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Cmoy/Hansen Rawks!

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I finished my amp this morning and slipped it's many wires into a shiny lilac cocoon....

It sounds AWESOME! I didn't know what my ears were missing!

This is a Hammond Mfg. 1590B size box typically used for guitar stompboxes.

I used a rotary switch for all three crossfeed settings and there is also an external power jack.

Opamps are currently OPA2228's (they really don't like <9V, do they? )

Here is the front:

Here is the back:

The Guts: ("Damn Baby! How'd you fit all that into them jeans?!")

And at work: (Note 19 year old Sennheiser HD40's!)

Thanx to Chu and CE Hansen for making it all work!

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Wow nice job erix! I like the layout of the knobs and everything on that neat looking case. Keep up the good work.
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