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I was not being nasty I was trying to make a point that people make far too many recommendations here of equipment that they have never heard nor seen.

As I am sure Iron Dreamer will be the first to point out, your huge over generalization does no one any favors so maybe you should read the thread that I quoted.

Just a little advice I in no way want to be nasty so I am sorry if you read it that way.
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Originally Posted by Benaiir View Post
Here's where I heard it:

Try to be a little less nasty next time? BTW... The search tool is up there.
Since when does the word "preferred" translate in to "floors in just about every category"?
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Originally Posted by Benaiir View Post
Here's where I heard it:

Try to be a little less nasty next time? BTW... The search tool is up there.
So stick to recommending gear you've actually heard, and let other people who have opinions based on experience give advice in areas you don't have experience.
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Originally Posted by vpivinylspinner View Post
Where in the world did you hear that? They are better than my UE-11 Pros in my opinion but nowhere near a HD-800. I bought both but would never consider one a replacement for the other.

A little educational read.

x2. While the JH13 sounded nice, it doesn't even touch the HD800.
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I highly recommend the K1000. Surprise, surprise!
Fair enough I have not heard the HF-2 or HD800, but of those I have heard the K1000 stand out as a really special pair of headphones. Well worth a try...
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I've owned K1000 and have both HD800s and HF2s. Ideally, I'd go for the 800s plus the HF2s, for the reasons foo_me stated. The 800s would be amazing with the music you listen to, and the HF2s are extremely enjoyable, and I'm very happy I grabbed them up.

Here's the deal:

K1000s are very special headphones, but aren't the best all-rounders, and do require a speaker amp to sound as good as they are famed for sounding, and then only certain speaker amps work well. If you get it right, though, they're amazing.

The HD800s are impressive all-rounders, truly high-end headphones, seem to respond well to a variety of amps and sources, but are also strangely picky (I heard them sound great out of high-end and mid-fi rigs and even a portable rig at canjam, but also sound not as good out of even two very high-end rigs). As more people learn about them, more will be revealed. They will be around for a long time.

I'm thrilled with the HF2s. Are they the best of the best? Nope. Close? Nope. Do I care? Nope. I'm too busy enjoying them, and I like them better than most Grados I've heard. I've had them plugged straight into my computer jack and ipod sans external dac or amp, used them with a pico, and plugged them into my home system. I've cycled through a lot of headphones, and even sold my HF1s. I can't see letting go of these. They're really fun headphones, with pleasing sq, and are the perfect complement to my other headphones. They will only be offered for a short time period, and that fact should be paid attention to if you're considering them at all.

Unless you're set upon getting the K1000, which is an excellent choice if you're prepared to build a rig around them, if I were you, I'd get the HF2s while they're available, then pick up HD800s when you're ready. Just my opinion, of course
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Yeah, they're all good phones, but I hope you have like another $2000+ for source/amp upgrades, otherwise you might be wondering why your HD800s don't sound so great. Actually, it may be more like $3000+ for HD800s and even more for K1000s.
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Thread Starter 
What I'm getting out of these most helpful comments is that this is going to be a journey rather than a destination (not a just buy it and be done with the hassle). Thats OK, I'm a patient person. And the EF1>HD650 is not much better to my ears than the EF1>HD595. So the path for the next year+ is:
1. Keep the SA8001 CDP (I really like the sound through speakers and headphones)
2. Buy the HF2s now
3. Sell the HD650s
4. Buy the HD800s
5. Sell the EF1
6. Empty my bank account to purchase an amp worthy of the HD800s

All the while keeping an eye out for a good K1000 and figure out how to amp them with my NAD T773.

Thanks all,
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I'd go for the k1000's now.

The best part about owning the k1000's is that there is no limit to how good they can sound...the better your frontend ,the better they sound.The k1000's can hook in to the best amps/sources available and you'll hear everything that frontend has to offer.

With stephan audioart cabling you can even get by with a cheap solidstate reciever until you find your "nirvana amp".It'll still sound better than 90% of the setups out there.
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In my opinion, the HD650 has a laid back, easy going presentation. If you want something much more immediate sounding, then I recommend the K1000. To power them appropriately, you'll need a different amp from the NAD T773. It doesn't need to be expensive but will cost over $500. I recommend finding a good push-pull EL84 tube amp. If you want to spend more $$$, try a single ended triode 300B amp.

I'm curious to hear Uncle Erik's Moth 2A3 versus my Audio Note Kit 1 300B SET through the K1000s
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The thing is that we all do not hear things the same way. It would be much easier if we did. It is not rare for two listeners using the same amp and phones to have completely different opinions of the sound. Of course, it gets even further complicated when everyone is using different amps and sources.

