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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
Sort of. I borrowed Ipodpj's pair and plugged them into mine for about five minutes, then switched over to the Moth for another five or so. I liked what I heardwith the Zana, but please keep in mind the amount of time I spent and that this was under meet conditions.

The good news is that I'll order a HD-800 on Monday. I plan to spend a few minutes evaluating it when it arrives. The Zana is a priority, and I'll post impressions.

As much of a tube head as I am, I have to admit that the HD-800 really impressd from HeadRoom's amps. I just got a Beta22 backplane - I'm going to have to put that together for the HD-800. I'm sure it'll work well with tubes, but it sounded damn good on solid state, so I'm going to put one together.
Sounds good, thanks. I haven't had a chance to take the HD800s out of the box yet. My ears are calibrated to the HD650s with the ZD, so I'm looking forward to getting some time in with the new cans. I seem to recall the 650s getting better and better over 250 hours or so, so I wonder whether all the present brouhaha will sort itself out in a few months when folks anxious to post impressions get some time on their drivers. But then, what do I know. Will be interested in your impressions.

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Even with what I am sure are sub-optimal amps, the HD800 are indeed chameleons (sp?) from CD to CD or track to track.

Must have more Zana Deux/HD800 pairing impressions...................!
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Originally Posted by Covenant View Post
Hm, this is contrary to what alot of people are saying RE: source-matching the HD800's. I would have thought, for a headphone this detailed, that only a truly top-notch source would make them sing.

Are you actually happy with Pico DAC > P-1 > HD800?
I guess I'm not as picky as a lot of people. I thought the HD800 > P-1 > Pico DAC was fine. Do I prefer my Galibier Serac tt, absolutely but no way the HD800 sound anything but good with the Pico DAC as the source.
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Originally Posted by IPodPJ View Post
Edwood, I see what you're saying about the soundstage on the HD800 and I agree to a point, but it too is highly dependant on the amp you're using and will vary significantly from piece to piece. That is one thing I really liked about the Phonitor: that is lets you customize the speaker angles to give you the soundstage of your choice. Most important though is how the headphones are situated on your head. If the drivers are not perfectly in alignment with your ears the soundstage will suffer. Close your eyes and listen to a highly detailed, live performance. Move one earcup around until you hear the center image come into crystal clear focus.
No worries. I do know a thing or two about using picky headphones.

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Originally Posted by tyrion View Post
I guess I'm not as picky as a lot of people.
Originally Posted by tyrion View Post
I could easily live with either one with these cans.
Who are you, and what have you done with Mike?
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Originally Posted by immtbiker View Post
Who are you, and what have you done with Mike?
Hey, I'm listening to a $400 cdp right now that is pretty darn good, yes, even with the HD800 and even better out of my speakers. What do I know (Aaron, don't answer that).

I guess with 49 very quickly approaching, I'm getting easier to please.
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Originally Posted by tyrion View Post
Hey, I'm listening to a $400 cdp right now that is pretty darn good, yes, even with the HD800 and even better out of my speakers.
thats a pretty strong endorsement for that cdp. when was the mini meet again?
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It was almost today. My wife and daughter almost took a last minute trip to NYC but decided against it at the last minute. Next weekend is Father's Day so that weekend is out. Maybe the following weekend.
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Balanced my preference was:

Balancing Act > Headroom BUDA > TTVJ 307A

Remember they also had different sources

I also liked them a lot single-ended out of the Luxman P1 and preferred that to the Headroom Desktop ultra, but again, different sources.

I was quite surprised by the difference in sound from the BA and TTVJ since they both use the 307A tubes.
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I'm new to ultra high end, but I've known what I like for years. I have a basic rig, and am hoping to step up drastically soon.

I went to the show here in LA, and here's what I got out of it.
I took my 600's as a reference and bearing in mind that all of this is personal preference of a barely initial impression in show conditions..., the only cans I heard that sounded heads and tails above anything else were the HD-800. I don't know that they sounded $1000 mo' betta than my 600's though. I also was surprised that I really liked the Grado's. I always thought they'd be too midrangey for me.

I was able to listen to several amps through both 800's and my 600's. To me, the RSA B-52, and that newer amp he had in there sounded best. - Again though, not $3k mo' betta' than the other two contenders. The Zana seemed as good (short term, show listening conditions) at $3K less. I heard a Balancing Act I liked as well.

After that, The Zana was followed closely by the WA5 300B with upgraded tubes. (I didn't get to hear a WA 22, but I'd like to)

I've also just now become aware of the Donald North Sonnet, which I'd love to hear as well. I live two minutes from the shop where he (used to) work(s).
I didn't hear it at the show, I may have been thrown off by the blue...
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thinking of a Cary tube amp to go with the HD 800 that just arrived.
But will try making do with a Grace M902B at the moment

or an old Headroom Max

so far, under 2 days, the HD 800 has acted very smoothly with the only tube amp i have at the moment, a musical fidelity xcan-v8

does it remind me of true electrostats of old. from my decade plus memory of the orpheus or lambdas? I'd say not really.

more listening and images to come.
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Originally Posted by atothex View Post
I'm with everyone else on the bass. The quantity may even be more than neutral, and it probably hits as hard as anything. I'll have to compare it directly to L3000/PS1 sometime.

The HD800s may be one of the pickiest, hardest-to-amp beasts of all time. The impedance curve looks like nothing else I've ever seen on Headroom's site. Do you have any friends near you with a Dynamight or something?
I did compare my own L3000, an edition 8 & the HD800 on a Lehmann Audio Black Cube and Naim CDP. I liked the HD800/Lehmann combo, but the L3000 and Ultrasone (both closed) have more bass. The Ultrasone on a SPL Phonitor amp to much so for my liking. Can't say how the Lehmann compares to the Donald North amp. (Still like the L3000 best, but have ordered the HD800.)

From what I heard I would rank amps for the HD800 like this:
1) Lehmann Audio Black Cube
2/3) Naim and AT-HA5000
4) SPL Phonitor
Funny enough that's reverse to their cost... I only noticed after the listening sessions and ranking since there were no price tags.
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I want to second everything that's already been said about the Luxman P-1. I received mine about four days ago. I burned in my new HD800 for about 50 hours. I'll type up something more extensive after more time but in the short hours I have spent, I can already say that these two items are the best audio purchases that I have ever made and my speaker set up will be sold immediately.

I can't contribute much on the importance of sources just yet. I have a Primare DVD30 which sounds good enough to me on my speakers and headphones but perhaps it isn't a preferable source to use with headphones since Primare gets no attention here. I'll have more to say on this matter in the coming week though as I have a Berkeley Alpha DAC incoming. Currently though, it's hard for me to imagine what kinds of details I am possibly missing out on.
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Currently though, it's hard for me to imagine what kinds of details I am possibly missing out on.
You won't know until you hear them. Remember the source dictates what information everything else is getting. I've come to realize that the source is the most important piece of a system.

I agree the Luxman P-1 is a stellar amp. It is definitely one of the best SS amps that I've heard. The HD800/Luxman combo seems like it would killer. Enjoy!!
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not sure what the issues are but so far, neither my Grace m902b or the Headroom Max has any problems driving the devil.

in fact, even an old musical fidelity x-can v3 does not fine job with my #666

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