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Originally Posted by jamato8 View Post
The 13's seem to transcend the typical definition of in or out of head, stage.

I have been trying to figure it out. It is like you are transported. You do have the stage in your head, yet there are sound to the far right and left and deep. It is your head but not. It is, for me, very difficult to explain. The stage, world that exists, is now what you hear and it doesn't really matter if it is a head stage, it can not be defined by that, it is a stage, and it is music.
Thanks for explaining your experience with the JH-13 Pro's headstage. It would be great if others could tackle this topic too.
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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post
thanks for the information - people in the usa will love this. but... was she hot?
it was kind of a moot point as i was sitting there at the dining room table and having a nice conversation with her - and her husband.
Originally Posted by qusp View Post
lol, where did you pull that quote from. voltag3 was banned again weeks ago. as for break-in on IEMs I cant see why not myself. the caps in the crossover will require some, but likely not much burn-in IMO
i think it was on p.103 of the thread - i'm still catching up on earlier posts ......
nonetheless, its a question i've wondered about for quite some time. it gets repeated over and over that BAs don't require burn in but i don't know the basis, if any, for that statement, and have no idea of how armatures work.
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Originally Posted by jon743 View Post
Sorry if you all hate me for mentioning this idea again. It's just a few pages back, but I was read this thread for the first time and this reminded me of something I had seen elsewhere. I think I was looking into the proper way of doing impressions to see if I really would dare do it myself. Anyway, half way down the page, under "The Ear Impression", is a mention that such technology exists but is not cost effective. Technology Takes Custom Hearing Aids to... | Healthy Hearing

Now I'll just go back to wishing I had the money for some new JHAudio Customs...
umm.... thats not what we are talking about; that is actually the method that JH audio and UE (and westone for their medical earpieces) use right now today, to scan the impressions. what was being 'talked' about was removing the need to take an impression at all. to scan the ear directly rather than scanning the impressions once taken.

dont do the impressions yourself. get a professional to do it, if you spend good money on getting customs, you dont want to stuff them up because you were too cheap to get the impressions done by a professional. you wont have any come back for the company who makes the IEMs for you and you wont be able to get new impressions free of charge either. you will either be stuck with a fee for getting them remolded (as wel as getting proper impressions) or live with a bad fit.
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Balanced Armature Principles

Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander
Perth Australia
Ultra Senior Member - over at anythingbutipod.com/forum
provides a nice synopsis:

Dynamic Drivers & Balanced Armature Drivers

In all speakers there is a U-shaped permanent magnet, which produces a constant magnetic field between its two poles. Between these two poles is located a coil, which doesn't touch the magnet. When an electric current is placed into the coil it creates another magnetic field around the coil. Since these two magnetic fields are sharing the same space and the current which causes a temporary field to be established is constantly changing, so to will the temporary magnetic field. This will result in a force which will cause anything which isn’t held in place to vibrate.

Dynamic Driver:

The part of a dynamic driver which is not in a fixed position is the coil itself. It is held by a flexible support so the vibrations it carries are transferred directly into a diaphragm (very basically put, a thin disc) from where the circumference of the coil’s end makes contact. The diaphragm carries the vibrations over a greater surface area so that the sound which is passed into the air in front of the diaphragm has enough amplification.

Balanced Armature Driver:

Unlike the above arrangement, the coil does have a fixed position in a balanced armature driver.

Instead a long arm, the armature, is placed through the centre of the coil, but does not come in contact with it.

The arm is only held in place in its centre, so it can still move and become the source of the driver’s vibration.

As the diagram shows, one end of the armature is connected to a small connecting rod (also called a drive rod, or drive pin) which carries the vibration to the very centre of the diaphragm.

Once again the diaphragm in turn passes the sound ahead with a sufficient sound pressure level.

--click on image to enlarge:

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Not sure what, if anything, I did, but the Pico Gods have smiled upon me this morning and are providing me with static free listening bliss!!!

Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions.
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Originally Posted by sling5s View Post
I’m no reviewer but I thought I give my impressions:

After years of headphone experience: I came to the disappointing conclusion that there was no such thing as “one perfect headphone” that did everything well.
I had to accept that different headphones did different things well.

So I had to have one headphone for the midrange (sennheiser HD600), and another for to give me the bass kick for percussion oriented music (denons AH-D7000), and another for the treble sparkle and airiness (grado gs-1000).

Then sennheiser announced the HD800. Hope was rekindled. Could these be the “one perfect headphone” that would do everything perfectly or almost perfectly. All the initial reviews seemed to promise this hope.

