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Originally Posted by kyan View Post

I don't remember how many time i order from Whiplash Audio , Perhaps say since the TWAG first generation .

I found lots fun with the Whiplash Audio upgrade cable ,then i keep getting V1 V2 V3 series ,infact  your cable quality was really best .

So i believe that's why so many people will wait for it ! 


I do know the way how you handle things , I got a tracking number on every single time you shipped !

But except that one last time you did not send me the tracking (You sent an ASAP instead ).

I anit joking ,I had hope at the first half year , i keep trying to tell myself they are coming back , he is a man of his word .


I am going to post part of the conversation from the email which may remind you what were missing !




I do apologize there were 3 items i have sent .

What i got was an "ASAP" after a month instead a tracking .


I could Post the whole thing in here ,anytime of the previously .But i did not .

I have always being there waitting for you . And i do know how it feels when get hurt .


I believe my email address in the photo that you can see,Let me know if you want to follow-up .

I will be here waitting , and i can meet you at anywhere .


Please let me know how I can fix this. Just to let you know that there is a legal disclaimer on posting emails. If I allow this, other can posted my email prices and other things. Posting my emails will not do much. I will work with anyone and fix the issue, but emails will not be allowed. Sorry. 


Email me and we can all solve this!


Everyone knows I will solve this. So we can go back and forth. If you or anyone has an issue, lets move forward and get it done!!



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Originally Posted by Currawong View Post

Guys, no problem with posting feedback about a vendor, but posting private correspondence, especially that including non-public email addresses (I don't believe that Craig's direct email is public) I'm going to say is inappropriate, sorry.


Sorry about that .

Thank you for helping me to edited it .

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I don't know if it's just me who has issues with getting a response, but it's been quite frustrating waiting patiently and giving Craig space, as I know he's a busy man with lots of orders to process.

However I think waiting over a year for my cables to he repaired has really tested my patience with empty promises to send them back whenever I email him, then empty silence for a few more months with no replies to my emails.

( I sent my cables in October last year)

I think this is unacceptable, I'd rather him send back my cables if he can't repair it and I would rather find someone else to fix it locally.

One of his email responses is that he had my package sitting in his office unopened for who knows how long.

It's hard knowing you paid good money for a product you know is good, but not being able to use it.

Just a heads up to any future potential customers of whiplash audio that buying a cable for the first time is all good and well, but if you expect service once you've handed over your cold hard cash, don't expect a continuation of that.

Products are good, no doubt about that, but is the price and empty promises worth it?

That's for you to decide.
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Hi Jimmy6,


We have had a few email exchanges recently and like I mentioned in my email that your repair is shipping today.


We are working on these issues and found a few holes that we can fill to improve this process. It seems like we take 3 steps forward and than 3 steps back. 

All I can do is reload and see the issues and fix them. Yes we are very busy but that is certainly not an excuse. 


If anyone doesn't receive an email reply from me, you are certainly welcome to PM me.

There are several other email addresses to use. Everyone is use to email me directly and that is ok, but there are other options.


Anyways, we value customer service and we are always trying to make improvements. 




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Thanks Craig.


I appreciate your response. 


I look forward to receiving my cable and will update once it has been received. 




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Craig says he's sent out my cables today and he's willing to make things right. He's a busy guy and you just have to be a bit persistent, but I'm sure when you receive the cables they will be worth it.

They twags improved the sound of my sm3's by 300%

Will update the thread.
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I received the twag cable today in PERFECT condition. My SM3's are on a whole new level!

Really hard hitting bass, much higher clarity, treble extensions are greater, and an overall improvement in soundstage (things are more spacious). 

It's like a totally different earphone. I've forgotten how much I love the SM3's. 


Thanks Craig!!

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Just received another TwagV3 Litz cable from Craig today for my Shure846 (the other one is for my Sony z7). The sound is amazing and the cable quality is top-notch. Craig always replies to my emails promptly even though he is very busy. I appreciate your help and look forward to order more cables from you in the future.

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Just wanted to let you guy know that I finished a detailed review with A TON of pictures of Whiplash Audio TWag v3 Litz and Modular Cable System:


I'm VERY impressed with these cables and Craig's workmaship to deliver them in such a short time!

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Question on the sennheiser elite replacment cable for ie8 is it compatible with ie80?
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I just ordered a cable from Whiplash Audio. After the transaction last week I never heard from the company again. I just emailed them today and no reply whatsoever. Anyone else has the same experience?
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Originally Posted by randomdude View Post

I just ordered a cable from Whiplash Audio. After the transaction last week I never heard from the company again. I just emailed them today and no reply whatsoever. Anyone else has the same experience?


I just pinged Craig with a link to your forum post.  I know he had some weird issues with his email and MS server since I was getting delayed replies as well.  Hopefully he will reply soon.

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Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. Just got a PM from him at this forum and just waiting for an update on the cable that I ordered. I tried all 3 of his email address and did not get a reply.
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I got the cable yesterday. It's a thing of beauty. I was so excited to try it out only to find out that the connector on the cable was wrong it's not for the IE80. I really like the cable but waiting for the cable to ship for more than a week and having the wrong cable delivered after the wait is kind of frustrating. Tried to contact Whiplash but nobody answers the call or email. I guess it's up to Paypal to save the day...

V3 Twag beside my IE80. So near yet so far.
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Sorry about this!!

I just sent you a PM so we can fix this!




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