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Can it read Micro SDHC cards? What is the max capacity?
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Wilson did not mention about the specific type, but I guess so.

Originally Posted by a_tumiwa View Post
Sasaki, so u bought the Studio version too?
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Originally Posted by mambo5 View Post
High expectations for this one, I have.

(wise yoda talk)

Looking forward to how this will sound with my OK1.

Finally, a dap that focuses on the sound of the music, not the look of the darn menu.
When you get yours let me know what you think of them with your yuins. Because they pair with mine so well and i want to know if am the only one who thinks so lol
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HI, I have check to hisoundaudio.Co,ltd' s web site ( curious the conception of " All in one " features. That they said there is a individual earphone function. I am curious on this funcion. How about it?

Thank you.
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How about the features, Jack? It is your product, enlighten us with the details
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Jack Fu: It would be more useful if you and your advertising crew would stop pretending to be end users
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I have PK1s too so I am greatly looking forward to my listening, by the way have you tried a card in yours yet??
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Wonders if the manufacturer can also includes digital out, SPDIF (TOSLINK or RCA). It will be perfect !!!
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Originally Posted by visia View Post
How do you actually buy these things? They don't seem to have an online store.
Head-Fi sponsor Craig at Whiplash Audio sells them, he is the one who donated the amps at CanJam.


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Lost in Translation

There is a distinct lack of information and serious review of this player. Some of the confusion may be due to the website.

The Chicago/Milwaukee Meet will have a number of these players for review. I am working right now to get a serious review performed by at least one respected member of Headfi.

Hopefully things will be more clear after they arrive stateside and some serious listening is performed.

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Yeah the information on this thing is horrible.

Does it even have onboard memory or is it all SDHC? Does it even SUPPORT SDHC?
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Presumably it has 4Gb on-board memory according to manual. It does not specify which microSD it accepts.
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Does this thing support gapless?

I want to try the "Golden Hall." If it does not support gapless, it should not even mention classical music...
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I doubt it would support gapless... Its pretty much a no frills MP3 player feature wise...
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BTW, the "line out" you guys are talking about isnt a line out, its actually a line in to use the AMP3's amp. Also according to the website the AMP3 has 2gb onboard memory? Maybe its 4g with an sd card LOL
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