Then the HD800 came out. Disappointment. I’m not saying it’s a bad headphone. Not in the least. It had by far the best soundstage, instrument separation, midrange presentation and detail I have heard so far.
But the bass was somewhat anemic (at least for my liking) and the amazing details came at a cost-treble hotness. So again, it did many things well but it did not do everything well. It was not a balanced headphone.

Then came the reviews about the JH13pro. The initial hype and reviews again seemed to promise the perfect headphone (in an IEM).
The conclusion? I believe it is the most perfect headphone I have heard so far.
It has the midrange bloom and both the low bottom bass that only a subwoofer can offer with the bass kick and impact that is uncanny for an IEM. and yes, it has the treble detail to die for. But that is not all. The detail is in all the ranges.
There is bass detail, midrange detail and of course treble detail that all together become a feast for the ears. It’s truly uncanny and unparalleled.

See the HD800 had the detail but it’s treble was accentuated where as the detail on the JH13pro doesn’t come at the expense of anything. In fact, the one word that comes to mind is balance-it’s all perfectly balanced.

Lastly, it’s clean. Other headphones may give you the bass, the midrange and the treble but the JH13pro does it with incredible seed and clarity-it’s very very clean. So clean that compared to the JH13pro, other headphones sound dirty.
In fact, I believe it’s the cleanness that gives the JH13pro such amazing instrument separation.

So am I saying that the JH13pro is the perfect headphone? Well, it’s the most perfect headphone I have heard so far (and yes I have heard and sampled all the greats like the Orpheus and R10s). Who knows, Jerry may come out with a triple treble, triple midrange, and triple bass (9 driver customs) that will set the new standard for what perfect is, but until then, this is as closest it gets for me.

Thank You Jerry and all the staff at JH Audio.
Very good review !
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I bought the HD800s earlier in the summer, but when my E500s broke after years of hard use (and enjoyment), I started shopping around for a new pair of IEMs.

I got excited about the J13s and made an appointment in NYC to see the audiologist. I took time off work and went to the office in a downpour, but the audiologist was out sick. So I left without impressions.

I took this as a sign and bought a pair of UM3Xs, and I find myself listening to them more than my HD800s and my SR325i's. Partly this is convenience -- I can plug the UM3Xs into my iPhone 3G S and my Pico amp/DAC, so I can use them everywhere... (And they sound excellent with the iPhone, BTW). When I use my HD800 rig, with a DAC1 Pre and Lehmann BLC amp, I'm tethered to my main system, which also has nice speakers. To me its kind of weird to put on headphone when I have a pair of nice PMC speakers and a 200W amp staring me in the face...

So I've come to the realization that a portable high-end headphone system is the way to go! I'll make another audiologist appointment today.

Has anyone out there sold their HD800s when the J13s arrived? Based on what I've read, I could see this happenig.

Also, can anyone recommend a high-quality portable amp that improves on the Pico? Battery powered is ideal. I used to have a Lisa III, but it was too powerful for IEMs. I'm picturing a portable rig that would include the Pico DAC only, the J13s, an amp, and my laptop with 100GBs of lossless music... Then again, the Pico DAC/amp might be all I need with the J13s.
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Double post.
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Originally Posted by pfillion View Post
Very good review !
thanks everyone.
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Originally Posted by gregeas View Post
Then again, the Pico DAC/amp might be all I need with the J13s.
Start with that. I've only been listening for a few hours since l got the Pico last night, but the sound is pretty impressive.

I certainly don't think I will have any great desire to upgrade my amp/dac in the near future.
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I think only iQube is ahead of pico n it's class D AMPs ( Now it's coming with DAC).
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Got 'em

just got mine this morning.

not sure what to think other than "wow"; havent had too much time to listen.

i'll post more this weekend.
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So, I'm considering getting a JH13. If I get it though, I'll have to cancel my HF2 order. Also, I wouldn't be able to afford a nice dac or amp immediately for them. If I get the HF2, I'll still have the money to buy something like a Pico DAC and a nice single ended amp like the M^3 + Sigma11, PPAv2 + STEPs, or Millett Hybrid. However, I need isolation since my apartment is really noisy so if I get the HF2 I'll probably end up getting one of those new Shure headphones as well. Even if I get the HF2 and the Shures though, I think I'll end up getting the JH13 eventually. So, the question is do I get the JH13 right now or do I get it later?
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I would get them now. While they do sound better out of my Pico, l could easily live with them running straight out of my Zune. You don't need an amp to enjoy these things.
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