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If the JH13 are so good and not even near expensive compared to inferior headphones (HD800 with its thin and dry sound, totally different from the realistic tonality of this IEM), then why most people keep buying HD800's only to be disappointed with them? It's popularity or what?


I mean, the JH13 sounds good on any decent DAP (iPhones for example), and the few who heard it compares it with other TOTL high-end headphones like the SR-007 mk1, not including HD800 here. Clearly they are that good! and then just a few talks about them, meanwhile the HD800 thread has at least 100 post daily.


You only see praising and praising for this IEM from their few owners, saying that they love them even out from an iPhone, and other people are complaining about the HD800 dryness and they try to fix that with mega-buck amps to even be satisfied. I just lol'd at that.


Can someone figure this out?, it's been a long time since i want to find a logic for that. Thanks ;)

If i may provide my 2 cents to this. As someone who owns the both the jh13 (pre freqphase)  and the hd800, there are a multitude of reasons why people are disappointed with the hd800, like you said, it sounds rather thin and dry (unemotional, cold, analytical) which is true when you compare it to other headphones in the same price bracket (adueze, audio technica, beyerdynamic ect) however there are other reasons as well such as:

1) Unrealistic expectations (the posts on head fi and reviews do tend to paint the hd800 in quite a different light at times, overhype)

2) Sound signature preference (simply put, you either like it or you dont, applies every piece of audio equipment, not everyone can appreciate the colder sound of the hd800)

3) The biggest issue is that the hd800 is picky about the kind of setup one has, whilst its not the most power hungry out there, it does require a good amount of power and a proper audio chain to sound good, however you dont need a $2000 amp with a $1000 dac to enjoy the hd800


The jh13 does sound good on any decent dap, i used my iphone as a DAP at one point and they still sounded good. However i do think that in terms of technical performance, the hd800 is a step ahead of the jh13 because of the way it was tuned but the jh13 does have a better toe tapping factor, that being said, the jh13 is no slouch either. To be honest, i like both my hd800 and jh13 equally and would not part with either. Anyway i just sent my jh13 to upgrade to the feqphase model, im curious to see how much freqphase improves on the jh13.