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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post
that is a nice return policy. i would really like to route for palm, but they have done so many bad things to their own developer market and to the wonderful BEOS platform (they killed it) that i don't want them back in a position of power and watch other great innovations die by the road.
I agree that palm doesn't have the best track record, but there is a lot of the BEOS in WEBOS and palm has some of the original developers involved.

It's similar to what apple does with the iphone os vs. OSX or so I have been told.

I like the BEOS. Very fast and fun to tinker with
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I hope you're not using iTunes to sync your music with your Pre. Apple's about to break that s**t, as usual.

Apple Takes Aim at Palm Pre's iTunes Support - Technology News by ExtremeTech
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Keep us posted on new developments of the music player with new patches/firmware.. I'm in the market for a smartphone and need as many iphone alternatives as possible
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I got the 1.03 update yesterday. Fixes a few bugs that I have it in the browser and improved battery life but no change to the audio. "sigh"

One of the Palm techs indirectly let it slip that there is a 1.1. update coming in july "with a whole bunch of stuff rewritten" so maybe we will see. My 30 day return window is up on the 6th but I have emails from both Palm and sprint saying that they will extend that a bit (though they dont say how much)

I'll guess I'll wait and see. I have some Sony earbuds where the sound is tolerable but they aren't my preference by any stretch.
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Hey sno1man, well its now July 6th and I'm wondering if you returned you Pre? If not, please post an update here once you get the July firmware update. I really want to get a Palm Pre but will only do so once there is a decent music app with EQ. Maybe PocketTunes will step up to the plate and provide their app for the Pre?!
Or maybe this guy can help....
New Music app in the works - Now with VIDEO PREVIEW - PreCentral Forums
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Originally Posted by Mayo View Post
Hey sno1man, well its now July 6th and I'm wondering if you returned you Pre? If not, please post an update here once you get the July firmware update. I really want to get a Palm Pre but will only do so once there is a decent music app with EQ. Maybe PocketTunes will step up to the plate and provide their app for the Pre?!
Or maybe this guy can help....
New Music app in the works - Now with VIDEO PREVIEW - PreCentral Forums
Thanks for the link. I did get the 1.04 update, no improvement. I have talked with Palm and Sprint and they tell me wait for the 1.1 update (coming very soon they say). They also agreed to refund me full price after the 1.1 update if I'm still not happy.

I'm on device number two anyway for a problem that had nothing to do with audio. For some reason the screen started warping and the touch went all wonky. Apparently there is a bad batch of them out there.
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Update now that 1.1 is released-improved sound

Ok, so if you have read this thread , you know I bought a Pre and i like it very much as a phone, email, internet device, but not so much for media,especially music playback.

I was going to return it because of the hiss with most of my phones and tubby bass but both Palm and Sprint kept saying hold off for the 1.1. release before you decide

So the answer is mixed. They substantially reduced the hiss but in the process, lost a little definition in the high frequencies. It's not noticeable in a lot of music, but in well recorded music with lots of brass (miles davis sketches of spain), the normally unbelievable clear tone of Miles trumpet has a bit of fuzz to it.

That being said it's really now noticeable only under critical listening and overall the pairing with my shure e4s is now satisfactory to the point where I'm feeling good about keeping it..

I really would suggest members of this forum try before they buy with their preferred gear before fully committing to this. The Pre seems to be VERY picky about what phones it pairs well with. My Etys (my overall preferred earbuds) sound terrible with the Pre.

I guess it must be quite difficult to make a very high quality mp3/phone combo.

PS. I do give Kudos to both Sprint and Palm for good customer service (including willingness to extending beyond what is normally a 30 day refund policy) and listening and intelligently responding to my questions and concerns. They actually seemed to take my concerns about sq seriously and not treat me like just another ignorant consumer.
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Thanks for the update sno1man. So what I'm hearing from you is that now you don't mind the lack of an EQ? If so, I think I'll finally go to the Sprint store with my Ultimate Ears TripleFi and test out a Palm Pre. However I hope they already have the latest update installed on it! If anybody wants to hear back from me on my findings, please post here or else I won't bother.

On an unrelated topic.......
I don't know if you guys know but the Sony eartip replacement pack Sony - Replacement EX Ear Bud Cushions for Most Sony Ear Bud Headphones (3-Pack) - Black - EPEX10A/BLK provides really good quality eartips which fit my TripleFi earphones and most importantly fit more snuggly in my ear for richer sounds. I'm guessing they must fit other models of earphones as well. The key is that each of these eartips increase in size by 1mm. My left ear canal is 1mm larger than my right. The stock eartips that come with the earphones increase in size by 2mm and so I never found a perfect fit until now. Try em out!
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Sorry for the delay in replying Mayo, I have been on the road a lot.