I just took delivery of a pair of K1000s today. So I only have the benefit of about about 4 hours of listening experience to go on. But I think they are pretty remarkable headphones. I tried them first with a vintage Marantz 4140 solid state integrated amp that I have owned for quite some time. The K1000s sounded somewhat harsh and thin on that amp. Then I switched them to my Woo Audio 300B tube mono blocks. The Woo amps provide about 10w of SET power and I felt they really made the K1000s come alive and sing. To my ears the K1000 is the most speaker-like presentation I have ever heard from any headphone. Similarly, it is a lack of speaker-like presentation that has been the chief criticism I have had of every single headphone I've tried.

I can't really tell you what you should try or what you should buy. Your ears might not argree with what I am hearing. But I do think that every audiophile should have a chance to hear the K1000s, because in my experience there is nothing else on earth quite like them. Whether they work well for you is something that only you can decide for yourself. But I am so sold on these phones that I will probably buy a dedicated 300B amp just for them, perhaps a Cary CAD 300 SEI. The K1000s are the first headphone I have heard that did not have me longing for my loudspeakers after a few minutes of listening.

Just as a point of reference, I currently own, have owned, or tried the following headphones:

Sennheiser HD650
Sennheiser HD600
AKG K701
Grado RS-1
Grado GS-1000
Denon AH-D7000
Audio Technica ATH-W5000
Beyerdynamics DT880
Beyerdynamics DT48

I don't think any of this makes me particularly well qualified to adivse you. I can sum up my feelings in one short phrase: you really have to hear this stuff for yourself. Where the advice part comes in is knowing that, for example, the K1000s need about 7 watts or more to drive them, or knowing what amps other people have successfully matched to given pair of phones.

I have been away from headphones for a while as I am a devoted loudspeaker junkie, but I now have a need for quality headphones that I can enjoy and not feel they are too big of a compromise -- because I cannot always listen to my speakers when I wish.

Here are a couple of threads that document my return to serious headphone listening in case you're interested:

Still Searching for My Ideal Jazz Headphone - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio

I'm Letting Head-Fi Members Pick My Next Set of Headphones - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio

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Originally Posted by myk7000 View Post

I haven't heard the HD800s, as I cancelled my order after receiving my K1Ks. They are far and away superior to any phone I have owned, including my current Stax rig, previous RS1, HD650s D5000s, etc, etc..

I personally feel that accurate imaging and soundstage is very important to feeling a sense of realism in recorded music, and it is here that the AKGs truly excel.
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Originally Posted by Trees View Post
What I'm getting out of these most helpful comments is that this is going to be a journey rather than a destination (not a just buy it and be done with the hassle).
I think that's a key point which a lot of people who come here looking for a quick solution don't usually get (and understandably so).

For many of us who give advice in threads like this (**based on our personal real-world listening experiences rather than based upon what we've read**), headphone listening has become a hobby in and of itself. It can be a lot fun! Listening to your favorite music on a variety of combinations of headphones, headamps, and sources will give you new perspectives on the music itself. You'll see, eventually, that there is no one right answer that universally fits all people--what you like, I might hate, and so on.

This is one of the difficulties that I've had in terms of giving advice, and increasingly in recent years. This thread is a good example of it. boomana said pretty much what I probably would have said, especially toward the end when she mentioned that a K1000-based system can be a highly rewarding listening experience (mine is) but you have to put a lot of thought (and money) into it. The HF2 are a lot of fun, a great value, and a "keeper" even though they are not the best of the best in terms of fidelity.

The HD800 are the real deal, but much like the K1000, they seem to be sensitive to the associated equipment used in the system they find themselves in. They're not as hard to drive as the K1000s, but they are harder to drive than most headphones. In my opinion, they still sound great in mediocre systems (like the one I've been using at my mom's house as I've been visiting her since returning from CanJam) but nowhere near as incredible as they can sound when placed in a system with equally capable components.

Problem is, to say all of that, it takes a bit of time and reflection. It so happens that I have all of the headphones that you've mentioned in this thread (I own the HD650, K1000, HD800, HF2, and I've heard the JH13 and will soon have them on order) and I either own or am at least very familiar with most of the other headphones that others have referenced here. But often times its tempting not to respond to these kinds of thread because: 1) it does take time to express yourself thoughtfully and 2) there are often far too many stray opinions offered by people who don't bother to qualify their opinions as to what their actual listening experiences are.

Mind you, I've never taken issue with someone saying, "I love the K1000s! I haven't heard all of these other headphones, but of all headphones I've ever heard, the K1000s are my favorite by far!" I think the main thing is that people are honest when posting their impressions. If someone has a suggestion based on something that they've read, that's fine. I don't think we can outlaw those kinds of posts, because they're born out of enthusiasm (and wanting to be helpful) which is a good thing. It just seems to have become more and more common these days, so I guess that's why so many of us have become sensitive to the issue.
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To the OP, if you want a brighter, livelier sound, you don't have to break the bank: Try the DT880.
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Wont he need a new (speaker) amp if he goes for the K1000?
And if he goes the HD800, wont he have serious synergy problems?
Unless he wants his amp to be the weaker link by a while.
@ipodPJ since when is preference 'doesnt even touch'?
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