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Does anyone have the download for the firmware update for the pro2?(or knows where I can get it)  I think it is v5.42.     thanks

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Hey guys sorry to dig this thread up but I'm having some trouble with it. Whenever I try to bring up the menu, the music just stutters ! So can I have the latest firmware ? I tried to find but hopeless

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The latest firmware I have for AMP3-pro2 is date at 05072010, I think is v5.42.
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Sorry for bumping the old thread, but can anyone share the instruction for AMP3? It is no longer available on hisoundaudio website, as they completely reworked said website about a year ago.

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Hello, sorry to bring this old thread up front but I need your help as I can't find any info on this..


I was among the first buyers of the AMP3 Pro 1.1 and have enjoyed it at least 3 years.. I stopped using it when getting a Cowon, so it was sitting in a desk and forgotten for another year..


The thing is, it won't boot anymore, when plugged on my laptop, it is detected, but doesn't seem to be charging as no lights are turning on. Can this be the battery that is dead ? Can I replace it ? Every help is welcomed !!



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