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yeah i just did a pretty intense comparison, since i havent really listened to the 13s since getting the HE-6s. And i would say the 13's have a bigger space, and better imaging, whereas the 6s are "further away" but flatter. the 13s are also more neutral and balanced i would say, but they are also a bit more sibilant in the highs. the 6s are brighter but much smoother, the highs on the 6s are amazing.

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Now that the hype about the JH13 has died down over the years, do people these days still see the JH13 as genuinely comparable to the likes of other top tier headphones like the HD800 or LCD2? I've seen the threads comparing them but it would be interesting to see what people think now that this iem has long passed it's "FOTM" stage.


Not FOTM for sure.  Still good and well respected for it's accurate sound.

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I "much" prefer my jh13 to the lcd2.
Although lcd2 has great bass,the jh13 is more neutral,better imaging,deeper soundstage,better treble and airiness and a wee bit more detailed.
My biggest problem with the lcd2 is its soundstage and lack of air.thats why I'm hunting down an hd800,

You must be ... freaking kidding me.

My hifiman he-500 sounds better than JH13 in every aspect, some by a huge margin. 

HE-500 and JH13 are my two main phones and while I do prefer the HE-500 it would be the JH13 I would keep if I could have only one phone and I wouldn't say that the HE-500 is hugely better in any aspect, they both have their strenghts where they each are better than the other. I've had the JH13 for 3 years and HE-500 for 1 1/2 year.
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After the 7th repair (!!!!!)  the imbalance issue remains. They redid the left monitor, but it became very uncomfortable also. On the top of that they touched the right side (which was ok) and I have now some cosmetic issue on it. It took them more than a week to do all this mess. I still can't believe how unprofessional they are.

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You have two options.
Either make a new impression and send it to them and tell them to make another shell.
Or live with what you have.
If I were you,I would make new impressions and if it didn't work,iwouldjust call it bad luck and forget that I bought an iem.
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I'll call them and hear what they have to say, but indeed I think I will need a new impression no matter what. 

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Luckily I got perfect fit the first time.

And my original color config is beautiful



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Sorry for the Off Topic Guys.


Just wondering if you guys have seen and want to participate in this:




We're hoping the thread will be added to the Home page to make it more visible to everyone....in the meantime, spread the word



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I'll second what HeadphoneAddict said.  The JH13s are very much not flavor of the month.  I also think it's perfectly fair to compare IEMs, full sized headphones, and speakers.  The presentation is different, but the fundamentals of sound reproduction are the same.  With that in mind, my three and a half year old JH13s remain the all round best headphones I've spent any time with.  They simply do not have any weaknesses.  I expect that only the new Freqphase line of 13s and high end Stax rigs would do notably better.

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I've been steadily working my way through this thread from page 1 with a view to eventually buying a pair of JH-13s. Got all the way to page 293 but then I spotted an advert for JH Audio's 'bigears' holiday sale on their Facebook page over the weekend. The 20% off was too much to resist so I took the plunge. I um'd and ah'd between the 13s and the 16s up until the last minute but decided to stick with the 13s in the end.


I have an appointment with Harley Street Hearing, London to get impressions made on Friday. Can't wait to receive my new iems but I think it'll take a while - they've already got a 25 - 30 business day lead time apparently, which I'm sure is going to increase quite a bit when all the sale impressions land in their mailbox.


Did anyone else take advantage of the sale?

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yup and the lead time would indicate that plenty have. 13 for me as well but I didn't need to think about it. I've heard the old version universals and 13s are much more my speed. It's nice that they got their freq on before the sale. Closed the deal for me. I tweaked triple bore jh13 has me excited.

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The fact that the 16s have three bores was one of the reasons I was debating which to choose. I've just been reading the JH Audio Blog though, and their latest post on Freqphase mentions the 13s have been upgraded to a triple bore configuration too, as you stated. A definite bonus.

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Say anyone use the stock cable with the jh13 instead of aftermarket cables?

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Me. But have nothing to compare it to. I like items with flexible thin cable so just kept em stock.
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