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ouch! i should really apologise to craig for being so worked up over everything.


im sorry craig. =(

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This is my first post and I want to start by thanking you all for being a valuable resource to me.

I've had two experiences with Whiplash, and from the customer service end they have been pretty bad. Basically no replies to emails; a phone that goes straight to voice mail and much longer wait times than promised. I won't bore you all with the details. I'm just posting here because it appears Craig does read these comments if not his emails... Craig, sorry to hear you are having health problems but you still need to get your act together man. I too have run a small one person manufacturing business for 25 years and I know it is not easy to meet the high expectations you have for yourself. Here are some suggestions: Your site is misleading - fix it. You should not use phrases like "shipped next day" and "approximately one week". You should not say "in stock" which implies that an item is in fact ready to ship. This just creates expectations you can not meet. Tell people the truth in bold letters - which is that many of your products are custom made and will take 3-6 weeks to arrive. That is not a deal breaker if that is the expectation from the beginning (and if you can get it shipped sooner you will be golden). It is not the wait, it's the expectations you've created and the lack of communication that's the problem and pisses off customers who would otherwise idolize you. Second, you need to learn to delegate and not be such a control freak. Get some help. You can't do it all (obviously). You need to hire good people and then take the time train them thoroughly so things go out to the standards you are looking for. The RandD is the part you can't delegate but the manufacture and customer service can be taught. It is not brain surgery. Real men delegate. Third, streamline and pre-fab. Does every cable have to be custom? Do you really need to offer an OM and a non OM or a v2/v3 version of so many things? Make some choices and edit. You're like a restaurant with a menu that is way too big. Last - stop making excuses. You can do better and you know it. Sick or not. I am still waiting on my second order from you (#1200001550 btw). After the first order took so long I almost did not make a second order, but the damn cable sounded pretty good. I'm sure this second cable will also be worth the wait but I don't know if I can stand to make a third order. Stop shooting yourself in the foot! Your products deserve better.

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I actually try not to make excuses to be honest. I also do know that I need to expand and I actually have. I have hired a new employee and its his 3 rd week.
Unfortunately training is not exactly a 1 week process. As he begins to excel at our craft, our timeless will certainly increase.

I do have a staff. I'm certainly not the only one here. The problem is me..... I want my product to sound the best possible. Taking my product to another facility was tried and failed. My wire was compromised and the sound just wasn't the same. Can I try other options? Maybe. I have spent a considerable amount of time doing so and I still come back to the same hand made product.

The answers seem simple and you writing this makes sense. You want the same product but in a more reasonable time. Real men delegate which is true. I make good sounding cables. I know the problem and hopefully I found a partial solution.

I can't mention the changes that hopefully will be coming since they are not official yet. It should streamline the entire process. That and adding more additional resources will help.

I really do appeciate your comments.

Please always feel free to contact me regarding any issue. I like to help my loyal customers. I hate responding to these posts since you are repeating previous comments and I'm defending myself again. Well in this case all I can do is make sure you order again by the results I bring and you can watch as our service improves. V3 lineup is amazing. Apparently more amazing then I anticipated.

So as much as I want to give you great excuses, I feel all I can do is hope for my new employee, Brandon, will help improve things.

I apologize for this....
I'm typing this from my sons baseball practice so I apologize if there are misspellings. Well I'm sure I would have them anyways....

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Hi Craig please check PM
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Hi Craig


I send PM to you, Please kindly check your PM.

Thank you

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Please do everyone a favor and post a link to the later pages of this thread on your homepage. That way, prior to ordering, potential customers will know what they should expect.

Glad to hear you're working fulfilling orders and training someone new but, to the outside world, it appears as if nothing's changed. Exactly how patient do you expect people to be?

Might I suggest that you not take any money until immediately prior to shipping so people don't question whether they've been ripped off? Also, it would be good for you to see what it's like to be taking the risk of a one-sided transaction.
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Dear Craig


I sent email to you since 10 May, Could you please reply my email?

Thank you very much

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Dear Craig,


I have placed my order for a NEW 8 conductor cable at 8 March too... But you never reply my email. Can you give me a update too? Thank you very much


My email is 

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Originally Posted by Busyapebusy View Post

Dear Craig,


I have placed my order for a NEW 8 conductor cable at 8 March too... But you never reply my email. Can you give me a update too? Thank you very much


My email is 

WOW, 8 March...I just ordered mine a "Twag V2 Gold" 3 weeks ago, so it's not my turn now to have any complaint on Craig yet. xD

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I'm working in responding to you guys today!!

I will be sending you a PM!!

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Dear Craig,
I have placed the order for Hybird cable since 5 April. Please also PM me for the update too.
Thank you very much
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Dear Craig,
Thank you for your pm. I hope I can get my cable soon ^^
Thank you very much again 
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Hi Craig

I just sent PM, Email to you.

Please check your email or PM.


Many thanks

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Sadly, I do not get any PM and Email from Craig. T_T

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HI Craig


my order no is : 1200001398 , order on 1/28/13


would you kindly let me know when will it be ready for ship?

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