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morel solan+Onkyo 607

okay so the speakers is in my room for and i listened to theme and i love them, they sound like the Q701 i have (no really, they have the same sound signature)

but the morel solan doing everything better than the Q701, although the Q701 still sound awesome even compare to this speakers (that costs 1250EUR... xD)


BTW i have a nice little 12" subwoofer behind me:

morel solan+Onkyo 607+mirage FRx-s12

morel solan+Onkyo 607+mirage FRx-s12

the model is mirage FRX-s12, actually its from the 5.1 system we have at home but my dad don't really cares if there is subwoofer or not so i took it :D 


 interesting that there isn't any reviews on the morel solan, morel is a well known company and has a good name and this speakers sound great...