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Hi Craig,


Please let me know if you have shipped my order.....



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An update would be great. Thanks.

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My order is 1200001454, i have been waiting 3 months. I will move house next week, i want to change address or refund, please check your email!
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Closing in on 7 months after initial order now. I really thought it was getting close to the end last month when he offered to sweeten the deal. It's almost with morbid fascination I check for updates now. Oh well. One day...


Looking forward to hear from you, Craig :)

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Craig, can I cancel my order please? I just can't take the wait any longer no matter how good your products may be.
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i guess we will not receive any reply again?................

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Sorry guys back on emails. Training a new guy....

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Did anyone get a reply?

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Yes I did. Craig personally replied to me and apologised for the long delay and told me he would take care of the whole situation which he did by shipping the cable today.


I don't want to go into the details but he really went out of his way for me for which I'm very grateful.

post #220 of 445 reply me of my PM thanks!

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Made contact. Shipping my stuff today he says.

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Criag, check the PM please

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Craig please reply to my pm, its hard to get in contact with you by email. I am waiting to get  a response before I make my order...

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PM sent!
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Just received my cables. It's been a long journey, but Whiplash more than made up for it in the end(not sure they want me to get into detail)



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