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So i was fortunate enough to win 2 AMP3's at canjam but unfortunately my father took one without permission as his early father's day gift.

I have only been listening to it for the last 2 days and wanted to have more time with before writing anything but i couldnt hold out any longer lol.

When i first saw the AMP3 i wasnt impressed the design and shape is nice but not amazing, and the ui was nothing crazy. The more i used the player the more i found problems. I may be wrong as i dont have an instruction manual, but you use the play button, to play/pause music (by pressing), select options while in the menu, access the menu(by holding for a little) and power on and off the player(by holding longer). Choosing music is a little tricky and it seems slow going through the menus. But on the plus side it has a FM tuner and way you can store text files in like an ebook section i believe.

But despite all the problems i mentioned above which though i am complaining about are nothing major, when i first plugged some headphones into the amp3 my jaw dropped. I had no idea that my PK1s could sound so good. Everything was so clear the bass was so punchy the mids were so well presented and the highs seemed a little thin but much more present than with my zune/nuforce icon mobile combo. I thought i was listening to a different set of headphones. So i plugged them back into my zune and my icon mobile and i wasnt imagining it the amp3 just drove my PK1s better.

They also drove the ALO-780s so well i was surprised, they did a good job of controlling the notorious ultrasone bass. When i compared the gain in sq to the problems with the ui it was a no brainer and i havent listened to my zune since. Actually i did just for comparison purposes and it could not stand up at all.

I only loaded on the latest mp3 files(192-320) that i had on my computer but i still have to spend some more time and listen to my favourites before i can be definitely sure. But so far the AMP3 blows every portable player i have heard out of the water.
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Here is their homepage. Get the manual there too

There is a 'MASTER' series... and wonders how it sound like...
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better than Karma or Clip?
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Oh thanks man i probably should of thought about checking the manufacturers website, but if the mp3 player is so good i am sure the masters series would sound amazing.

I havent heard all mp3 players but i the amp3 is the best mp3 player i have ever heard i use it almost everyday and my yuins i have never sounded better
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what is the relation between this AMP3 by and AMP3 by England shop/company ??

and what is the price range for this dap?
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Originally Posted by a_tumiwa View Post
what is the relation between this AMP3 by and AMP3 by England shop/company ??

Originally Posted by a_tumiwa View Post
and what is the price range for this dap?
Around US$150.
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Thank you for the info and the impression.
I am fairly interested in this, I must buy one..
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How do you actually buy these things? They don't seem to have an online store.
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OK, I got curious about this little player and e-mailed hisoundaudio. I got very prompt response. Here is some info. Amp3 can be ordered direct from them using PayPal with free shipping (I think express shipping). The only version they have is Studio. Price is 210$. To get other versions (Rock, Master, etc.) they need pre-orders for 100 units (group buy anyone ). This actually sucks, because I would have preferred Rock. Anyhow, I am still on the fence about getting this one. Anyone else care to chime in about its features, SQ, etc.
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I have just ordered one for $210 and I will post my impressions when I get it!! First the customization from unique melody now the player from Hiaudio, is China the only place where they care about the music rather than the look!!
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Cool, looking forward to it!
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I definitely think you will like what you hear, the amp3 and yuins is pretty much my new portable set up and i think it is really amazing what the this little device can do
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High expectations for this one, I have.

(wise yoda talk)

Looking forward to how this will sound with my OK1.

Finally, a dap that focuses on the sound of the music, not the look of the darn menu.
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I ordered mine at Jaben. Although not in there web-store, they have it and can be ordered directory to Wilson.

I e-mailed hisound and got similar response. There are several types but actually just one model at the moment. The site could be misleading so they told me that they would amend the website.
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Sasaki, so u bought the Studio version too?
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