Yes i can live without an EQ. I would like to have one since it could make the pre sound better, but if it's like the ones in the ipod then I'd just as soon do without.

I would like to know what you think of your super fi's with the Pre. I have been wanting to try a set if they have as good as sound as I have read they do.
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Wow that sucks; I didn't think the Pre would serve as a great audio player from what I heard though.
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So I went to the Sprint store. The demo model had firmware v 1.1. Unfortunately it had no locally installed songs so I had to resort to using the Pandora app. (I even tried to email myself a 320kbps mp3 but it didn't work).

Keep in mind I'm using the Ultimate Ears Triple Fi (not the Super Fi)... Triple Fi are better (and more expensive). I basically walked into the store and told the teenager working behind the desk "look, my earphones are worth more than your Pre, so the sound quality of the music player better be good or I won't even consider buying it"..... that kept him away from me and let me spend a lot of time testing.

As a comparison, I'm currently using my earphones with my Treo 755p running the Pocket Tunes app which has an amazing high fidelity EQ and the sound quality is top notch (on the Treo).

On the Palm Pre however, (keeping in mind during my testing I'm listening to streaming music through Pandora with no EQ), the sound was suprisingly good. First and foremost I was impressed that they tuned the player for a warm sound with deep low notes. That in itself is rare to find in this mass consumer market where the kids are totally content with tinny sounding crap. Beyond the deep low notes, the mid and high notes are equally high quality in sound. In order to test the mid and high tones (as well as natural bass) I listened to some Paul Simon. In order to test the deep low notes I listened to some rap songs.

The only negative (most likely due to the streaming) was a slight dirtiness in the midrange (specifically the singer's voice). However this slight (and I emphasize slight) lack of clarity was most likely due to the fact that the song was being streamed. I can definitely imagine how great the track would sound if it was locally installed at a high bit rate. Nevertheless, the streaming music in Pandora was good enough in my books to buy the Pre (though I've not yet done so). Amazingly I guess the Palm Pre does not need an EQ ! They did a great job tuning the player already!
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Hey Mayo, thanks again.

Yes I know you meant the triple fis. The joys of typing on a phone.....

I have been considering the triple fi's as an upgrade to me shure e4's. You may have convinced me though my girlfried may not be pleased

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I just got the Pre and downloaded 1.1 before even using it.

The sound quality is great. SE530s have very low hiss and the headphone out is better than my nano 4g headphone out. Extremely impressed. The music player isn't half bad either!
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Yes sno1man,
you should definitely consider buying the Triple Fi earphones. I used to own Etymotic ER4P. While the Etys were amazing earphones in regards to mid and high notes, they were afwul in regards to low notes (as in bass was non-existant). Converseley my Triple Fi (purchased on Ebay for $200) are absolutely amazing. They are not as good as the Etys for mid and high, but I don't think anything can beat the mid and high in the Etys. Nevertheless the mid and high notes are still very very good with the Triple Fi. The added bonus being absolutely amazing low notes with the Triple Fi. Most earphones that are geared toward low notes need to sacrifice the mid and high notes because they normally use a single speaker in each ear. Well if you don't know already... the Triple Fi (and the Super Fi) have two separate speakers in each ear... one speaker for base, and one for mid/high. The Super Fi sacrifices some quality in the mid and high (while maintaining nice deep low notes)... therefore slightly muffled sound. However the Triple Fi basically do not sacrifice any part of the sound spectrum - amazingly clear warm sound with deep bass.
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I just bought the Pre

Ok so I just bought the Pre a couple days ago. Let me tell you that 320kbps mp3s sound absolutely perfect with a full range of deep lows to clean mid to crisp but definitely not piercing highs. No EQ is needed! And remember I used to use the EQ all the time on my previous device.

My only issues are that...
1. It doesn't play songs from a file/folder structure. Instead it scans the ID3 tags and lets you filter via that data. But it does recognize m3u playlists.
2. The volume button jumps several levels of amplification with each press. So its impossible to dial in a desired volume level. I ended up buying a volume control dial from Radio Shack and attaching it to my earphones.
3. You cannot delete songs. You need to wait until you attach the Pre to your computer to do that.

Remember this is all just due to the current music player app. Once somebody else programs a new app then these issues can probably be resolved.

Bottomline I love the Pre!
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