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I agree, the service from this guy is amazing. I purchased a W5000, SR80 and Amp3 from him and been very happy. Had the left channel on the Amp3 die on me and without hesitation he is sending me another. Simply awesome stuff and I hope more people do business with him.
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Craig + Customer Service = Awesome!

Add another notch in the "I love Craig" slot for me.

I sent him my AMP3 Pro2 back about a month ago and wanted the exchange money from that to be applied to the purchase of the Studio 1. I just didn't feel there was enough difference between the Pro1 & Pro2 for the price. So I wanted to try the Studio 1. Craig agreed and sent me his paypal address to send the difference. Unfortunately there was a typo, so the money was never picked up, and due to some confusion the Pro2 was sent back to me. I contacted him for an explanation which he provided. He took responsibility for the errors, and to spare me the hassle of sending the Pro2 back (which would have been minimal) he said for me to just keep the Pro2. So now not only do I have the price of the Pro2 applied to the Studio 1 I also have the Pro2! When have you last heard of/experienced that level of customer service? It's the first time for me! I can safely say that from now on, whatever I want to buy, I will buy through Craig if at all possible!
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Another A+ for whiplash audio. LOD delivered promptly. Professional service. Couldn't have asked for more. Reccomend.
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Oh. I almost forgot to leave feedback. I bought a Carat Emerald from Craig via ebay a while back. It came promptly and just as described. I got a great deal on it as well. Great guy to deal with.
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Superb vendor. Ordered his new UE-10pro cable. Have been looking for ANY custom cable for this IEM.

Very easy to use website for purchasing, used paypal.

Holiday/volume caused construction delay, but managable.

Cable arrived - beautifully crafted. Right channel did not work after many trials of new and original cable.

Contacted Craig, who responded promptly, and we arranged to return the cable. He fixed it on Christmas EVE, and got it back in the mail to me, so I got it Monday afternoon for my Tuesday trip. Above and beyond.

Very much recommended.
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I ordered a Minimax from Whiplash shipped to Japan. Craig always answered emails promptly. A few little bumps, but nothing he can't fix The package came very well packed and everything came in one piece. He's also sending a few tubes to roll out of the kindness from his heart ;P
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I ordered an Ultra Copper LOD from Whiplash and Craig made sure I received it in time for a trip I was going on and even threw in an upgrade. He is a great merchant and I look forward to buying from him in the future. 

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Craig made several custom cables for my Protector amp, to use with iPod, IEM, and 4-pin balanced phones.  I was very picky about materials and color or length, and he was able to get everything done perfectly and just the way my OCD likes it.  Good communication and great Vendor!

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I ordered a custom mini-to-mini TWag cable from Craig just before Thanksgiving. Despite his Black Friday sale being a week or so away, he offered it to me with the discount, which I appreciated.  The turnaround time would have been extremely quick except for a mixup (my fault...should have just ordered it through the Whiplash site, but we conducted the transaction here via PM).  Once I emailed through their site about it, the problem was resolved and the cable went out that day.


EXCELLENT work on the cable.  I got the Oyaide right angle connectors, and they are beefy.  The wire going into the connector is secured by what looks like some sort of silicone filler, which gives the wire a very secure yet strong strain relief.  I'm extremely happy with the workmanship and quality of the cable, and would order from Whiplash without hesitation in the future.

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anybody knows where craig is? i just bought few rsa protector balanced connectors from him 3 days ago and haven't heard from him again.. frown.gif

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im trying to get him as well.

ordered a 3.5mm i/c  from him bout 6days ago, but couldn't get any replies from him yet despite a few emails to him.

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I recently ordered a TWAg 48'' cable through Craig and paypal'd him the money (from agreed upon terms), but 7 days later and no shipment, no response to my emails, nothing.


I am getting worried.


Update: Finally got in contact through Craig through email and the cable was shipped a few days ago. All is well

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Have been dealing with craig for a few weeks now, he has been brilliant answering all my questions and assisting me with my requirements.

In the end I have ordered:

TWag v2 OM IEM 48" Eclipse cable

TWag v2 Mini to Mini

TWag v2 USB to LOD

+ Speciality item that he doesn't normally sell


He even brought in an item for me that he doesn't normally sell, just so I would save on shipping by getting everything at one place. Really A+ Can't recommend him enough.


Cannot wait to get the items now and hear the difference.


I have unfortunately retracted this statement about craig good customer service due to non-delivery and no-contact...


See here for more details

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Communication can be a bit inconsistent but Craig is a very good vendor. He replaced my Ed8 drivers under warranty and it took longer than expected so he made me an offer I couldn't refuse on a TWagV2 re-cable, and I must say that I was a bit skeptical at first but this is a really great-sounding cable. I don't really notice the difference if I use an adapter or extension (I just went for a stock 4' replacement with 1/8" plug like the original Ed8 cable) at home, but when I am listening to it straight out of my portable amp with its Oyaide rhodium plug it's flat-out amazing. I miss the more flexible ergonomics of the stock cable but I am getting used to the TWag, it's not really that stiff just stiffer that the stock cable and the sound really is incredible. I highly recommend Whiplash Audio and the TWagV2, thanks again Craig.

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