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Originally Posted by soullinker20 View Post


Gosh.. Too much hassle... or maybe just wait for them to loosen..

just send me that whiplash cable of yours and I'll try it out for you.wink.gif


...jk, that really sucks that you are having so much trouble with this issue man. good luck!smile.gif

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I got my JH13 today and I'm happy to report initial impressions are they live up to the very positive reviews peppered all over the net.


Mine came in the new round tin which now comes padded on the top and bottom inside (but not the sides) and included a cleaning tool but nothing else.  No wraps, no literature, nada.


Fit so far is great.

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I was really impressed by them.. First thing that struck me was the timbre of the vocals, took it to the next level... and the fit is great. And perfect. Much better than my Miracles
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Deviltooth - Can you show us the passing inside the case?  Interested in what they chose as a material.

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Finally, after 3 days of pulling the cables...

Now.... Very very Happy

More soundstage, better vocal texture and timbre
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Well, good news is my JH13s arrived safely earlier in the week. Bad news is that a couple of cosmetic things are wrong, and I think I have a minor fit issue. Haven't figured out yet whether JH messed up or my dealer sent the order incorrectly. I had requested they use all three of my initials and they only used two; not sure if that's a space issue (anybody know if they are limited to two initials?) or an error. And the cap was supposed to be translucent black eye blue but came opaque. 


Of course that hasn't stopped me from listening to them, and they do sound very good, more or less what I was hoping for—of course I'm still listening, evaluating, deciding. 


Eventually I guess they'll go back to fix the color and maybe the initials. The dealer's looking into what went wrong and in the mean time I'm evaluating fit. I think I've decided that the right side doesn't seal as tight as the left; the left side gets more noise from footfalls, more extreme low bass, and less ambient noise. So I guess we'll try to get the fit fixed then as well. 


So… I've been enjoying the headphones, and am pretty happy with the purchase overall, even if I'm frustrated they didn't get everything right the first time. They turn around fixes like this much faster than new orders, right? 

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Oh, my "hockey puck" case has some padded lining in the top and bottom. I was thinking people were saying that there was no lining/padding, just bare aluminum? Did they make a change or am I just misremembering? 

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There are a few of us with bare aluminum inside/out.

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Originally Posted by M3NTAL View Post

There are a few of us with bare aluminum inside/out.

It's a cool-looking case, it feels great, and I'm glad they added the padding, but I wish the sides were padded too—don't like the idea of the earpieces clanking against the sides. Also seems a bit big and heavy for what it is. But I've got a Pelican I'm using most of the time anyway. 

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The hockey puck case is attractive and a thing of quality but I feel it needs padding on the sides too so I won't use it to transport my CIEMs.  At the moment they live in a Siemens hearing aid dehumidifier when they aren't in my ears.


P.S. They got all three of my initials in there so it's obviously doable.

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Originally Posted by Deviltooth View Post

P.S. They got all three of my initials in there so it's obviously doable.

Thanks for this—must have been a miscommunication in ordering. Not sure whose fault, but it wasn't mine ;-)


Totally with you on the hockey puck case. 

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Loving my new JH13PRO. Been using it now and the soundstage is amazing. Still burning it in (yesterday night with The Overtones, today with Carmina Burana) and going to compare it with my FitEar MH335DW.


Initial impressions are as follows:


MH335DW: Music and SS are like a sphere around your head. In-the-head but very warm and musical.


JH13PRO: I expected less bass, but pleasantly surprised. SS is like a wide open stage in a theater. Binaural and DSD files are amazing (coming from a simple AK120)

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Anybody have tips on how to handle the refit process? I can tell the seal in my right ear isn't as good, and that the fit in the ear canal isn't as tight, but it's harder to diagnose exactly why—it could be that the ear canal portion just isn't big enough, or it could be that some part outside of the ear canal isn keeping the earpiece from fitting deeply enough. 


The right earpiece seems perfect so far—it's just hard for me to figure out the source of the difference. 

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I've had the JH13 for a little over a month and couldn't be happier with them.  Some qualities that have continually impressed me:


Transparency - The JH13 do lean slightly to the warm side of neutral.. but they're more transparent of recording quality than any IEM (custom or otherwise) I've heard.  While they don't ruthlessly serve up the unsavory aspects of poorly recorded material.. they do let you, very clearly, hear the lack of dynamics, imbalanced tonal qualities, and poor soundstage of poorly mastered audio.  They're a lot like the T50RP Paradox in this respect: very revealing, but not grating or clinical in presentation.


Cohesion - I've completely forgotten this is a multi-driver, BA-based IEM.  All six drivers (and the crossovers) work in a remarkably harmonious, unified manner.  The smooth nature of this phone isn't simply due to tuning, there's clearly more work that's been done here to maintain such an effortless, natural presentation.  It feels a lot like the HD800 in this respect.  A little difficult for me to describe, but the JH13 sounds very much like a very advanced dynamic driver.. that isn't plagued by the problems that (typically) affect many dynamic drivers (lack of speed, clarity, distortion, etc.)


Soundstage - As I've spent more and more time with the JH13.. I've come to become stunned with the soundstage and imaging (particularly when the IEM is driven with dedicated upstream gear).  Again, it's better in this regard than any IEM I've owned... UM Miracle included.  It's incredibly precise, open, and well proportioned.  As a listener, I feel situated at the proper depth from the stage/performance.


Resolution -  Simply put, this phone is capable of resolving at HD800-levels, IMO.  Tonal reproduction is very natural, articulate.. and clearly TOTL.. it's ability to retrieve inner detail is phenomenal.  Unlike anything I've heard from another IEM.  It's resolving ability.. combined with the smooth signature, soundstaging, and driver cohesion make for a listening experience that feels extremely natural and realistic.  Obviously, dedicate upstream gear is required to squeeze out all the JH13 is capable of.. but I've been more than happy (and extremely impressed) using the JH13 with "just" my Galaxy S3.


It's difficult to quantifiably justify the (high) cost of the JH13, but after having had time to use it (daily, for at least three hours.. for the past month plus), I feel the money I spent on it is justified by the amount of pleasure (and value) I'm getting from it.  It's the last custom I envision buying for the foreseeable future.. and I find it extremely difficult to find any glaring faults with it... even in the face of a well-driven HD800, IMO.  I still plan to buy a universal IEM or two from time to time (i.e. I'm excited about VSonic's upcoming offerings).. but as far as customs go, it's going to take something extremely special to coax me to make another trip to the audiologist.

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I agree it sounds like the HD800 in some ways... I'd like to say Abyss but I still need to hear that as well :)

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