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Yeah he does have one. He refuses to tell me though. He could be lying then.

Nice earphones. *Watches for review*
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14 years old, first year in highschool. My stuff is mostly entry-level, but I've slowly been ramping up to (and lusting for) more and more expensive equipment. So far:
Shure SRH440
Panasonic RP-HTX7 - first 'real' headphones, a great value after a simple tape mod
Sennheiser PX100
Etymotic ER6 - first IEMs which probably shaped my audio tastes in treble detail
Monster Turbine - wanted to try a bassier sound, and was not disappointed.
NuForce Icon Mobile - really brings out detail and separation, especially with my ER6s. Since I got it a week ago, I've been opened up to the world of headphone amps. I'm looking to upgrade to a better amp or DAC, but that probably won't happen anytime soon as they tend to be more expensive. Still a great value at $99.
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This post totally describes me. Everyone at school accuses me of being "obsessed with headphones." The haters don't understand.
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Try making others listen to your headphones. The Skullcandy-toting guy in my class might be a bit skeptical now, but I don't think he can bring himself to admit my PX100s (which are half the price of his SKs) rape his headphones in terms of sound quality.
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I'm quite poor, people around me are constantly showing off their many cellphones, multiple iPods, new garments and all kinds of bags and accessories. And all I got is 3 grand worth of audio gear that don't even sound better than the iBuds. Poor poor poor poor poor.
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Age 14!!

PXC 350
HD 595
Shure se115
Shure se 210
Sony mdrnc22

macbook pro 13
vaio notebook
ipod touch 32 fb
blackberry storm 2

Musical paradise amplifier

behringer mini fbq
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Originally Posted by gilency View Post
Congrats!....wow!..you kids/guys have some serious gear...May I ask how do you manage? summer jobs? birthday gifts? Although I should not say anything...I bought me a Rolex when I was 15.....It cost me all my savings at ths time: 600 bucks!
My dad is also an audiophile so he gave me some of his gears and bought some for me. I dont mean to brag but my family owns a big business is kinda rich
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My new ultra portable consists of the Hisound Studio and either the TF18 or SE6X3
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grade:I graduated from high school and I am now in university,engineering and will finish on June.next year I will major in electrical engineering due to my passion for circuits,technology...
Gears:see my sig and a woo6+Sophia tube is coming.my parents never pay for my gears,I save and buy.I think I am done here,no more gears.
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Age: 14 (Freshman)
Gear: Hackintoshed Dell Mini 10v, Zune HD, no portable amp as of yet, Klipsch Image S4, Shure SE115, and [soon] Shure SE310
More of a music appreciator rather than a hardcore hardware audiophile, but sound quality matters; but I hope to move to better amps/speakers soon.
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^It's good to start at a young age in my opinion Don't spend too much on this hobby though! I stopped with my Grado HF2's for a bit since I decided I'd save my money for an iPhone and a MBP.
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I was a high-school audiophile when I first bought my Sony MDR-V6! Let's just say the journey has been great since...
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Just turned 16, currently in yr 11, about to do my IGCSE exam. Then after that, it's ....argh....IB....

Even since I bought my portapro (i was 14 at that time), apart from studying and doing teenagers stuffs I spent my time on head-fi researching. Manage to saved nearly 700$, then I begin to buy stuff (mostly from the for sale section). Started with the Westone 3(a HUGE leap from the porta),then I got my Ibasso D4 and MTPG. And soon my aunt will be back from the US with the IE8 as my birthday present(told her to buy it from ecost).

The hard thing is, I have to keep lying to my parents about how much my gear cost. I told my mom that the Westone 3 cost 45$...and the D4 was a fancy looking hard drive. I don't know (and certainly don't want to) how she will erupts if she finds out about it.

Gonna go back to the saving money phase soon, part-time jobs are slow money....
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^It's the same thing with me, except they know about my Grado HF2s. When my dad I asked how much my IE8s were, I said £45...
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^ It will always happen. Once you're in uni, you end up working as well as studying and your parents will just give up on you. My mum doesn't even bother asking how much my stuff costs. She's lost all hope. When you're married, you still make up the price
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