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Here are a few tips on getting a proper impression for custom-fit products.

1) The impressions should be what is called a deep impression. This means the impression is taken deep enough into the ear canal to go past the "second bend". This allows us to create a better seal and obtain greater isolation.

2) The impressions should be "full impressions". This is when the entire ear is filled with the impression material (concha, helix, etc). This give us enough space to make sure we can get all the components in and give a comfortable fit.

2) The impression should be taken "open jaw". This is when the Audiologist or Hearing Specialists uses a bite block (usually a rectangle shaped piece of Styrofoam) to keep you jaw open during the impression process. We recommend that you have the bite block in the entire time you have the impression material in your ear (it should be placed in right before the material is injected). This helps with getting the best seal.

If you are looking for an Audiologist in your area, here is a search of folks that work with Westone: Westone Audiologist Search