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Heh I am already settled with mine so it doesn't matter to me since my choice is made but others may want to bug Brittany xD (just joking of course).
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These have a beautifully integrated bass response. Last night I was listening to some blues and on the left was bass about ear level and set back and to the left that changed in character and it was low, maybe 30hz or so and then on the right was a different type of bass, even lower and more diffuse but still with texture and tonal quality that changed. It was at a lower plain, maybe shoulder level and out to the right.

The fleshing out of the bass is better than my headphones.

Great stuff! Day before yesterday I wasn't sure if I had made a good decision as the sound was ok but changing and not always enjoyable. Yesterday and today it has really jelled. I am using the Shadow at the moment and it is a great combination.
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Sorry guys. Yes. I was referring to the impressions so far. No, I don't own these... yet. They are the only transducer left that I'm interested in since I'm already set with my speakers and headphones.

I just expected a little more amazement. The UE10/11 were monumental and this is supposed to be an advancement to them, so I guess my hopes are pretty high.
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I never expected bass and a lack of mudding up the lower mids with it in an IEM. If someone had told me, this is what to expect, I would have fully doubted them. Sorry no way but I am glad you are enjoying them but a little of what you are talking about would be fine.

They got it all. Solid bass that rivals any of my headphones and has more "tune" and I am driving them with little tiny amps. I mean little tiny. :^)
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hahahaha jam seems you really warmed up into the 13's no?
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Originally Posted by hockeyb213 View Post
hahahaha jam seems you really warmed up into the 13's no?
Well I wasn't going to say they were good until they were. I also have a number of sources and many amps to try them with so it really gives me a feel of what they can and can not do. So far, they are doing many things right but they didn't start off that way.
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So your saying that you had to get used to them and try them on different pieces of equipment? I had to get use to them as well and they did get better over time for me as well.
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double post.....
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Originally Posted by Iron_Dreamer View Post
Well, I think the effectiveness of an amp will have a lot to do with what is plugged into the input and output. An iPod playing lossy files? Pre-degraded sound quality. An IEM (as opposed to a full-sized headphone)? A lot easier to drive. Combine the two, and you have a recipe for thinking that amps aren't worth the cost.

Anyway, that silly business aside, I am surprised your M3 has so much hiss, is the gain set rather high?
Looks like the recipe doesn't always seem to work as more than a handful of people have reported that and iPod + X or Y amp & using 256/ 320 kbps files, is the best combination ever/ a 'match made in heaven', or words to that effect.

Also, there seems to be something wrong with said recipe as I tried WAV & Apple lossless and noticed no real improvement.

"Anyway, that silly business aside," let's get back to talking about the JH13.
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Some people say without a doubt they hear a difference between lossy and lossless and some don't. What ever works is the best solution for each person. I have a friend who listened to Apple lossless and compared it to FLAC and said the Apple lossless sounded bad compared to FLAC. Apple lossless sounds fine to me so . . .
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^^ Agreed - I hear a difference between 128 & 192 and above 192 I rarely notice a very VERY slight change in SQ, so I settled for 256, after which my ears were quite pleased, not the same SQ level I get from my home system but VERY happy indeed with my current portable rig, which I certainly don't regard as 'mid-fi'.
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If my iPod had over 500GB capacity I'd no doubt use WAV files for a large part of my music library. I know that even if I can't (consciously) hear a difference above 256kbps, there are harmonics lost in lower birate formats, specially in acoustic music - I liken it to tiny specks of dust when wearing glasses, which are virtually invisible but they ARE there, yet their presence is so minuscule that I can go on for hours without noticing anything, so I don't keep wiping my glasses clean very 10 minutes. But what I CAN (consciously) hear at present is more than good enough for me, and what I do notice a hell of a lot more is the low(er) quality of some recordings, also quite evident using my home setup
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why not use 320 instead of 256?
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Yeah, I have a 120gb drive in my iRiver, which originally had a 40gb and I have used wav but I am back to lossless. Just too much space used. I agree it is the little stuff you miss but often in a portable situation due to noise etc, you most likely won't notice it but at home, well who knows but I use mostly lossless and never lossy and sometimes WAV. I can always change out recordings if I want and need more room.
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Originally Posted by hockeyb213 View Post
why not use 320 instead of 256?
Bacause of lack of space to fit my music library, and the fact I can't really hear a difference. I have a 16gb Nano which I take to some places when I need even more portability than my 160gb Classic and there I use 192 due to lack of space.

You may ask: Do you need ALL your library in your Classic? Well, yes, in my case I like to listen to LOTS of different things, and often use the shuffle feature where I can listen to music I haven't heard for ages. I sometimes use the shuffle feature on one particular genre, or one particular artist, or different genres, or different artists and now and again just shuffle the whole library and see what comes up and I often get very interesting combinations/ results when doing so. Of course, very often I simply listen to a whole album from start to finish.

EDIT: It's a tough call for me sometimes to choose what music to have in my Nano and that at times changes because I try to have what I regard as 'survival'/ essential music, but even then I sometimes need other (less essential) artists as I need a certain amount of variety, even from music I enjoy a lot.
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