftly. A day later, my RMA-ed cables shipped from NY.


I'm holding them in my hands right now and I feel as awed by the build quality as I was ~two years ago when I got my TWAg v1! Craig even sent me a free cable to apologize for the significant wait I had to endure (really, REALLY long...)


I feel that Craig faces many difficulties but will eventually resolve any situation professionally. Just give the man time guys!

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Wanted to close the loop on my issues. After 7 months of waiting I got my cable back repaired. Craig emailed me and apologized. The cables are beautifully built and work perfectly. It was a long wait though.
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Just wanted to post an update on my Ed 10s with the whiplash hybrid recable.

AMAZING. Craig took what was the most controversial sounding headphone and completely revamped them to become the best headphone I've ever heard.
The ear piercing highs have been tamed and the bass has a punch that instantly draws you in and helps to create a more complete listening experience.

I'm anxious to know what he can do for a pair of LCD 3s cool.gif
Thank you whiplash
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I recently received a V3 Hybrid 8 connector from Whiplash Audio... Craig was very helpful and friendly through the whole order process, and his replies were prompt even as he was snowed under with V3/Au wire orders. I want to say, this Hybrid wire really opened up my JH16 in a whole new way. It was expensive, but an expense that was worth it to me. I was questioning whether it would be, but that was before I hooked it up to my JH16. Unfortunately it makes me want to get an NT6... This wire must be a great conductor as I have to use a lower volume with the same CIEM for the same amount of sound... I'd go on, but Average_Joes review is better than mine could be. If you want one "super wire," the V3 Hybrid is definitely worth considering.

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Ordered a cable in september. Still waiting. Communication has been great until recently. Not sure what's going on. And now the hybrid cable has been updated as well...


After asking for a tracking number it's been dead silent.

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I may have missed your email. Email me again ..

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Originally Posted by NorthernAvengeR View Post

Communication has been great until recently. Not sure what's going on.

Same here. Contacted Craig via his site on November 18th. Received a response that evening. Sent a follow-up the next day and received a response not long after Midnight....very impressed up to that point. Followed-up the next morning to confirm my order then radio silence.

Chased Craig on the 30th via email to ask for confirmation my email was received and learn of the response.

On December 7th, I attempted to contact Craig via his site again (in case the emails from the 20th and 30th inexplicably started going to the spam folder on his end)...still nothing.

I really want to buy Craig's cables but, particularly at this price point, I don't expect to have to work so hard when transacting with a higher-end retailer, even if it's a one-man operation. The importance of managing expectations can't be stressed enough.
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I still maybe chasing an email problem. Try PM'ing me!!

Sorry guys.
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I have since reset my contact me on my website.

Contact me at

I agree, you shouldn't have to go through this much...

Also my customer service.

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PM and email sent. Glad to hear everything's okay with you and it was just a technology glitch.
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Received my cable today, and what a cable it is. Whiplash delivers!

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Originally Posted by NorthernAvengeR View Post

Received my cable today, and what a cable it is. Whiplash delivers!

TWag v3? Looking forward to receiving mine...
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hi, i have pm you and send email to you

but have not reply me @@"

(whiplash Audio: New Order # 1200001317)

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