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Originally Posted by goodvibes View Post

Try some more sources. They are very chameleon like. They don't create soundstage, they reproduce what is actually there. I consider it one of their strong attributes. I bit extra low bass can sound less tight but it's as much about synergy as anything else. They don't have that midbass bump that many like. I'm not disagreeing with you because it's always personal. Just my take.smile.gif  
You may well be right about sources. I use Spotify and so need Wifi capability. I have only heard Apple sources so maybe I should not comment.
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The JH13 is a jack of all trades, master of few. It isn't as expansive and enveloping as the UERM; its more technical sounding, not as bright and with more raw mids. Its not as euphoric as the UERM; I would say its more neutral. The best was I can describe the JH13 is an insanely improved combination of the UM3X and ER4, with a bigger, more 3-dimensional soundstage. It has solid subbass but if you want a "full" sound like your ES5, the JH13 don't provide.

Honestly if "analytical" is a coin, the UERM and JH13 are two different sides of it. IME the UERM is the more musical of the two, with more midbass and less subbass, and more treble emphasis overall. The JH13 is more analytical, with more soundstage depth relative to width, more distinct instrument separation, and an overall flatter tone. The JH13 has more thump to it, but is also more boring in a sense. A parallel comparison would be the SM3 to the UM3X; obviously those are warm, smooth phones while UERM and JH13 are more neutral, with the UERM bordering on bright, and are noticeably more capablr IEMs from a technical perspective, but the differences between the two pairs in terms of presentarion are similar. The SM3 and UERM are more smooth and holistic sounding, their soundstages being more blended and holographic, and the UM3X and JH13 being more raw sounding and having more distinct image separation.
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I'm awful close to ordering a new pair of JH13, but have a question that hopefully someone who owns a pair can answer.

Are they genre limited? One of the reasons I love my pair of UERM's is that they feel at home with most any type of music. From classical to folk and back through ambient, the UERM is nothing if not versatile. My ES5 on the other hand is  more genre limited. Fantastic with rock, folk and pop they are too colored (for me at least) for classical and don't throw out the vast space for ambient. So, where does the JH13 stand? One size fits all or more catered to a specific musical direction? 
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I listen to ambient, and it sounds great on the JH13, but better on the UERM.
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Originally Posted by kenz View Post

My JH13pro (before freqphase) is paired with Toxic Cable's Silver Widow.


The JH13 sounded great with its stock cables, no doubt about it.

But to me, the Silver Widow took the JH13pro to a whole new level. Everything is exponentially improved.

The fluidity, the mids, the dynamics, the soundstage, the bass (and sub-bass), all of it magnified.


Even though i have the JH Roxanne, and it is top of the crop (in my books), it does not take away the amazing combo of JH13 + Silver Widow.

Both sound different and have different characteristics (with some similarities) but both stand on equal footing in terms of their delivery.


I believe the new JH13pro FP will benefit from custom cables. 


I have that exact cable. Still sounds like a basshead IEM. 

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Originally Posted by lookingforIEMs View Post

Who did you reshell with? As I understand that FreqPhase has something to do with tube length and driver placement etc, could it be that the resheller messed everything up?


In Ear Central/Custom. 

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I do notice that if I don't jam them super deep into my canals, the bass is a little bit more normal and not as overbearing. 


With regards to Silver cables, I don't think they are for me. If anyone is looking for a superb quality Toxic Silver Widow, head over to the cable classifieds to check out my ad. 

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Anyone placed any orders recently for the past 2 weeks?

I'm curious whether anyone received any status updates.. They have not updated me on anything or even if my impressions are suitable or not.


First page -

Date : 09/26/2014

Status : Payment received


Second page - 

Date : 09/26/2014

Status : Order created


Date : 10/01/2014

Status : Impressions received & Order processed

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