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Ah sorry for derailing this thread, I originally meant to post in your poll thread, but edited this one to match.
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Originally Posted by recstar24 View Post

Finally got my upgraded set in recently. Since its been 7 months it's hard to compare to what it sounded like before, lol. I did get the new pads, they do look and feel different slightly, they are a new set of pads and weren't modified from my original flats. Double ultra wide cable terminated in a neutrik jack.


Haha, he probably sent it to you at the same time as mine! I also just received mine


It's a subtle improvement/refinement/change, I'll proceed to do a lot of A/Bing with my stock HP-1 (and SR100-0 and SR325-0) and talk about the outcomes of my tests in my thread.


But so far it looks and sounds very good; have you tried the new flat pads? mine are still oily right now I'm waiting to see if they'll dry



You noticed any physiological (/appearance) change, inside or outside the cups?

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I have been using the new pads solely. Yes they are somewhat oily, I figured that was part of the process.

Haven't noticed anything physically different about the enclosures, though I haven't inspected too closely.
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I have ordered the new pads for my HP2is, but Joe did not sent yet... I'm still waiting for them...



I'm waiting for a new integrated amplifier (for the Raidho C 1.1 speakers), this amp is the Symphonic line kraftwerk MK II, a beast with two external black box with two toroidal transformers each! Good, this amp has a headphones dedicated output on the back ... who knows... I'll test this with my HP2is...


Keep tuned...



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You setup looks quite bestial in deed :P


Personally I'm trying to make myself a power supply for my Grado HPA-1, if anyone here knows the pinout of the 3-pins mini xlr jack on its back please let me know!

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if you get an old hp2 restored/upgraded for $1200 or more, do you get practically a brand-new condition hp2?


which of the upgraded hp2(hp2i) and ps1000? is the best sounding phones?

i know ps1000 very good for a lot cheaper price but does the sound quality pay off the price difference?


thanks in advance

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PS-1 > HP-2i > HP-2 ~ PS-1000 in term of price


As for answering which one is better sounding... I have no idea ;)



Some people bash the GS- and PS-1000 but love the PS-1 or the HP-1000... or the RS-1, some people just feel like the two bigger form factor Grados are a side-step rather than an evolution.


Still, some of die hard Grado lovers might use their their PS-1 interchangeably with their PS-1000, or even prefer that later one they see as the ultimate John Grado headphone. They swear by the "Grado sound", and though they might have a HP-1000 somewhere in their house, they may be indifferent about it, or might have sold it a while ago already.


On the other side of the medal, many Joseph Grado HP-1000 owners on Head-Fi think of it as the best Grado, and some use it as their main horse or as their "one" and only headphone (I've spotted about 10-15 people like that on Head-Fi, with one preferring it over the Qualia 010, and one the MDR-R10, etc.). Also, some people who don't like nowadays Grado sound like the HP-1000.


It's up to you to collect information, make yourself an opinion, or judge with your ears by trying it at a meet. They're not that uncommon in the US (at least the HP-1000 and the PS-1000 ;).



For me it's the HP-1000, yeah, but many John Grados aren't behind it by much at all; I love my SR325i with flats, my vintage RS-1, and now I can't wait to receive my full Magnum v2.5 (drivers, but refurbished with v4 metal parts), which also sounds like a Grado, but more refined and "less harsh" apparently.

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For me, the Joseph Grado HP2is is the best headphone Grado, but also the most beautiful in the world, and I had them all! But it is just my opinion ...

Other Grado cans (not Joseph), I do not care, do not count them as Grado headphones (Joseph) that is unique to me.

But also between different HP1000 is very difference ... I was lucky enough to have the HP2is, one of the two existing ones, the other is on the head of Joseph, THIS HP 2is I paid $ 5200 for me is the most well-sounding object that knows ...

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What is a HP2is Nik?


* Found the answer in your post. Thanks!

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This is one of the two HP2 of the personal collection of Joseph Grado.

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Originally Posted by Nik View Post

This is one of the two HP2 of the personal collection of Joseph Grado.


Have you received your ear pads?

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Yes, they are incredibly fantastic !!!
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And why only two If they are so special, I know Joseph do not have age for it. I wish If it was avaliable new for $1500-2000 I am sure many people would be interested. It is shame.

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Because they are the first HP1000 (preseries), on which then began the production of the headphones...
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I have been told there's no such thing as a HPis,

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